Seen&Scene: Supporting Creative Friends at Omar Khan Home and MISCHA Product Launches for Fall/Winter 2014

Friends very close to the heart, designers Omar Khan and Michelle Lai, have each just released new products in Hong Kong last week for Fall/Winter 2014. Omar and Michelle are regularly on the blog, but more so in the last month.Omar is making buzz for finally producing a home collection of area rugs via Omar Khan Home, and Michelle for celebrating the 10th Anniversary of MISCHA by introducing her first unisex line of Camo prints… A possible gateway into menswear style.

+ Omar Khan Home @ BLITZ for Lane Crawford

Last Tuesday at BLITZ, Lane Crawford’s curatorial and creative arm, hosted their first Fall event for Krafted I, a new initiative by the Department Store, to introduce brand curation of products and gifts focused on the luxury heritage market. While all big products market heritage these days, the items available for purchase at BLITZ for a limited time seeks to introduce new products to the Hong Kong market from smaller studios Globally… including Omar Khan Home. 

On immediate offer through Krafted I, are two prints from Omar Khan Home’s line of hand tufted artisan carpets in different colors. Also available at the pop-up is furniture designed by Yabu Pushelberg for Stellar Works, bags by Moreau (soon to open a shop in Hong Kong), jewellery by Maiyet, amazing modern sandals by Alvaro Gonzalez, and a selection of scarves and shawls by Janavi and The Elder Statesmen.

Omar Khan Home rugs on offer in different styles and colors.


Krafted I product + designers catalogue.


The Omar and I.


Delicious bags by Moreau.


Various curated items on offer.


A toast at the new Joyce Wang designed, ISONO, to finish of the night.


One big creative family.


+ MISCHA Camo Collection @ KAPOK PMQ

Two days later we went to support MISCHA’s amazing new Camo Collection at Kapok Crafted in Hong Kong in the PMQ, a version of the Kapok family of shops focused (for the most part) on brands designed from within Hong Kong. Michelle’s new line even has a cool pop-up space within the curated boutique, displaying a full variety of styles from this new collection you can read more about here.

Designer, Michelle Lai, with her new product line.


Plenty of supportive fans were at the opening including Menswear designer, Anthony Hill, with wife Fiona Hill (left), and Amanda Thompson of Grana (right).


Me with amazing archie-fashion junkie, Yuen-Man Tse.


New HOME Journal editor, Kissa Castaneda (center), with colleague plus Marketing maven, Ms. Khan-Linh (right.)


My high-school pal and date that night, Carolyn.


This cheeky duo, Vincent and Jerome.


This one hot clutch.


We all decided to celebrate by gorging on Camo-esque Deep Fried Green Tea Buns at Little Bao next door after with Chef Mai Chow and her partner, Samantha Wong from Little Square. Yum!



Crafted in Hong Kong!


So, the Krafted I Collection will be available at BLITZ for Lane Crawford now until September 18 at the ifc mall and until September 29th at the BLITZ Glasshouse on Canton Road. MISCHA’s Camo Collection shop at KAPOK Crafted in Hong Kong Pop Up will be available for a few more weeks.

DESIGN Omar Khan Home / WEAR MISCHA / SHOP BLITZ Glasshouse at Lane Crawford . 3 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon . T: +852-21182288 / SHOP Kapok Crafted in Hong Kong . GF Hollywood Road, HG10, 35 Aberdeen Street, Central HK . T: +852-28588170 


Seen&Scene: Striding In Stubbs & Wootton Slippers With Lane Crawford BLITZ


Check it out. This week, Lane Crawford’s collaborative arm, BLITZ, just received a whole shipment of the lastest and hottest selection of Men’s and Women’s Slippers (of the Prince Albert variety), from preppy American shoe brand, Stubbs & Wootton. Founded 20 years ago by Percy Steinhart, the brand is now getting revved up for quite a global presence, even though the shoe has only been available in the brand’s own stores in New York City and Palm Beach, as well as a few select online outlets like Mr. Porter and J.Crew.

