Fall of Man; Time Out HK Interviews The City’s 8 Menswear Influencers


In the latest issue of Time Out Hong Kong, Issue 138 of the magazine explores “Autumn Style" (for this city I think that means November), with a sharp focus on eight menswear influencers who are helping shape style in this town today.

The latest spread brings together gents (including yours truly) from different disciplines, professions, and interests all together in one room at Lily and Bloom’s very “Mad Men” worthy VIP Cigar Lounge for a style spread choreographed by editor Arthur Tam, photographer Calvin Sit, and art direction by Jeroen Brulez. The interviews with each of the gents was conducted by James Bien


Here is a sneak peak to the whole spread with my favorite quotables from each of the gents:


+ ROGER OUK / Menswear Designer for THYVANE

On where Hong Kong menswear is heading - ”I’d like to see the more vibrant side of Hong Kong… The different personalities and eccentricities should shine and bring colour into the (style) market.”

+ JJ.ACUNA (me) / Architect, Interior Designer, and Style Blogger for WANDERLISTER.COM

On the state of Men’s fashion in Hong Kong in General - ”It’s very difficult for (mens to dress in) Hong Kong because of the weather. However, that doesn’t mean one shouldn’t try to play with pieces.”


+ JUNO MAK / Singer, Actor, and Director for Kudos Films

On personal style - "I think everyone should be more open-minded to how people dress. It’s the mentality, not actually the brand or the material."

+ KEVIN MAYAO / Art Director for Fame Glory

On HK Street Styling - “I teach people how to make street fashion look fancy.”

+ SIX LEE / Menswear Designer for Six Lee

On HK Fashion - "Men’s fashion in Hong Kong is growing really quickly, but it doesn’t have it’s own menswear personality."


+ ALEX DAYE / Menswear Tailor and Proprietor of Moustache

On HK Style Standards - “I do think that even within the world of bespoke tailoring, the (craftsmanship) standards here are higher.”

+ JOEY MA / Fashion Blogger at Joey-Ma.Com

On Personal Style - “I’m willing to try anything as long as I feel comfortable with it or I think I look good in it.”

+ KEI HUI / Designer for Creature de Keis

On Designing Clothes - “Function is extremely important to me, so my clothes need to reflect that everyone has different needs.”


The current issue already out in newsstands includes an interview and photo spread with leading man movie star, Shawn Yue, and a quick review of the new album launch by Hong Kong’s it indie-band with that Broken Social Scene flare— Noughts and Exes

Go grab a copy now before all issues run out! :)

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Seen&Scene: At Home at Casa Capriz


It was a tough week overall with terrorist attacks in Boston, my sister’s hometown. The attacks plus tighter than usual deadlines at work almost brought me to the end of my rope. So it was quite refreshing to see a “TGIF”-style invite on Facebook for a little get together at Casa Capriz in Chai Wan, an artist’s haven in the industrial area aka. the last stop of the MTR’s Blue Island Line.


The Capriz part of the name refers to studio owner, Irene Capriz, pictured above, the lovely lady of Italian-Malay descent who came all the way to Hong Kong from Bologna, Italy, her hometown. The traditional lifestyle/retail space in Hong Kong’s more central districts maybe tight and expensive, but Casa Capriz’s roomy 2,600 square-foot showroom showcasing curated vintage furniture from around the world, is a breath of fresh air for those who are in a no-pressure mood to search of something different and with a curatorial eye. (Ie. not cheap metal, plastic, flat packed, and mass produced.)

Irene shares the space with Claudia Albertini, director of Platform China, and Paola Sinisterra (below) and Ignacio Garcia of the Tangram fashion label, to create a haven where one can go from trying out furniture, to perusing edgy art, while walking around in one of many Tangram clothes… again just a try. It’s a new way of experiencing shopping for a variety of things at one go while supporting independent creative initiatives.


This past Friday, the Chai Wan collective of artists and designers, known as Chai Wan Mei, organized a neighborhood shindig which included galleries like A0 Vertical Art Space, Latitude 22N, and YY9 Gallery. At Casa Capriz, a selection of erotic art curated by Platform China was on stage with kinky accessories by Sally Coco, a new line of lingerie from Tangram, and an amazing feast of fresh bread and pate from the bespoke bakers at Bread Elements.


The husband and wife team from Bread Elements, sharing their classic “Campagne” Loaf.


I was there with Time Out HK Editor and RTHK Radio Personality, Arthur Tam. We were fresh off our taping of his weekly show “From Top to Bottom” focused on queer issues locally and globally


I met milliner, Jay Cheng, for the first time, whose studio was also in Chai Wan. Cheng’s hats were on sale and on display around the gallery and the space.


The biggest surprise of the evening was meeting theWanderlister+ reader, Norbyah, a cool mother of three, teacher, and an overall stylish lady… who like Irene, is half malay as well. She wore her market finds from Stanley Market. It’s lovely.



