theW+ Social Action Series // 2011.10 A Liter of Light, Sometimes it Doesn’t Take a Light Bulb to Make a Bright Idea

Since this is the kind of website that celebrates Creatives, let’s celebrate then. The video above has made rounds twice and thrice times on Twitter and Facebook in the past few weeks, and not surprisingly its garnering a decent amount of views, about 1.2million to date. Not too shabby considering the invention is quite a simple and straightforward one which caters to those who live in Informal Settlements like the ones in Manila as seen above. But who knows, a similar concoction may soon appear in 5 years in Built Architecture in the form of glass tiles or roof materials you can actually buy, reducing the need for electricity throughout the day. Small ideas always create great impact.

A convenience store. (via NH HOTELS BLOG)

Isang Litrong Liwang (A Liter of Light), is a project associated with the MyShelter Foundation, a Social Enterprise initiative established by Manila’s Illac Diaz to spread reliability and sustainability through means of self-employment. In this specific project, this Solar Bottle Bulb is actually an invention developed by students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and is as simple really as a plastic bottle, clean water, and some bleach as seen in the video above. The aim of the project is to light up 1 million homes in the Philippines using these methods by 2012 through donations and community based groups focused on implementing this project. To date up to 3 million homes in Manila alone remain powerless, which cause a large number of dangerous fire-related incidents at all hours of the day. Until something can be done with the Philippines’ governance in relation to the country’s housing and urban poor crisis, these Solar Bottles for now, can give aid to some families, and help formulate a new perspective on life for them at the very least.

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