The Geek and The Chic Mixed and Mingled for Airbnb.Com in Hong Kong

My world imploded last month at The Airbnb Mix and Mingle Party at the Bar-That-Shant-Be-Named. First of all, the party consisted of these guys… the geekfest that is my #HKSocial friends. (Shown from L-R below; media blogger Michael Suen for 21CB.Net, Social Networker Elle Lee, Casey Lau of the Popcorn Network, Foodie and F+B Consultant AJ Bellarosa, Travel Blogger Connvoyage, Food Blogger and Columnist Janice Leung of e*ting, Social Media Consultant Harold Li, HKFashionGeek’s Virginia Lai, the Queen of Mommy Blogs Mocachocolatarita, and Habitu’s Social Networker Jessica.) Phew did I miss anyone?

The Airbnb party ALSO consisted of these familiar faces, the #HKFashionbloggers. In front of our umpteenth time at Linguini Fini. (L-R after me, ChristingC., Denise Lai, Carmen Chan, and Christina Ko of HKFashionGeek and Prestige Magazine.)

So you can imagine. I was completely overwhelmed when I moved from this:

To This, all in the same night.

Talk about Chic to Geek then Geek to Chic. Both badges which I *attempt* to wear proudly myself. (Although I have to say, i’ve had tons of Chic moments with #HKSocial, AND Geek Moments with #HKFashionbloggers, so you know…I’m love both my techie families the same. LOL)

Anyway to give you a bit of context, The Airbnb Mix and Mingle Party was a culmination of the big month for Social Media and New Media in general this past October, when Hong Kong had a bit of a taste of Silicon Valley / San Fransiso with the arrival of the Asia D Conference and the tech-inclined Startup Saturday 2011 the following morning. The Asia D Conference which took place at the Hong Kong’s Grand Hyatt featured speakers from the likes of Al Gore, Google’s Andy Rubin, Yahoo’s Jerry Yang, Asus’ Jonney Shih, and designer, Brian Chesky, co-founder of Airbnb, with whom our interview for this website was later picked up by CNNGo (yay!).

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Great. Now let’s go for the fun part. What I didn’t know about Airbnb, was that the company is famous in California for it’s awesome parties, a culture of which was imported to HK at that bar. The party, a huge part of Airbnb’s big Asia push, turned out to not only be an afterparty event for both Asia D and Startup Saturday 2011, but it also formulated into THE BIGGEST DOT-COM SHINDIG Hong Kong had ever seen, attended by so-called “movers and shakers” from California who were in town that week, and the almost complete handful of Hong Kong’s most active and visible tech, food, lifestyle, travel, and fashion social media bloggers, columnist, founders, twitterers, weibo-ers, marketers, consultants, you name it all in one roof… getting wasted at the open bar. And for this, I give all/most credit to Airbnb’s party and events guru, Karishma Shah, who already contacted me over a month before the event to help her round up a guest list for the night.

The cool, Karishma Shah, greeting guests at the door for Airbnb HK Launch.

The big Airbnb poster at the entrance.

That bar’s interiors. To be fair, the interiors ARE very pretty and chic.

A few people spotted that night, included Robot Designer (I kid you not) Erica Young with my food columnist, Elfie C.

Elfie C. with her pal and Airbnb co-founder, Brian Chesky.

Angela and Michael of 21st Century Boy.

Graphic Designer and Fashion Blogger Denise Lai with her boy.

Ex-HK-Pageant Contestant turned Social Icon “Queen” Elle Lee with me.

Not Social Networkers, but my Social Life OUTSIDE Social networking; Candy Moore, Fashionisto Hertman Kong, Cotton On Asia’s Jade Raskin and Dom.’s Boris, Electric Sekki’s Social Networker Priscilla, and Cotton On Asia’s Genevieve.

Baby food bloggers from Hungry Hong Kong Dan and Tim, meeting their idol Food Blogger and SCMP Columnist, Janice Leung of e*ting for the first time.

AND just wanted to say thank you to CNNGo for reposting our interview with Brian Chesky of Airnbnb, which turned out to be our first content for CNNGo.

What it looked like on my iPad Safari! :)

AND on my ZITE app. (Which is the best app ever… a magazine tailor made for you, and a daily aggregate of stories from the web based on your interests!)

So basically tech nerds can be BOTH chic AND geek now. Which is cool because i’ve always been geeky and chicy since High School.


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