Seen&Scene: Striding In Stubbs & Wootton Slippers With Lane Crawford BLITZ


Check it out. This week, Lane Crawford’s collaborative arm, BLITZ, just received a whole shipment of the lastest and hottest selection of Men’s and Women’s Slippers (of the Prince Albert variety), from preppy American shoe brand, Stubbs & Wootton. Founded 20 years ago by Percy Steinhart, the brand is now getting revved up for quite a global presence, even though the shoe has only been available in the brand’s own stores in New York City and Palm Beach, as well as a few select online outlets like Mr. Porter and J.Crew.

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Contemporary Chic Cantonese, Goes With A View Too


It was a week night, but after a hard day’s work, nothing says “perfection” like an intimate boozy meal of delicious authentic Cantonese fare with a small group of friends.

But first… My Whisky and oily salted peanuts, just the way I like it.


Mandy from Hotel Icon invited a me, our Korean rockstar, Julie, with ChristingC and most importantly, HK Food Blogger extraordinaire, Dan of Hungry Hong Kong, for a chill feast at Above & Beyond, Level 28 at Hotel Icon. I got there first, but it was fine with me. If I had the time, I would spend sunset there all the time whenever I want to be surrounded by the comforts of its space, a room designed as a library by the ever so chic, Conran & Partners from London. (They also designed the other F+B destinations at the hotel like Market and GREEN.)


The venue is “way up there”. I mean that because of its location in the hotel, the quality of the food, and an unbeatable view of Hong Kong Island’s iconic urban panorama. Of course for  perfection would be jazz nights on top of the Park Hyatt in Tokyo, but the mood and atmosphere here closer to home, is just fine with me.

The menu is seasonal and excellently prepared each night by Executive Chef, Joseph Tse. Not only does Tse obviously honor tradition with his menu selection and authentic preparation, but he flies off in amazing directions with some special dishes to balance adventure with the classics.

A fatty starter.


Followed by what I have to say… is the richest, most natural tasting, and best Hot & Sour soups I’ve ever had. It makes every Hot & Sour soup I’ve had since taste so much like chemicals and added flavouring. This particular soup is the real deal. It’s all natural flavours with daily fresh ingredients.




In addition we tasted amazing Coral Crab with Glutinous Rice, which is this season’s favorite dish, the house crispy pigeon with Oolong Tea Leaves, and a selection of yummy authentic desserts.

Above & Beyond may very well be my most favorite Cantonese restaurant in Hong Kong for the higher end market, but for low end nothing can beat Ngau Kee on Gough Street in NOHO, (which is unfortunately being kicked out due to higher rent.)

They have a house sommelier that can suggest an excellent wine pairing with your meal.




Thanks so much Mandy for your hospitality and a great dinner.

Meanwhile, every time I pass by Patrick Blanc’s green wall downstairs in the lobby and at the restaurant, GREEN, I just stop and stare in awe… for a long time.



Green Walls are Cool.

EAT Above & Beyond, Level 28 Hotel Icon, No.17 Science Museum Road, TST East, Hong Kong


Seen&Scene: Kelly Rowland + TW Steel Parties Big Time


I trust DJ Eve Speciall to always give me a bit of Editorial even when she’s on the job doing her DJ Set. 

Last month at Armani/Aqua in Hong Kong, Dutch watch brand, TW Steel, made its stunning debut in Hong Kong with the TW Steel Big Time Party, in partnership with the Global lifestyle members only social network, ELEQTThe automatic watch, TW Steel, is known for its signature steel casings and big, bold, oversized faces that are fun, urban, and luxurious. Guests partied the night away with Global Ambassador, Kelly Rowland and TW Steel CEO Jordy Cobelens, to the beats of Steel Entertainment Group’s Mitchell Niemeyer.

Check out ELEQT’s Valerie Soh in her TW STEEL.


ELEQT’s Genna Soh.


Other pals at the party, partners-in-crime, #TIMDIDDY, Cindy of CINDIDDY and IAG Yacht’s Tim Chang.


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This photo and tweet was most Re-Tweeted Tweet… around the world… ever.

