DETAILS Magazine Says, Filipino Cuisine is Next and Now.



The brains behind Pirate Kitchen HK were absolutely correct, Filipino “Pinoy” food is the next big thing. Was flipping through the pages of DETAILS Magazine’s September 2013 issue when these two pages all about “Filipino Cuisine” and “What we need to know” popped up. Apparently, what we need to know, is that Filipino food is completely unique, but influenced by its colonizers and guests; Malaysians, Polynesians, Hispanic (Spain and Mexico), Chinese, and American. Of course I know all this because I grew up on Filipino Food (with a Filipino Belly as a result). 

Below Tim, ChristingC, and Cindiddy enjoy a Pinoy food pop up.



Pirate Kitchen HK aside, we even have new restaurants like Fatty Crab HK serving up some Filipino inspired dishes within their mostly Southeast Asian inspired menu. And I expect more to come in the next few months. 

The DETAILS article lists a few places, like HAPA SF in San Franssico, the Jeepney Gastropub and the Pig and Khao in New York City as the go-to destinations for Filipino Food these days. They also let us know what you can expect from things labeled “Banana Ketchup”, “Lumpia”, “Sizzling Sisg”, and “Tinapa”.

As my friends say… Astig! and Sarap! (Rock On and Tasty)

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#theWanderlist: Duddell’s Elevates The Cantonese Meal as a Cultural Experience






While the bar-restaurant-for-members combination has always been key to success in the city (ie. Dragon-i, KEE, Boujis, etc), a few have made “elegance”, “culture”, “art”, and “heritage”, as an F+B concept’s main characteristics. Duddell’s, the brainchild of founders Alan Lo, Paulo Pong, and Yenn Wong, located on Level 3 of the Shanghai Tang Mansion on 1 Duddell Street, gets at the cool factor by making sure it is the go-to destination for traditional Cantonese fare (yes regression is progression for most kids these days), and by surrounding the clientele with walls of curated art  and cultural programming. The night I had my media tasting, we spent the first hour on Duddell’s lush Garden Terrace during one of it’s “Plastic Cups Nights”; an after work drinks programme to attract Hong Kong’s creative network with 40 HKD drinks to meet and greet under the stars.

But even without a “Plastic Cups Night” its a good idea to step out here and order a signature cocktail like the Gong Bi Mary, to just wet the palate.


The cantonese meal at Duddell’s, prepared by the culinary team of Executive Chef Siu Hin Chi of the Michelin starred T’ang Court, is completely focused on the classics, which is good for me! While there’s something on the menu for Hong Kong’s young foodies and old grannies alike, I myself feel like I’ve had a re-education on the the cuisine’s true flavours.

Even if I’ve fallen out of love of Cantonese food  at several times, I feel romanced anew by the a new taste from the exact same dishes i’ve had everywhere else. Several times I would take a bite out of the Crispy Suckling Pig, the Barbecued Pork with Honey, and the Crispy Salted Chicken, and wondered out loud if this is what these dishes were supposed to taste like all along… and not like the ones i’ve been tasting on the street.


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#theWanderlist: Thai Street is Chachawan Chic in SOHO





This Saturday was a rare rain-free day in Hong Kong, and a good thing too because I was so excited to actually have a night out planned with friends for once… something I rarely get to do these days because the wet and the heat has left me so lazy. 

What made Saturday different was that earlier in the week I had a food tasting at Duddell’s when the proprietor, Alan Lo, who sat at a table next to mine, told me that he was busy helping restaurateur Yenn Wong, open up her next amazing project, Chachawan, a Thai Isaan-style resto and bar in SOHO on Hollywood Road… and that if I wanted to I can give it a try with a friend! I love Thai food so of course I said yes. (I’ve been to Bangkok around 6 times already this year alone.)

Chachawan will make Yenn Wong’s 4th “IT” dining destination in the city after 208 Duecento Otto next door, my favorite Spanish place 22 Ships in Wanchai, and of course Duddell’s. 


What I love about all of Yenn’s restaurants is that there’s always a certain sensibility to a menu’s offerings via a special unique twist on the flavours which define each dish. What I mean is that while you can recall the source (in this case Thai style street eats) the food is prepared in a very non-greasy way (mostly grilled) and not overcooked or overly salty, sour, or spicy, so that you can still taste the freshness of the meats, seafood, and veggies. And yes i’m on a health kick at the moment, and for the most part… my personal trainer would definitely approve of the food choices here!

