Tangram, the amazingly powerful and colorful womenswear line introduced by Columbian partners, Paola Sinisterra and Ingacio Garcia, have launched their 2013 line while at the same time showing gratitude to their community and group of friends here in Hong Kong who have helped and supported them via an editorial style parade photographed by Daniele Mattioli at Casa Capriz.

Since Tangram is all about color, style, range, creativity, personality, and of course, the power of all these elements combined, who else is best to be dressed in the wears but the creators themselves, and the creative community in Hong Kong in general. All the peeps youve seen in this blog before, Ellis Kreuger and Alex Daye of Moustache and Salon No.10, Style maven Diana d’Arenberg, 15Squarestreet’s Alexis Holm with partner Jan Pang, and curator Claudia Albertini

All photos can be found on Tangram’s Facebook Page here.

WEAR Tangram Online or By Appointment at Casa Capriz, 8F, Realty Tower, 4 San On Street, Chai Wan


#JJStyle: Wam Bam Pow, VOID reveals “True” Colors

You must be wondering why I’ve been posting quite a lot of #JJStyle Fashion based posts lately… and the answer is… it’s because it’s Christmas and there really is no better time in the year to launch and introduce new products than now. This is especially the case for designer friends who are unveiling new goods which I think my readers will really love, because I love them too.

Case in point, check out these wicked new VOID x True Faith watches (shown above and below) which only launched on Monday. 

2012 is really the year of branching out for VOID beyond the architecturally square and metallic looks that made their timepieces a unique icon within the design community… a not-so-easy task relative to the glut of products on offer out there these days. That said, VOID’s designer, David Ericsson, proudly began toying with more classical round faces this year with the uber successful V03 series. 

The two new watches, pictured above, are a limited edition extension of the V03 family, with only 300 items of each produced in collaboration with long time friend and fellow swede, Patrick Kim-Gustafson of True Faith. Patrick, who arrived in Hong Kong early last year, is the co-proprietor and designer of the newly minted True Faith brand of scarves and is the inspiration for the watch collaboration.

Patrick below wears his creations, True Faith scarves and VOID Watch in Koabang Style, a colorful prismic pattern in darker neon hues.

The two colors Bryllyant (the left in yellow) and Kaobang (to the right in blue and photo above.)

Bryllyant is the name the electropop tune by a German band, Boytronic. The inspiration is derived from synthesizers and oscilloscopes. 

While the Kaobang pattern is inspired by the “French new wave tune Kao Bang by Indochine”, says Patrick. The polygon patterns grow from the center outwards and defined by six colors.

True Faith’s Patrick with VOID’s David below. (Hard at work at Cafe Deadend / Po’s Atelier, I see.)

The watches are 38mm in diameter and come with a calf leather casing. The scarves come in two sizes, a large (135x135cm) and a small (35x35cm) and are digitally printed in Korean and made from 100% cotton.  

Which pattern do you like? (PS. Speaking of giving gifts, check out my Top 5 Gifts for men in 2012 via the Sassy Hong Kong blog.)

WEAR VOID Watches / WEAR True Faith Scarves


#JJStyle: the HK Summer 2012 Menswear Report

Summer is technically over in Hong Kong, but you wouldn’t know it with the heat outside. That said I think now is about the right time to do a bit of a Fashion Summer 2012 wrap up to summarize all the must-have goodies that have popped up within the last two months for Menswear from Hong Kong’s independent designers and boutiques.

+ ANTHONY HILL / HILL Pop-Up @ KAPOK . June 2012

We celebrated a pop up earlier this Summer at Kapok on Sun Street with designer Anthony Hill for his inaugural 17 piece capsule collection… and then some.

Anthony, a graduate of the prestigious Central St. Martin’s in London, launched the collection in the Fall of 2012 to great interest locally and in the region. He is currently enjoying a steady growth in clientele, including myself, who believe in his no-nonsense approach to casual menswear via an old-world tailoring techniques.

The collection of relaxed Cotton, Linen, and Seersucker Blazers, Trousers, and Short Pants, are Asia “Heat” Ready. I wore the jacket above on the right at ART HK12 this year, and I also wear the jacket above left while at work or play. There’s a difference in the fit. You should seek Anthony and give them a try yourself.

Anthony with Baptiste.

Me in my HILL Menswear Jacket.

Purchase HILL Online at http://www.hill.com.hk

+ MOUSTACHE Goes Japanese . July 2012

As reported in Alex Daye’s (co-proprietor of Moustache) blog, On Hollywood Road, Moustache has branched out beyond Hong Kong’s NOHO District to Tokyo, where they have launched a satellite salon at Midori.so for a limited time.

All items from their ready to wear, travel collection with leather house STIIBU, and designed tailor wear were available in Tokyo. Illustrations by acclaimed Sydney artist, James Dignan, lined the walls.

The pop up was met with tremendous interest and success, which ended with one of  Alex and Ellis Kreuger’s The Bearded Lady parties.