US President Re-elect @BarackObama announces “Four More Years” on Twitter, and as of this post has had over 810,000 RT’s (ReTweets) and almost 295K Favorites.

For those who have been following the election, and has had NYTIMES or CNNGo on re-fresh every second, probably perceived the obvious even before President Obama’s TWEET, but for some of us… ie. Shelly Hayashi, Proprietor of General Store, HK/China’s Best Americana antique store, and Me, we guessed the win about a week in advance. Call it what you will, or call it intuition, but we then got together with Moustache’s Alex and Ellis to host Hong Kong’s only Election night celebration at Salon No. 10.

Shelly in front of the American Flag.

I was beyond ecstatic at this point.

Ellis and Alex Hard at work over what turned out to be, HK’s best Mac & Cheese.

The dress code was Americana and the entrance fee was “Pot Luck Americana” of which all the guests; Artists, Creatives, Gays, and Democrats Abroad Hong Kong… brought.

American Flag Cupcakes from Katrina.

The girls from KinderU Suzuki Academy, Monica, Allison, and Proprietor  Jennifer and all their American dessert goodies.

Which included this magnificent beauty…. what ever it was.

Shelly made Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches as well as Cheesy Sandwhiches fried on a frying pan. Delish.

In attendance were Ralph Lauren’s Gierdre as a Disneyfied tourist.

Michael clad in BYOB.

Danielle of WHITESPACE with Paul from Democrats Abroad.

Bernadette, with her Beef Chili. (Im gutted I turned vegetarian a week before this.)

Moses and his friend who was there to celebrate both Voter-Approved legalization of Gay Marriage and Marjiuana in a few key states.

With Colorado Cookies…. hmmm what are they?

Also celebrating, Katrina, Nightlife Guru Johannes Pong, and Time Out HK’s Arthur Tam.

Stars and Stripes at the hip.

At the bar… Billy boy.

Artist, Adrian Wong in my favorite herringbone American Apparel pullover.

Mac brings home the pie… appropriately from the American Club.

ChristingC, Dan, and Taiwanese popstar Katie of ROOMIE stopped by as well.

Lingzi in glorious gold.

Jason with 15squarestreet’s Louise who brought a whole package of OBAMABAUMS sold at 15squarestreet and online.

Thanks David and 15squarestreet for these OBAMABAUM, Obama Air Freshners! The guests loved them.

We ended the night re-watching the speech…

The decor by General Store at Salon No.10 was amazing. It felt like Election night in the 60s.

After the speech it was time to turn down the lights to watch some William Belli doing a Wilson Phillips drag impression about Chick-fil-A. Why? Because we CAN.

Thank you Salon No.10 Gang!



Hot Balmy Nights Call For Cool Vodka Inventions

I know the word “speakeasy” is easily spoken to describe any out-of-the-way bar destinations in this day and age, but the new tucked away bar with a fantastic outdoor deck, Wyndham on the 4th, is just a perfect example of the secret “speakeasy” trend.

To their credit, Wyndham on the 4th and its star mixologist, Tom Wood, never described the bar as such, but to a growing number of Hong Konger’s repelled by super-clubs with questionable clientele, anything “speakeasy” is actually a breath of fresh air.

ChristingC, her partner Dan, and I were recently invited by the 24hour concierge group, Quintessentially, for happy hour cocktails care of CIROC Vodka at Wyndham on the 4th and I was just impressed. The interiors were modern yet whimsical, there was space, it was clean, and most of all, the drinks that night were perfect concoctions. We all had three kinds of refreshing CIROC Vodka cocktails perfect for drinking under the starts on a warm balmy Hong Kong evening.

We all learned plenty about the history of vodka  and all its incarnations. The CIROC Brand is the first premium vodka from France to be created with wine production methods and five times distilled for that crisp fresh flavour and amazing aroma… I know… I whiffed plenty of it in the first go. 

Overall I was impressed. CIROC is also good to drink straight up or on the rocks, but I prefer it with a bit of tonic and and lime.