I believe that the food at Chachawan can literally compete as a destination restaurant in Bangkok it’s that authentic. Plenty of this praise also goes to Chef Adam Cliff (pictured below with Dan), who was a protege of Chef David Thompson of Nahm London and Bangkok and who comes to us in Hong Kong via Kha in Singapore.


Lemongrass Caipirinha.


Papaya Salad with Crispy Pork.


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#theWanderlist: Metropolitain, Mon Amour

(*WARNING* The post you are about to read will be full of Cliches describing the food… and amazing foodporn photos. This is because I REALLY love this new French Restaurant and i’m typing from my stomach and not from my brain.)








Two weeks ago, when I found Metropolitain Bistrot in Sai Ying Pun via a tasting dinner (press) with BrewAndPost pals Daniel, Christing C, and K Wu… I can safely say… I fell in love with country style French fare for the first time (that I can remember). Then three days later I came back (thats twice within the same week), with my other pals DJ Angus and Jade for her “Good Bye Hong Kong” dinner I hosted, ie. private non-press, at my request because I enjoyed it so much the first time around!

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Seen&Scene: Striding In Stubbs & Wootton Slippers With Lane Crawford BLITZ


Check it out. This week, Lane Crawford’s collaborative arm, BLITZ, just received a whole shipment of the lastest and hottest selection of Men’s and Women’s Slippers (of the Prince Albert variety), from preppy American shoe brand, Stubbs & Wootton. Founded 20 years ago by Percy Steinhart, the brand is now getting revved up for quite a global presence, even though the shoe has only been available in the brand’s own stores in New York City and Palm Beach, as well as a few select online outlets like Mr. Porter and J.Crew.

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#Wanderlist: South American Summer, Socialito Style


When in Hong Kong for Summer 2013, you’ve got to check out Socialito’s new Summer menu composed of foods in Tapas style portions  and inspired by dishes from countries south of the US-Mexican border.

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A Mad Man’s New Watering Hole at the Honi Honi Tiki Cocktail Lounge


Here’s something different for urban Hong Kongites, and for my blog… it’s a new Tiki Lounge in the center of the city and let me tell you, it’s fun, fresh, sexy, and refreshing all at once. In my view the newly minted Honi Honi Tiki Cocktail Lounge is a welcome addition to this often “too serious” city that needs to teach it’s urban dwellers to have fun and relax and that good afterwork cocktail drinks can be had in cool places beyond the super pretentious members-only bars or the token Karaoke destination.

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Back To Black

Brew&Post was recently invited by PUMA to check out the A/W 2012 Collections for The Black Label brand at the W Hotel Hong Kong featuring new looks from longtime collaborators, Alexander McQueen, Miharayasuhiro, and Hussein Chalayan.


This season, the looks by Chalayan (a fashion designer inspired by Architecture and its theoretic frameworks), looks towards Outer Space as a narrative. Everything from the construction, streamlined details, and choice of fabric, aims at increasing functionality for this winter, while nodding to science fiction influences. The Space Jackets are completely water repellent, yet breathable and lightweight so you dont ever feel too sweaty and hot.

Other styles by Chalayan include this quirky shoe called the Urban Swift which was also on display, but I believe belongs to last season. It’s an update on PUMA’s own iconic Clyde shoe.

Meanwhile the McQueen collaborations with PUMA never ever disappoints.

This year, the non-seasonal annual collaborations with the House of McQueen reflect a direction that’s inspired by  the pomp and pageantry of “English medieval warfare”. Via this concept, the shoes are sometimes metallic, sometimes accented, and other times layered with different colors to represent “tattered flags” which reflect team identity in war.

The designs are completely new inventions, but one can’t help but recall iconic paintings of generals in snowy battlefields when we see a shoe like the one above for example.

Overall we had a great time checking out the collection at the W Hotel. We were also there to suss out the WOOBAR venue for the Brew&Post Launch Party.

Im wearing a PUMA by Hussein Chalayan Polo Shirt and shoes by PUMA for Alexander McQueen. The cobalt slacks are by the GAP.

