Young Prolific Sculptor, Zheng Lu Opens 1st Solo Show in Hong Kong Tonight

A 33-Year Old Sculptor from Inner Mongolia, Zheng Lu is already regarded as a master of metalwork. The Wednesday opening at Schoeni will mark the fourth solo exhibit for the artist, and the first to be hosted for him in Hong Kong.

Kite No.2 / Edition of 8 / Stainless Steel and Bronze / 80x70x32 cm, 2010, Zheng Lu

The Schoeni exhibit also precedes the unveiling of his public installation for the MTR in the Tuen Mun Station later in the year.

Eastern Sea and a Crab / Edition of 4 / Stainless Steel / 200x120x60 cm, 2010, Zheng Lu

Passage of Time showcases a selection of Zheng Lu’s most impressive works to date, from Water in Dripping in 2009 to his newest installation series Bow without Arrow and Shadow made in 2011, all of which demonstrate his ability to manipulate metal, which is shaped into various forms every time and turned into powerful carriers of symbols and mediums for reflection.

Bow Without Arrow Series No. 2 / Edition of 4 / Stainless Steel and Bronze / 133x85x85 cm, 2011, Zheng Lu

Influenced by his family tradition, Zheng Lu has been practicing Chinese calligraphy since childhood. He also has an affinity with poetry and is a poet himself. These two factors are the connection between his abiding love of Chinese texts and characters that is repeatedly expressed in his creations.

According to the Chinese art critic Xia Yun, Zheng Lu’s sculptures do not only display the striking skills of a sculptor and demonstrate a perfect state of harmony and unity between poetry, calligraphy and graphical depiction, but they also carry messages and symbols that are even more profound: symbols such as reality and falsity, presence and lack, object and without object, light and darkness, movement and stillness, transience and eternity. Once observed closely, one would find Taoist inspirations and Buddhist wisdoms about the self, nature and spirituality there waiting for viewers to discover and feel.

Opening Reception October 6, 2011 from 6:30-8:30 / Exhibition Continues until October 22, 2011 at Schoeni Old Bailey Street, Hong Kong / Schoeni Art Gallery, 21-31 Old Bailey Street, Central, Hong Kong / Opening Hours: 10:30am – 6:30pm, Mon – Sat (Closed on Public Holidays) / Information by Schoeni Art Gallery

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