I’ll definitely come back to Wyndham on the 4th. It’s really a perfect getaway, and in addition, the branding and aesthetics, quite well done, was produced by Danielle Huthart at WHITESPACE Design. I had no idea until she told me on Instagram that was one of her projects. It’s great work.

Im now itching for some CIROC under the stars and on those big back-lit potted plant bar tables. The weather is starting to agree with me…

PARTY Wyndham on the 4th / DRINK CIROC Vodka 


Not Yo Mama’s Morning Brew

Last week our new blog network, Brew&Post, finally launched… and it launched in a BIG way at W Hong Kong’s WOOBAR VIP Lounge, for an intimate guest list of about 60 people, all friends and supporters of each of our blogs: theWanderlister+, SUPERWOWOMG, TOUGHLOVE.HK, Ztylistas, How I Met Your Style, and Fashion Hedonism.

Okay… Fair enough. This is not 60 people.

It’s more like 140 guests. Oh well what can you do?

Yes it was a fashion party. And yes the “fashion party” was in Hong Kong. But this was not yo Mama Tai-Tai’s Fashion Party… You get what I’m sayin’?

Above, BUZZ Concepts’ Francisco Ricafort with DJ EVE Speciall from FLY. Below Paola, designer of TANGRAM. Kim Leitzes of KIMPARKLU and Jenny.

Talk about “Branding” exercise, photographer, Jason Capobianco and VOGUE China Editor, Grace Lam, show love with stickers from SUPERWOWOMG and TOUGHLOVE.HK. This was at about 10:30PM. By this time they’ve been partying with us… for 3 HOURS. That never happens with Grace whose usually “in and out” at events. 

But then again… this was NOT your normal fashion event.

Other pics from the night… with world famous DIY Blogger, Geneva of A Pair and A Spare. Her book will be out soon, but will be making a launch first in London then all other major cities worldwide. Great job, G! Make sure to visit her at COACH on Madison Avenue (as in New York City) at this week’s FNO event!

Being up close and person(able) with Fashion One’s Thibault and Yuen Man, Designer of Magnan Tse. We THANK Fashion One for filming the Brew&Post launch! We can’t wait to see their video of the event.

Not only do we have DJ Angus Wong to thank for giving us the idea of having our launch party at WOOBAR, but his tunes entertained the crowd until the wee morning hours. (All this while being jetlagged from his most recent gig in Mexico City W Hotel! Ay Caramba!)

You can’t have an elegant fashion soiree without an elegant host to man the guest list. Thank God guests were respectful to my muse, Emily. Thank you Emily for all your hard work helping this party come together in the end!

Jason of TOUGHLOVE.HK with CNNGo’s Editor, Zoe Li. Everyone knows Zoe Li because there is NOT one day when we can go on without CNNGo.

TIME OUT HK’s scene stealers, Janice Jann and Arthur Tam. They both had a really great time!

With Adrian of LOEWE and Ms. Hippy Chic, Kitty Go from FT/China Daily. So happy they both came out to support!

Alex from Moustache with Whitney taking a bite out of Brew&Post.


Arnault from Kapok with Joe!

Creative City’s Louise Wong with THE SHALAI.

With Jane Dee from Belvedere Vodka / LVMH our Proud Sponsor for the night…

ChristingC of Fashion Hedonism.

And it just goes on…

and on… 

Below Casey of POPCORN NETWORK, Wine Guru/Electrician Dean Aslin, and #HKFashionBlogger’s Jasmine Webster with her partner, Rob.

and on…

MAJOR Thank you goes to Photographer/Blogger, Mr. Paulsta Wong for covering the event for Brew&Post that evening. PLEASE DO “LIKE” his FB Page and show this talented guy some mad support. Check out his photographs, EXCLUSIVE to the Brew&Post page here!

Also we’d like to thank the South China Morning Post for running the cool piece on us that same day in their Lifestyle Pages!

You know it’s a great party when an editor from VOGUE China tells it like it is… that your party reminded them of Fashion parties in London.

The difference between a Brew&Post party and a regular fashion party? It’s not a Product to Consumer event, it’s an “everyone in the industry” event… from the designers, to the producers, to the buyers, to the editors, to the sellers, and these days… especially the Bloggers. Fashion parties are only interesting when everyone is there to mingle with everyone from the front end to the back end and beyond. 

