From China With Love, Part 1: Goodbye Pedder, Hello Future.

I passed by the LHT Tower the other night, and GASP. Saw this… with mixed emotions.

Then quickly, I was reminded that This…

Would turn into this in no time….

And now I find myself being nostalgic.

Founded in 1994 by Hong Kong businessman, David Tang Wing Cheung, the luxury fashion brand, Shanghai Tang, focused on re-presenting traditional and ancient Chinese tailoring and fabric to a modern audience, as well as a Western one.  The Hong Kong Pedder store attracted 1 Million visitors the first year it operated, and now the same store attracts 4 million shoppers. 

I’m going to miss this.

And this cool staging area.

The tailoring parlour.

and this little lounge area…. can you really imagine American Casual Sportswear all over these spaces?

I love the floor tiles.

I wonder if they’ll be keeping anything in the new Abercrombie and Fitch Hong Kong Flagship.

I STILL remember the SOHO store in New York.  In the 90’s, Wong Kar Wai was making a name bringing Asia-Techno-Punk-Rave-Pop imagery to the world.  Additionally, Vivienne Tam was making a splash, and in four years, Hong Kong was going back to China.

Vivienne Tam’s Iconic Shirts

And Karen Mok in Wong Kar Wai’s Fallen Angels

So the whole Shanghai Tang thing in New York City, was pretty neat. Unfortunately, this was Shanghai Tang’s biggest fan…

If a label gets too focused on merely making tailored Cheongsams and Traditional Garb (not that there’s anything wrong with that), it really could only go so far.

But these days, since Richemont Prince (Piaget, Baume & Mercier, Cartier to name a few), Raphael le Masne de Chermont took the reigns in 2001, the brand has been able to re-focus it’s heart and soul (Chinese Creativity, Aesthetics, Calligraphy, Art, Design), and produce clothing and accessories with these motifs beyond costume.  For the A/W ‘11 season, Chief-Creative-Officer Chee Au and Menswear Designer Armele Barbier, drew inspiration through the modern Chinese society by re-interpreting China’s ancient traditions with a twist of modernity.  The line is titled, FROM CHINA WITH LOVE. Goodbye Whoopie Goldberg… Check these out:

Love the Men’s Ready-to-Wear Line by Amele. Perfect Styling.

Washed Cotton Striped Shirt, Dragon Denim Pants, and Liberty Rivers able Scarf

This is the washed Cord Jacket, Dragon Denim Pants, and the Checkered Cashmere Scarf.

And for the ladies… a Modernized Wool Blend Cheongsam, with a beatiful neckpiece from Manila Jewelry designer, Bea Valdes.

The Officer Silk Shirt, with the Pleated Silk Pants.

I love the shirts and tights combination in this look.

About the A/W’11 Line:

FROM CHINA WITH LOVE highlights the dynamic energy coursing through the Chinese society today. By re-interpreting the ancient civilisation’s grand traditions, Shanghai Tang presents a new sense of modern luxury.  Proud of its Chinese identity, Shanghai Tang is both grounded in the rich traditions of China’s past and inspired by its exciting future. The new women’s wear, men’s wear and fine accessories collections offer contemporary pieces with subtle references to the latest trends and bespoke- quality details.

It really seems that Shanghai Tang is willing to put out all the stops. And besides, they have this store that just opened in Heritage 1881 TST. Not too shabby! (via EARL WAN FLICKR)

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