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A Sorta Fairytale With You

Fantastical Taiwanese-American illustrator/artist, James Jean, was in town recently to promote his new line of Women’s jewelry and accessories, OVM.

JJ (James Jean) x JJ at Library Cafe, October 25th, 2012. I was trying to show him how to sketch over our picture on my new Samsung Galaxy Note 2. (via theW+ Instagram)

For comic book geek fans out, James began his career at DC Comics illustrating almost 100 covers for the acclaimed graphic series, Fables, a comic based on the dysfunctional lives of our beloved Fairy Tale characters from Disney who has since grown up as adults living in New York City. Of course, I’m a big comic book geek myself so i’m an extremely huge fan.

No so little Red Riding Hood. (via SCENE360)

Lane Crawford’s BLITZ is exclusively carrying the OVM line online and in-store. But the Lane Crawford location in Harbour City has something extra special… it’s got the James Jean touch.

Made especially as a special project for the store, James spent a few days illustrating a new concept about a fairy nymph named, Wellym (Velum) who has spent many lifetimes trying to make a home out of a glass box in the forest. This glass box is the quintessential BLITZ gallery space in the middle of the store, and the character is depicted in white brush strokes encasing the box.

In true James Jean fashion, the composition of the works reflects his constant use of a layering of characters over multiple backdrops. BLITZ’s glass box was a perfect canvas for lines and text float freely over scarves, gifts, transparent plastic bags, and jewelry.

A few product shots… The Bone Necklace in Blue.

The Butterfly Bangle.

Butterfly Pierce Earrings.

Butterfly Ring.

The Mother and Child Pierce.

Weep Rings.

The Brew&Post team, photographer Carmen Chan and graphic designer Denise Lai were on hand to help with the video.

Check out the video here.

SHOP James Jean OVM / ARTIST James Jean Online


The Kids Are Alright

One of the biggest challenges in general may have to be working with kids.

A bigger challenge than working with kids is probably working with kids a day after a major party, ie. our Brew&Post launch. But since proceeds of the sales from mama kid’s collaboration with BLITZ Lane Crawford goes to the Hong Kong chapter of the Ronald McDonald House… and the fact that I actually get to build paper airplanes (instead of buildings ala my day job), I was excited about being invited at all to work with kids for a day to teach them how to fold these seemingly easy paper plane designs.

(Okay they were easy… but one wrong fold and then you’re dead meat.)

mama kid is a lifestyle boutique for children in Central Hong Kong with fashion and accessories targeted at newborns to kids 8 years of age. The store is a quirky Kapok-style shop for so-called “fashion savvy” kids. Although I doubt that kids have anything to do with their own “fashion savvy-ness” (that’s a hipster parent’s job), that said, the pop-up at BLITZ sold items I myself would have bought for me at this and any age.

I mean check out this cool paper boat. So neat.

Things I would have bought for myself… this book titled, All My Friends Are Dead, by Avery Monsen and Jory John, which is a funny/poignant lesson on life’s positives and negatives. A few days later I went back to look for it, but it was sold out. 

I’m always up for knick-knacks buried deep within candy jars…

Love these Je T’aime New York Totes.

I dig these mini SUPERGA’s.

I would have bought everything.

Anyway, now time for Saturday Morning, Avions de Papier.

BLITZ asked to see if I wanted to teach a class on folding paper airplanes since I practice as an architect… I really wished folding paper airplanes all day equated to the work I did because if that really was the case, I would be feeling ZEN the whole week. (Actually I DONT wish that was the case considering the grim reality of architecture in other parts of the world.)

The book has loads of planes, but due to Children’s attention spans, we only folded three plane types. We were given a stack of cheat sheets with color coded lines so me and the kids could be on the “same page”.

Besides some minor freak outs…

It was a fun way to spend the morning as it turns out.