Where is fashion and fashion information going in the next few years? That’s the real question. How will tastes and styles be framed? How will it change? How will it adapt to changing times and demographics? To Technology? To Speed?

These are the kinds of things we’re interested in with Brew&Post. The answer is in the practice, and it will take some time.

But until then… Party.

More of my own photos from the Launch Party to come on theWanderlister+ FB Page! Stay tuned.

But Next Up…


PARTY Woobar / DRINK Belvedere / DRINK FIOL Prosecco / FOLLOW Brew&Post


Muse and Bubbles

Apologies I haven’t posted in a few days. We’ve been working overtime trying to launch the Brew&Post in Hong Kong, which means… party planning. It’s quite exciting, we’ve got proud sponsors locked in for the launch, namely W Hong Kong and WOOBAR who has graciously accepted to host our guests in the VIP Lounge, plus our drink sponsors, Belvedere Vodka and FIOL Prosecco. Electric Sekki will dress the girls for the evening, it’s turning out to be a really fantastic night. 

On top of this, I spent the whole weekend moving house into my new neighborhood in Tai Hang, the coolest enclave east of Causeway Bay and adjacent to Tin Hau. Check out for more posts soon. 

Anyway, if people have been reading my TWITTER lately, you may have noticed that I’m now looking for an Intern for theWanderlister+. Plenty of things will be changing around with the website, including format and focus in the next few months… basically general retweaking in order to push the blog forward in a new/better direction. I toyed around with some formats which did and didn’t work in the last 12 months, and now I feel like I know how the blog should proceed, especially now that it’s formally part of Brew&Post. And with all these changes, I need an intern to help me out. It’s paid, and if you’re a student, it’s great because you can get some real world experience, and have some input in how theWanderlister+ evolves.

SPEAKING of Intern, I would like to give a shout out to my new MUSE, yes… I have a new MUSE now, her name is Emily Wordsworth, she’s Christing C’s intern at the ChristingC shop and for Fashion Hedonism. She rocks. Check out these cool images of her inaugurating SCAD HK’s new Fashion Department! They were on her Tumblr blog. It’s awesome.


I don’t know where I first met Emily, but here’s a shot of her I took at the NICOPANDA / Nicola Formichetti Pop-Up at Lane Crawford this year. Completely glam in a khaki and denims. There’s actually a Pinterest Board devoted to women like her… and it’s on my Pinterest under the Wanderlgirl+. If you take a look, you get what I mean.

In real life she’s really an elegant lady and very devoted to her work with a great work ethic. IE. Her parents had Great Parenting Skills. Applause. 

Last night she joined us at SHORE at the S.NINE F/W ‘12 launch for designer Susanna Soo. She was covering the catwalk styles for Christing, because Christing and I had to rush to the Armani Prive for the launch of FIOL Prosecco in HK, our launch sponsor. Anyway if you see Emily on the street, tell her she’s my new muse. :)

Other pics from last night at S.Nine. (Apologies I don’t have actual photographs of what was on the runway… it will be on Fashion Hedonism soon.)

Rooftop Venue. It was really Hot. (Temperature wise).

This is the first time I’ve seen Menus with TV’s on it. 

The TV was playing videos of Susanna Soo designing her collection. But man, these menus must be expensive. Is that why a glass of MOET was 140HKD?! And Belvedere 1 -shot was like 98HKD??!!!

SPOTTED on the street was Camilla of MISCHA and her mom, both carrying MISCHA. Camilla in neon pink, mom in “Electric Beige”.

We moved on to Armani Prive to celebrate the launch of FIOL Prosecco with partner, Pietro and my friend, Whitney of the Gagosian Gallery. It was bottomless FIOL.

Thank GOD we got a drink sponsor to sponsor a drink we all actually LOVE. FIOL is refreshing, light, and crisp, and so easy to drink you can toast anywhere… on a yacht… or at home eating cold pizza. We’re so glad they’re finally in Hong Kong!