For more information on the pop up and more photos, check out On Hollywood Road Blog at the link.

We met up with the Moustache gents over dinner last week where finally I received my much awaited jeans from Kurashiki Betty Smith in Japan.

I don’t know if you remember, but last year we reported being fitted for a pair of “Tailored” Jeans at Moustache… not knowing exactly how Tailored Jeans would actually wear on a body. The verdict? I love them. For 2K HKD, you can get jeans to fit you exactly how tailored trousers fit. Some people spend thousands of dollars on tight stiff jeans that hardly fit at all… there are jeans for you. And you can get them at Moustache.

As you can see, I picked out everything, from the buttons, to the stitch color, the stitching style, even having my initials “JJ” sewn on the front hip. As well as the back pocket style and leg cuff… you choose it all.

Moustache / 31 Aberdeen Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong / +852 2541 1955 / MOUSTACHE ONLINE

+ 15squarestreet & VOID . Summer 2012

The summer is a busy time for Swedes, David Ericsson and Alexis Holmes, residing at their shop on 15 Square Street in Sheung Wan. To start, David has released a new line of watches for VOID, which is a departure from his metallic square styles to a more classic round face look with VO3A and VO3B.

Like the previous VOID styles, these watches are defined by their Stainless Steel casings, leather straps, and a simple yet elegant typeface unique to the VOID Brand.

Additionally, while not working on the latest line of gram shoes, Alexis has designed a first briefcase for the 15squarestreet line of leather goods, stating that “this briefcase is the one and only briefcase you will ever need.” It looks seductively like that may be the “case”. The style comes in three colors.

Here’s a sneak preview of a new style yet to arrive.

15 Square Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong / +852 2362 1086 / VOID WATCH on FACEBOOK / 15squarestreeet on FACEBOOK

+ P.A.P (Products and Philosophy) @ kouCH . Summer 2012

The Swedish leather brand, P.A.P (Products and Philosophy), was founded by Ulf Pyk, is designed to counter the cold impersonal feeling of our modern technologies and gadgets. This past season, SOHO brand kouCH on Tai Ping Shan, recently inaugurated a line of Men’s envelope bags which can store everything from iPads to personal items from P.A.P.

The bags come in a variety of colors, and makes a nice casual addition to your look if you do not want to carry a heavy bag or briefcase.

kouCH by KONZEPP ONLINE / 12 Tai Ping Shan Street, Hong Kong / +852 23762871

Gents, the next time I see you on the street, you better look great! There’s no excuse.


#JJStyle: Gram Shoes A/W2012

Here we go.

gram shoes designer, Alexis Holm, has finally shared with theWanderlister+ their designs for A/W2012 which will mark a debut at I.T Hong Kong. Of course, you may also still get gram shoes at squarestreet or online at gramstore, but the catchment of I.T is a big deal for the little-Swedish-Cobbler-in-Asia who could.



The latest collection enables Alexis to evolve his fascination for traditional shoe making with a “utilitarian collection with strong, striking details such as hand stitching and hand-punched decor.”



A/W 2012 is defined by variants of raw edged vegetables tanned hides, washed tiger stripe camouflage, dry coated densely woven canvas and brass trims which are all framed by a subtly off-white top stitching, paired with artisinal broque details, hand-punched holes… and of course the serious hand-stitch.



Alexis Holm would also like you to know that yes as THE designer of every gram shoe, he also chose every leather, picked out every shoelace, and even wore the shoe itself. How about that for a truly genuine and honest product designed right here in our own back yard?

via Alexis:

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Every Gram shoe material is chosen for its quality, durability and innate ability to age beautifully. We use faded fabrics, darkened leathers and oxidized metals to make sure that your Gram shoes will look even better with time.

GRAM A/W12 RETAIL PRICE 950-1950HKD / AVAILABLE AT: squarestreet, GF, 15 Square Street, Sheung Wan / TEL: +85223621086 / Selected I.T Shops in Hong Kong / Gramstore ONLINE


Squarestreet Stories, Part 1: David Ericsson Fills The VOID

Anyone who has ever scoured design blogs like Dezeen, shopped online on boutiques like Shop des Createurs, or have gone shopping in design stores like Kapok, or even just have gone out to a few parties in Hong Kong may have noticed iconic looking metallic square watches that is really just hard to miss.

It’s on Louise. (She’s wearing the White on White. With mustard straps.)

It was on Jason at the Konzepp Party. (His was black on black. Typical architect.)

…and on Mike Mystery at the ArtHK Party in Chai Wan.

And it’s also on Sebastian.

He was one of the first people to ever get it. And when I say first ones I mean… like 3 years ago at the start of the whole business, way before all the craze. (And yes, there is a craze.)

