The Family Jewels, a Spotlight on Manila’s Janina Dizon

Earlier this year, I had the pleasure to take a break from Hong Kong for one of a string of long weekends this Spring for some R&R in Manila.  It was a good thing too, because friends Cecile (of THE Chuvaness Blog Fame) and her BFF, Cedric, were having a twin Birthday soiree at Manila’s hottest restaurant, Masseto… primarily a wine bar, with a French/Italian/Mediterranean Menu to give the wine tasting experience that extra oomph.

Cedric and Cecile

What I noticed most of all was that on their wrist they were wearing really neat His/Hers Stingray Bracelets.  Cedric had a cool lime green colored band and Cecile had a thick black band on her right arm with a nice gold logo.

Sitting next to me at dinner was Janina (known as Jenny to her friends), who I swore I thought looked like some Hong Kong Fashionista Kid. And when I say Kid, I mean like 26 year old kind of kid.

So yes, she had this 80’s Madonna thing going, and she did it pretty well.  I later found out over dinner that she had two kids. I was shocked.  In Hong Kong, you only look as great as her when you’re in your 20’s.  But by the time you have two kids in this city, you basically look like you’re about to start retirement. Maybe its the party life here, maybe the work life, maybe the pollution, but I noticed that everyone in Hong Kong just looks way older than their Manila counterparts. Must be the good food to be had, and way less of that rush-rush lifestyle.

Janina Dizon IS the designer of those bracelets that Cecile and Cedric wore to their Birthday dinner.  Most importantly, she designs via a long line of jewelry designers which began with the “Jul Dizon” line began by her grandmother in the 1970’s, and technically jump started by her great grandmother, Paz Banas in the 1940’s in the heart of Old Manila, which was a cultural stew of Spanish, Chinese, and Malay cultures and influences.

To this day, Janina extracts influences from both East and West with her own line of chic jewelry and accessories worn by everyone of her generation and younger in Manila.  Not only that but her clientele these days aim for versatility, and all her work reflects flexibility in the way each of her pieces can be worn. ie. a ring that can be a pendant, a bracelet that can be re-assembled into something else… etc.

Janina for Jul Dizon Boutique interiors, located at the Mezannine Level, The Peninsula Hotel Manila (via KISH FLICKR, all rights reserved)

A few days ago, Janina celebrated the 33rd Anniversary of Jul B. Dizon Jewelry by displaying updated jewelry designs and new colors for her new Tatjana Clutch just launched this past Spring.

The stage is set to celebrate 33 years in the Business.

Models displaying Men’s and Women’s Jewerly/Accessories collection from Janina and Jul B. Dizon. I see pops of neon.

Some other pieces inspired by history.

Continuing with the legacy of her work, Janina makes a mark with the launch of her candy colored pop Tatjana Clutch collection of clutches via Janina for Jul Dizon.  The bags literally became an overnight sensation.

Here is a picture of the Tatjana Clutch and a bracelet wore by Cecile on her birthday dinner.

I like this color.

And this color.

As well as this color.

According to Janina’s Tweet to me, the bags are 788USD and available now at her boutique at the Peninsula / Janina for Jul Dizon, Mezzanine Level, Peninsula Hotel Manila / +632.855.0140 / Janina’s Main Website / Jul B. Dizon Jewelry Website / Follow Janina on Twitter

I wouldn’t be surprised if I see Janina’s wares on HK island soon enough.  I want something black or lime green myself. Or yellow. :) Or Dark Green… sigh.