Whitney and the “Gallery Girls of the Gagosian”.

Me and Pietro.

Thank you Thank you Thank You.

SHOP S.Nine  / DRINK FIOL Prosecco / PARTY Shore / PARTY Armani Prive


Brew&Post; Style, Multiplied By Six. Get Ready World!

Introducing…Brew&Post! from Brew and Post on Vimeo.

By now most of you have seen me type Brew&Post so many times on this blog without really going into much detail about it. Trust me, it’s been very difficult to keep a lid on this project. But as you can see in the video above… happy to say… after months and months of planning and preparation… this week everyone in the Brew&Post blog network are now FINALLY allowed to make the big REVEAL!

Friends and readers… this is Brew&Post!

Brew&Post is a close network of tastemakers and influencers based in Asia from six different backgrounds around the world, with six stories to tell, six perspectives, and six sharp points of view when it comes to fashion, style, and design.

From left to right, we’ve got Derek Ho and Melinda Wang from ZTYLISTAS.COM!

My girl via London, who just moved to Hong Kong, Christing C. of FASHION HEDONISM!

Then to my right there’s Carmen Chan, style photographer and blogger of How I Met Your Style (HIMYS)... Image below taken at the Converse Launch at Linguini Fini. And the one after shot by Carmen in Brooklyn of Jeanette Lai… sister of our next blogger…

Denise Lai of SUPERWOWOMG! She’s our resident it-girl next door!

Last but definitely not least… our tough guy, Jason Lam, of TOUGHLOVE.HK… He seems tough, but he’s a good solid guy, a great friend, with a natural sense of true “dude” style.

And then there’s me for theWanderlister+ which makes SIX!

The video for the Brew&Post launch above was shot earlier in the summer at Hotel ICON. From all of us at Brew&Post we owe a big thank you to Hotel ICON, Hong Kong’s art based and creatively independent boutique hotel… for hosting us and letting us film the video in your wonderful spaces.

Here are some behind-the-scenes shot from my INSTAGRAM account:

We started the day with coffee and chats at The Market, designed by Terence Conran based on wet markets in Hong Kong…

Then we proceeded on over to GREEN for cupcake and more carbs, with an amazing green feature wall designed by French landscape architect, Patrick Blanc.

If you follow my Instagram, you’ll see plenty of #FOODPORN photos like the one above. NOTICE: My Instagram is NOT for Dieters.

Great times. This one a photo of me with Jason of TOUGHLOVE. I’m wearing my new shirt I got from the LEE Flagship in CWB.

And with Denise. She loathes this photo, but I think we look cute. (We’re known as the Grandpa and Grandma of the group.)

Anyway, Hotel ICON’s Mandy Soh took this shot for her Instagram. We kept using it ever since!

Follow on us Twitter @brewandpost and press "LIKE" on Facebook.

Who knew starting this style blog would enable me to meet great friends like these guys!? Feeling #Blessed about the whole venture. More to come most definitely.


Seen&Scene: Booze, Photography, Rock n’ Roll… Aiming to Hit All the Notes at WOOBAR, W Hong Kong

Gone are the Living Room days at W Hong Kong… and when I say gone I mean the cool chill bar next to the hotel’s main reception on Level 6 has been rebranded as an official WOOBAR; aimed to be the “city’s epicenter of new style, redefining the city’s nightlife scene in its’ inimitable progressive way”, according to the press sheet.

But what’s more exciting is that the WOOBAR Launch ushered in a photography exhibition titled ROCKED, featuring a selection of images by famed music photographer, Mick Rock a.k.a. The Man Who Shot the Seventies… which included the likes of David Bowie as Ziggy Startdust, Debbie Harry, Queen, Andy Warhol, and Madonna. We actually got to meet Mr. Mick at the event.

Mick below right, with David and Sharon.

The exhibition is on now until September 2012, so you have two months to still catch it.

Stephanie w/ her look alike, Debbie Harry.