Now three years later, rewards are reaped, and celebrations made at the 15squarestreet boutique in Sheung Wan, home to both David Ericsson’s VOID Watch and Alexis Holm’s Gram Shoes Headquarters. And every month, you can expect a street gathering like this of friends, family members, and supporters of the 15squarestreet boutique as a way for them I suppose to keep grounded and stay connected to the community who have supported them (and continue to support them). Not to mention the fact that street parties are the best way to end the week and to blow off some steam!

I was lucky enough to able to say hi, and grab a quick interview with David Ericsson before the beginning of summer (this was their last street party before the guys took a break and went on long vacations). At the time, I just got my new Canon S95 and was fumbling around with settings, so I was quite lucky and surprised to get such a great shot of David on Square Street.

Additionally he was gracious enough to grant an interview for theWanderlister+ mid-way through his summer hiatus. So I’d like to thank David for this quick chat!


W+: Hi David, thank you for taking the time out from your vacation to have a chat with us. We dont want to waste anymore of your time so lets get started… at three years in, VOID Watches have become quite a niche fashion piece, internationally at that. Imagine my surprise when I learned that VOID is actually based in Asia. Why set up VOID in Hong Kong, as opposed to say London, or New York, or Sweden for example.

DE: A lot of people think we’re a Swedish brand, and that’s not far from the truth I guess. I’m Swedish but living in Hong Kong so I suppose the brand is not very different than it would have been if I would have been in Sweden. The main reason I’m here in Hong Kong is that it’s a good place to be as a designer. I think most people are quite aware of the fact that this is where ‘everything’ comes from these days and for a designer that’s a bit like it is for a kid to walk in to the world’s biggest toyshop. If you want to produce something, this is where you usually book your air ticket to.

W+: Have you always been interested in designing watches or was there a moment in your life where you said to yourself… oh my… WATCHES! I’ll do WATCHES now.

DE: I think the time lag from when I decided that I wanted to design watches until I actually designed them was quite short. I’ve been interested in watches for quite some time. Mainly vintage LED’s and weird old mechanical watches from the 70s and since I decided to start my own company and that I didn’t just want to do consultancy work like most designers who run their own companies, watches was a rather natural choice.

W+: The design of the VOID Watch is quite unique and special, and reads like no watch out there, and I think that’s the reason why it’s become so successful… how the heck did you come up with this form and this idea?

DE: As I mentioned before, I used to be quite interested in old watches, mainly from the 60s and 70s and back in the day they had lots of different weird watches that told time in weird ways so I got my inspiration there. The case design is a different story, I wanted to make something that looked different but doing it as simple as possible. The basic geometry is extremely simple for all our watches, but still, they look quite unique. I did a lot of sketches until I came up with this idea, I knew more or less immediately that I would be happy with it over time.

W+: You belong in a collective known as “SQUARE STREET”. Tell us more about Square Street and the folks you work with.

DE: 15squarestreet is not really a collective, it’s a ‘lifestyle brand’ that I started about a year ago together with Alexis Holm, fellow Swede and founder of the cult shoe brand gram. squarestreet started a bit like a hobby and slowly turned in to a business and now it’s a small shop on - yes, you guessed it – Square Street. For some reason we got a bit hooked on leather and have made a lot of leather goods but the basic idea is that 15squarestreet is an outlet for us to do what ever projects we feel like. Usually in fairly limited quantities.

W+: Obviously you celebrate your success with your community, since no designer/entrepreneur works as an island and you hold these Square Street Block Parties, can you explain more about your monthly block party, who goes to it, why you do it, and how long you’ve been doing it for?

DE: We started these monthly events as soon as we moved in a year and a half or so ago. I think both Alexis and me are too lazy to organize things all the time so we invite all our friends over once a month, that way we don’t have to do it every week. Over time, the event has grown. A bit too much some times, the police always come and want to join the party…

W+: We have watches, we have cuff links… what is the next cool product we
can expect from VOID.

DE: The simple answer to that is; more watches. I’m working on a few things right
now, there will be a few additions coming up this year so stay tuned…

And there you have it!

A few cool shots of the squarestreet block party at the start of summer. David and the huge street crowd below.

Patrick DJ’s while Jessica looks sneaky.

Someone wearing a frown. Literally.

Alexis Holmes, founder and designer for gram shoes. A Q+A profile with him will come around at the end of the summer.

Linus Hui, paper artist amongst other things.

He did this for Lane Crawford during ArtHK.

Jessie looking quite fierce.

Olivia looking more chic than geek… I think that red purse from 15squarestreet did the trick.

The muse, Khan-Linh with Thomas

Also spotted, Anthony.

and of course Jessica. Nice Heels.

and the leather goods available at the boutique 15squarestreet.

which included leather shoppers…

and gram shoes with VOID watches of course.

VOID WATCHES are available at Select Outlets:

15squarestreet / Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Kapok / Star Street, Wanchai, Hong Kong

http://www.shopdescreateurs.com / Worldwide / Type “Wanderlister” Code at Check Out for 5% Discount with Free Worldwide Shipping



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