DETAILS Magazine Says, Filipino Cuisine is Next and Now.



The brains behind Pirate Kitchen HK were absolutely correct, Filipino “Pinoy” food is the next big thing. Was flipping through the pages of DETAILS Magazine’s September 2013 issue when these two pages all about “Filipino Cuisine” and “What we need to know” popped up. Apparently, what we need to know, is that Filipino food is completely unique, but influenced by its colonizers and guests; Malaysians, Polynesians, Hispanic (Spain and Mexico), Chinese, and American. Of course I know all this because I grew up on Filipino Food (with a Filipino Belly as a result). 

Below Tim, ChristingC, and Cindiddy enjoy a Pinoy food pop up.



Pirate Kitchen HK aside, we even have new restaurants like Fatty Crab HK serving up some Filipino inspired dishes within their mostly Southeast Asian inspired menu. And I expect more to come in the next few months. 

The DETAILS article lists a few places, like HAPA SF in San Franssico, the Jeepney Gastropub and the Pig and Khao in New York City as the go-to destinations for Filipino Food these days. They also let us know what you can expect from things labeled “Banana Ketchup”, “Lumpia”, “Sizzling Sisg”, and “Tinapa”.

As my friends say… Astig! and Sarap! (Rock On and Tasty)

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