Despite several snags, (ie. Mick addressing the crowd saying it’s his first time in New York City and loving it… Mick… we’re in Hong Kong… although I guess we’ll take it as a compliment)… the event went far better than I anticipated, actually drawing a crowd that was far beyond the “Tai-Tai/Banker” Scene that this hotel’s parties are generally known for… (Not that there’s anything wrong with that, #JustSaying).

My friend, W Hotel Creative Director, DJ Angus Wong brought in the cool hipster/fashion crowd tonight, which is a nice change for the hotel.

The party also had its share of local gay mafia (you cant have an epic party without the gays) and you know… your finance crowd and some photograph-ready Hong Kong celebs.

It was all a spectacle which included special guest indie punk band from Beijing, Queen Sea Big Shark… which is a great move on W Hong Kong’s part to be able to fly them in and perform. Their session just rocked the house… again different for the hotel… unexpected even. I loved it.

Overall it was a great show/party for W Hong Kong, and a great attempt to make the hotel a Destination hotel. It reached out to the right people that night and it was good to see some of my crowd of friends party there for a change.

Popcorn Network’s, Casey with his pal John Metcalf from Demand Analytics.

Dawn Austin with Wandergirl, Cheryl Rodriguez.

Gierdre giving me the “Face”.

W Hong Kong’s DJ Miss Yellow and Brew&Post Blogger, Carmen Chan.

Harry Potter is angry.

Bromance. Daniel of Hungry Hong Kong and Wanderboy, Andrew.

Brew&Post Blogger, Jason of TOUGHLOVE.HK and my sis, Bernadette.

With Vivian Chen, Scene and Style editor of South China Morning Post.

My friend Jade with her playdate.

DJ Angus Wong vs. DJ Lincoln Medley from New York City, both from the inaugural 2011 W Hotels DJ Lab which began last year in Ibiza and celebrated its second year this year in Bali.

DRESSMEBLOG and ELLE HK Blogger, Jasmine Webster.

Gents of Moustache, Alex and Ellis, who just returned from a fabulously successful pop-up launch of their brand in Tokyo!

Spotted, Mr. Henry Temple.

CIPHER’s Gregg whom I just met that night for the first time.

Natasha Kaye Whiffin with Designer, Johnson Chan.

The party REALLY rocked, I have to admit… and not just because Mick Rock hosted it. (Okay you dont have to laugh.)

And my mates. All Brew&Post Bloggers (without Carmen and Melinda Wang and Derek Ho unfortunately.)

What a night.



Thanks so much to Angus who gifted me with this autographed copy of the exhibition’s booklet from Mick Rock!

This one is my favorite picture of Madonna before she was English and just a mere “Jersey Girl”.

The ROCKED exhibit will be open to the public until the end of September 2012. ROCKED will then travel to W Hotels across Asia. For updated information on the ROCKED tour, please check out


High Summer Pop Up Shop. Move Fashion, Forward.

For two days this week starting Wednesday, June 20th until Thursday, June 21st, Hong Kong’s hit independent brands and creatives from, Magnan & Tse, MISCHA, niin, Sabina Swims, squarestreet, and TANGRAM will be showcasing their goods via a hot summer pop-up located in the middle of Central. The pop-up is located in the new MISCHA and Magnan & Tse Showroom of which was inaugurated a month ago via Magnan & Tse launch party.

Yuen Man Tse, Magnan & Tse’s designer below with the Black Renaissance’s Daniel Kong at the Magnan & Tse Launch.

SPOTTED: My longtime pal, Juan, now launching a Spanish private kitchen. (He was catering the event.)

From my @theWanderlister INSTAGRAM Page… a photo of a Magnan & Tse Air Surface Dress.

Meanwhile I SPOTTED myself with Yuen Man of a photo Paulsta Wong took at the event which was published in the South China Morning Post. Uber Cool!

On the other side of Wyndham Street… we saw a new collection of clutches by MISCHA only available through ChristingC’s shop or online through ChristingC.Com.

Treat yourself.

High Summer Pop Up Shop w/ MISCHA, Magnan & Tse, TANGRAM, niin, Sabina Swims, Square Street / Wednesday June 20th to Thursday June 21st, 2012 / Room 306/7, Yu Yuet Building, 43-55 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong