It’s Actually Easy Being Green

Skipping leaving Hong Kong, and opting to stay in the city to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival weekend was a consideration mine to finally just chill out for a staycation and just enjoy the festivities surrounding the Chinese version of an annual “Thanksgiving” or “Full Moon Harvest”, celebrated by different cultures and countries around the world in one way or another. 

The other consideration was financial. I needed to save money and leaving Hong Kong around this time of year just cost too much… ie. a roundtrip flight to Bangkok from HK was going up to about 6000HKD a ticket. 

Hellz no.

Good news is, I get to finally see the Tai Hang Fire Dragon for the first time, as well as the Victoria Park Bamboo Lanterns (more on these in later posts), and on top of that, Janice Leung of the E_Ting Food Blog, and Vince Poon of Dry Soda, have both unraveled Island East Markets this past weekend! Hong Kong’s first organic green, fresh food, and arts and crafts Weekend Market for everyone in. 

Happy Happy Joy Joy!  

This is me pushing my baby’s cart clad in GREEN GREEN GREEN in honor of the occasion. Ok this is not my baby, this is someone else’s baby I was borrowing for the photo. My nickname in Brew&Post is Poppa J.

I’m wearing an iPhone necklace by 15squarestreet, Tyvek shoes by Civic Duty, and bag by Homegrown Foods, who also participated in the market.

With me were my Melbournite gal pals, Jade and Katrina.

Both girls went shopping a bit at Paola’s Tangram booth for her signature Bonbon necklaces.

Everyone was there, including Ignacio of Tangram, who was helping Paola at the stand and we also spotted Lindsay from Yardbird as well.

These Bonbons are really cool. :)

There was no way I was going to walk around without my morning cup of joe. Thank goodness Jehan’s Chaiwanese was front and center.

Three coffees took about 10-15 minutes to make.

It was a slow roast process, sifted, and then steeped in hot water, then dripped carefully into our cups to keep that fresh aroma and flavour from organic beans. It was worth the wait.

In the meanwhile, we were treated to samples of Chaiwanese Homemade organic shitake mushroom soup. It was a dream.

Also making a debut, Chef Mai’s Little Bao, which was by far the most popular destination of the day for their Spicy Chicken, Veggie, and Pork Baos which pretty much sold out very fast.

Grace under pressure.

The Tai Tai Pies Team was there in full force to sell everything from Full on homemade pies, to bite size versions, to cookies, cakes and more. Anything Carb, they were ready!

We spotted the “shady” Brew&Post team of Denise, Jason, and Auntie Susan.

Vogue China’s, Grace Lam and photographer, Jason C, showing us what Market-chic is supposed to be.

The darling Wordsworth Sisters, Samantha and my muse, Emily.

Artist, Peter Yuill, supporting the team at Nappahead. The Vintage clothing shop that does good by giving proceeds of sales to charities in the city.

We stopped by to say hi to mommy blogger, Rita, and foodie blogger, Jason, proprietor of My Fashion Birdcage, a vintage fashion boutique!

Also spotted, Wilson of WOMGUIDE and Gary of Joie de Vivre.

Island East Market’s Vince and Lane Crawford’s, Eames Wan.

Time to Celebrate!

Island East Markets is sponsored by Swire Properties, Miele, Le Creuset, Entendre Studies, and the WOM Guide. The market will be operating on September 30th, October 7th, October 14th, and October 21st. Your support will make or break future ventures and initiatives such as these.

SHOP Island East Markets, Taikoo Place, Island East, Quarry Bay MTR Exit A