I had such a great time that night. For me a trip to Chai Wan is a creative re-charge, but for these artists and designers who work and live here… this is their everyday. And fingers crossed/pray to God, that the Hong Kong government does something to support all their endeavors.

Enjoy the rest of the photos!










Okay, so Chai Wan wasn’t the last stop. Arthur and I met up with DJ Angus Wong in Central to have a bit of classic Cantonese food at Lin Heung. (We were supposed to go to Ngau Kee, my favorite local cantonese dive, but this weekend they were closing shop and there was a line… so Lin Heung it is.)


I really miss Ngau Kee, but eating in Lin Heung is quite nice as well. The decor takes you back to mid-century life in Hong Kong. The food and sea-food is amazing as per usual. I love the Dim Sum here, but I think I prefer dinner where I can really appreciate the atmosphere and the old-style hospitality without the manic crowd.



Thanks to Chai Wan, Casa Capriz, and Lin Heung for being the light at the end of the dreary tunnel that was last week.

DESIGN Casa Capriz / ART Platform China / WEAR Tangram / WEAR Jay Cheng Milliner / PLAY Sally Coco Intimate Lifestyle Store / EAT Bread Elements / EAT Lin Heung Tea House 


Take Back The Night, Markets at Sham Shui Po




On March 9th, Artist / Hong Kong Lover / Social Activist / Urban Farmer / Bee Keeper, Michael Leung (interviewed here before on Wanderlister.com) invited Hong Kong’s creative communities including us to help spread the work, donate, and make noise for The Night Market Project 夜好趁墟行動 initiative located in Sham Shui Po, one of Hong Kong’s poorest urban districts.


Apparently an informal night market has been in operation there, and for those of us who live and work closer to Central and Tsim Sha Tsui, we just wouldn’t know about the night markets because no one goes to Sham Shui Po on Saturday nights. In fact Sham Shui Po makes it to guidebooks because of its largely consumer-based IT/Computer parts and products wastelands located in several commercial buildings.

For the most part, with over 1,000 people RSVPing for to The Night Market Project on facebook, either to donate works or buy items, it can be said the test “project” was a success. Leung wanted the creative communities to discover these markets and what they sold and to be generally cognizant of the existence of these urban operations. That said, this is no Bangkok Railway Antiques Market like in my previous posts, the items sold here are 2nd hand household things, clothes, hot goods, fakes, and things we would think of as domestic trash (not actual trash). 





I found it wonderful, scary, intriguing, and full of texture. There was a time when I look back to when I first moved to Hong Kong after grad school, and thinking about what initially drew me here… the textures, the urbanism, the hodge podge madness captured by cinematographer Christopher Doyle for his Wong Kar Wai films. But over the years, this edge has quickly been eaten away by “Urban Renewal” initiatives, and the pure luxe shine of gentrification. Chungking Mansions is a shadow of what is used to be as a case study for example, therefore, I find Sham Shui Po a reflection of a memory of what Hong Kong used to be.

That said no sooner than we arrived and began our exploration, an hour later a Market merchant who was annoyed by the sheer number of new onlookers, gweilo visitors, and hipster creative types called in the Police to step up, step in and do some crowd control.


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This photo and tweet was most Re-Tweeted Tweet… around the world… ever.

US President Re-elect @BarackObama announces “Four More Years” on Twitter, and as of this post has had over 810,000 RT’s (ReTweets) and almost 295K Favorites.

For those who have been following the election, and has had NYTIMES or CNNGo on re-fresh every second, probably perceived the obvious even before President Obama’s TWEET, but for some of us… ie. Shelly Hayashi, Proprietor of General Store, HK/China’s Best Americana antique store, and Me, we guessed the win about a week in advance. Call it what you will, or call it intuition, but we then got together with Moustache’s Alex and Ellis to host Hong Kong’s only Election night celebration at Salon No. 10.

Shelly in front of the American Flag.

I was beyond ecstatic at this point.

Ellis and Alex Hard at work over what turned out to be, HK’s best Mac & Cheese.

The dress code was Americana and the entrance fee was “Pot Luck Americana” of which all the guests; Artists, Creatives, Gays, and Democrats Abroad Hong Kong… brought.

American Flag Cupcakes from Katrina.

The girls from KinderU Suzuki Academy, Monica, Allison, and Proprietor  Jennifer and all their American dessert goodies.

Which included this magnificent beauty…. what ever it was.

Shelly made Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches as well as Cheesy Sandwhiches fried on a frying pan. Delish.

In attendance were Ralph Lauren’s Gierdre as a Disneyfied tourist.

Michael clad in BYOB.

Danielle of WHITESPACE with Paul from Democrats Abroad.