Polly Lam also taught the kids to YOYO LIKE A PRO

Everyone was inspired.

The value of sharing and giving back to the community is imparted to children via an activity-filled day organized for kids aged 2 to 8 years old. Volunteer professionals and enthusiasts shared how-to’s and tips through fun workshops such as yo-yo, scoubidou, story-telling and origami amongst others on it’s launch date. All children invited included children from the Ronald McDonald House. A portion of all sale proceeds will also be donated to the Ronald McDonald House Charities. Participants included theWanderlister+, Art Space, Polly Lam, Matt Abergel, Li Ting, Sean MacFarlane, Peter Yule, the Kid’s Gallery.

The mama kid pop up with BLITZ is available at Lane Crawford Canton Road for a Limited Period of Time.

SHOP Lane Crawford / SHOP mama kid / GIVE Ronald McDonald House Hong Kong


#JJStyle: The Carrera BLITZ

This past week the house of Carrera, a heritage brand made famous for their sunglasses, made a grand debut into Hong Kong via a collaborative push with Lane Crawford’s BLITZ team to exhibit choice pieces from the House’s extensive archive of sunglasses.

The archive is located in BLITZ’ glass box adjacent to The Library CAFE on the ground floor for Lane Crawford in Harbour City. The BLITZ initiative by Lane Crawford is a way for the brand to extend its reach via experimental collaborations which go beyond Lane Crawford’s core business.

That said, its limited edition capsule collection with Carrera, which consists of two new kinds of shades, doesn’t go too far beyond fashion, but, the styles are a departure from Carrera’s iconic aviator-esque sun glass profile in lieu of a more modern shade, called the Carrera 6000, which hark back to an earlier version it produced in the 90’s. Also on display in the glass box.

For Business to Pleasure, the Carrera 6000, exclusive with BLITZ comes in a matte white finish (my #JJStyle Pick) and a crystal black.

Only a limited 30 pieces of each are to be sold at the store and online at since Friday.

I love this Instagram photo I took at the exhibition’s launch with my very own pair. Denise of SUPERWOWOMG has the black pair.

My ex-muse (because she has a boyfriend), now Carrera girl, Khanh-Linh, was gracious enough to tour me around the archives. It was really impressive.

Heritage and craft, at the Carrera studios.

I really wish that they would start re-producing some of the archives. Actually the Carrera 6000 is a reproduction… see below.

These are the ones I want them to reproduce:

I can definitely wear these more sportier versions above with a suit and some nice colored trousers.

The new collection is now available at the store and online which reflect the archives… like the Carrera 44 F/S below, which I think my friend Tania of TLIKEBUBBLETEA got.

This camouflage version is very Jason TOUGHLOVE.HK Style. It’s actually a patented material by Safilo (head company of Carrera) and also noncomedogenic, ie. non allergy.

Brew&Post Blogger, Fashion Hedonism has this pair; the Champion B.

I also really like this one. The Carrera 86. I just really need to get my game on to wear this.


The whole thing is very sporty. But I like how it’s translatable to more urban-chic look.

With Khanh-Linh and Fed Tan with their choice pairs.

VOGUE China editor’s, Grace Lam, and her husband, Jason, with their choice pieces. Fierce couple.

Yardbird’s Lindsay who catered the even with Chef May Chow at The Library Cafe with BLITZ’s Marika Nanni.

My Brew&Post girls, Christing C - Fashion Hedonism and Denise Lai SUPERWOWOMG.

BLITZ’s Kim Bui Kollar who is wearing a fabulous maternity dress. Expectant mothers take note.

The FED look.

The catering looked amazing. But I just couldn’t… I had another dinner planned the same night unfortunately.

Chef May Chow has done an amazing job with her catering business with Lindsay.

Hong Kong was so hot and sunny this past weekend. Carrera launched at the perfect time this year.

Carrera ONLINE / Carrera WEIBO / Carrera FACEBOOK / Lane Crawford ONLINE