Bernadette, with her Beef Chili. (Im gutted I turned vegetarian a week before this.)

Moses and his friend who was there to celebrate both Voter-Approved legalization of Gay Marriage and Marjiuana in a few key states.

With Colorado Cookies…. hmmm what are they?

Also celebrating, Katrina, Nightlife Guru Johannes Pong, and Time Out HK’s Arthur Tam.

Stars and Stripes at the hip.

At the bar… Billy boy.

Artist, Adrian Wong in my favorite herringbone American Apparel pullover.

Mac brings home the pie… appropriately from the American Club.

ChristingC, Dan, and Taiwanese popstar Katie of ROOMIE stopped by as well.

Lingzi in glorious gold.

Jason with 15squarestreet’s Louise who brought a whole package of OBAMABAUMS sold at 15squarestreet and online.

Thanks David and 15squarestreet for these OBAMABAUM, Obama Air Freshners! The guests loved them.

We ended the night re-watching the speech…

The decor by General Store at Salon No.10 was amazing. It felt like Election night in the 60s.

After the speech it was time to turn down the lights to watch some William Belli doing a Wilson Phillips drag impression about Chick-fil-A. Why? Because we CAN.

Thank you Salon No.10 Gang!



Light My Fire

Maybe it’s because i’ve just been too busy, or maybe it’s just that i’m so in love with my new neighborhood, Tai Hang, and just wanted to spend more time at “home”, but in this the seventh year of living in Hong Kong, i’ve for once decided to make a “staycation” of the four day celebration that was the annual 2012 Mid-Autumn and Chinese National Day festivities which was just last weekend. And I’m REALLY glad I made this decision to stay in town.

In the last few years all I’ve ever wanted to do was leave the city, never realizing that year after year, i’ve missed out on the amazing celebrations and general bonvivant attitude in the air as the whether gets a bit cooler and everyone prepares to celebrate viewing lanterns and fire-dances in Victoria Park and surrounding neighborhoods.

To those foreign to Chinese Culture, Mid-Autumn is a fall harvest celebration which falls on the 15th day of the 8th month of the Chinese Calendar, which in our calendar is around September and October. All four days that Hong Kong is on holiday is usually marked by clear weather, blue skies, and a full moon, and everyone is out and about visiting family and friends and going shopping. Its literally, the Chinese version of a Long Thanksgiving Weekend.

Last year’s giant bamboo lantern was fish a designed by William Lim of CL3, this year however, a design competition made winners out of young architects, Kristof Crolla and Adam Fingrut, whose Golden Moon concept wowed judges, and of course visitors, including myself, last weekend. As the Wall Street Journal reports, the overall lantern stood at about 18 meters hight and 21 meters wide, and supported lightly by a steel dome, with a layer of bamboo and material giving shape and skin to the “moon” which looks a bit like a fruit as well. Parametric design methods were used to create such a unique shape which to the architects made “the visitor feel as they stumbled into a different world”.

I loved it. I felt the design was magnificent, straight forward, and the execution as good as could be for a temporary structure made of bamboo, floating on water, and constructed in 11 days.

As an additional treat, my new neighborhood played host to the 113th Annual 3-Day Tai Hang Fire Dragon Dance, which according to Wikipedia began the year 1880 when Tai Hang was only a little Hakka Fishing Village. The only years when the dance didn’t happen was during Japanese occupation, but generally residents performed the dance of a 67meter long dragon made up of incense sticks the same way since its inception.

The sounds of beating drums would usher the arrival of playful dragon which performed for visitors and audience in and around Tai Hang’s streets for three nights.

The first evening was the most wonderful. All of Tai Hang’s residents really celebrated on every street corner with a full banquet complete with roast pigs. Some residents even paraded their own lanterns with their children.

On the first night of the fire dance, Arthur, fashion editor at Time Out Hong Kong, and Asia Art Archive’s Natasha came to check out the dragon with me.

On the second night, our party increased to a whole crew! L-R, Katrina from Disney, Ron of RONWANDesign, Jade from Cotton On, Myself, and David.

With Jason busy taking photographs of the whole scene… his first 2012 Mid Autumn.

Everyone had a giant dog to show off.

Lab Made, Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream was the dessert of choice to have that weekend. Most importantly the traditional Moon Cake Flavaour and Purple Rice Flavour, mixed and made on the spot as you order.

Wish me luck, fish.

ARCHITECTURE Laboratory for Explorative Architecture & Design / EAT Lab Made Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream 

I’d also like to take a moment to give my condolences to the 39 victims and their families of the Ferry Tragedy on Monday night  on the 3rd day of the long 4 day weekend. The cause of the accident was a collision of boats, which happened moments before the Fireworks celebrating National Day on Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour. Read this poignant article  for TIME, reflecting on the disaster by fellow Hong Konger, Liam Fitzpatrick.