Love these shoes and the electric yellow sole! I had to pair it with my hot pink Jack Wills Socks!

Most of the gang went…

Denise and Jason.

As well as ChristingC. who attended the preview with her brother, Tim.

We met Charlie from Taipei for the first time, she’s W Hotel Hongkong’s newest addition. She’s the Whenever Whatever Wherever concierge who’s on staff to help all W guests with whatever, wherever… whenever.

We also said “hi” to DJ Has Sidik, the Artistic Director of W Hotel Singapore who was in town to play one of the hotel’s pool parties. Next to him is the F&B Director, Simon Cote, without him our launch would not ever have gotten off the ground running.

We also met up Adrian Toy, Head of Marketing for PUMA Asia Pacific, and TVB Celeb, Matthew Ko, very nice guy.

My girl Teresa from PUMA Asia Pacific was there as well to say hi. (Thanks Cecile for introducing us.)

Tim was using his new 500HKD Canon camera… which only uses film. I wonder how the photos turned out.

Everyone was playing with it.

I on the other hand… wanted to run off with this hot PUMA Bike. I couldn’t go very far since both wheels were busted. Oh well. Nice try.

Thanks PUMA for my PUMA Black Label Gear! Thanks to Denise for photos!

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Hot Balmy Nights Call For Cool Vodka Inventions

I know the word “speakeasy” is easily spoken to describe any out-of-the-way bar destinations in this day and age, but the new tucked away bar with a fantastic outdoor deck, Wyndham on the 4th, is just a perfect example of the secret “speakeasy” trend.

To their credit, Wyndham on the 4th and its star mixologist, Tom Wood, never described the bar as such, but to a growing number of Hong Konger’s repelled by super-clubs with questionable clientele, anything “speakeasy” is actually a breath of fresh air.

ChristingC, her partner Dan, and I were recently invited by the 24hour concierge group, Quintessentially, for happy hour cocktails care of CIROC Vodka at Wyndham on the 4th and I was just impressed. The interiors were modern yet whimsical, there was space, it was clean, and most of all, the drinks that night were perfect concoctions. We all had three kinds of refreshing CIROC Vodka cocktails perfect for drinking under the starts on a warm balmy Hong Kong evening.

We all learned plenty about the history of vodka  and all its incarnations. The CIROC Brand is the first premium vodka from France to be created with wine production methods and five times distilled for that crisp fresh flavour and amazing aroma… I know… I whiffed plenty of it in the first go. 

Overall I was impressed. CIROC is also good to drink straight up or on the rocks, but I prefer it with a bit of tonic and and lime.

I’ll definitely come back to Wyndham on the 4th. It’s really a perfect getaway, and in addition, the branding and aesthetics, quite well done, was produced by Danielle Huthart at WHITESPACE Design. I had no idea until she told me on Instagram that was one of her projects. It’s great work.

Im now itching for some CIROC under the stars and on those big back-lit potted plant bar tables. The weather is starting to agree with me…

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Not Yo Mama’s Morning Brew

Last week our new blog network, Brew&Post, finally launched… and it launched in a BIG way at W Hong Kong’s WOOBAR VIP Lounge, for an intimate guest list of about 60 people, all friends and supporters of each of our blogs: theWanderlister+, SUPERWOWOMG, TOUGHLOVE.HK, Ztylistas, How I Met Your Style, and Fashion Hedonism.

Okay… Fair enough. This is not 60 people.

It’s more like 140 guests. Oh well what can you do?

Yes it was a fashion party. And yes the “fashion party” was in Hong Kong. But this was not yo Mama Tai-Tai’s Fashion Party… You get what I’m sayin’?

Above, BUZZ Concepts’ Francisco Ricafort with DJ EVE Speciall from FLY. Below Paola, designer of TANGRAM. Kim Leitzes of KIMPARKLU and Jenny.

Talk about “Branding” exercise, photographer, Jason Capobianco and VOGUE China Editor, Grace Lam, show love with stickers from SUPERWOWOMG and TOUGHLOVE.HK. This was at about 10:30PM. By this time they’ve been partying with us… for 3 HOURS. That never happens with Grace whose usually “in and out” at events. 

But then again… this was NOT your normal fashion event.

Other pics from the night… with world famous DIY Blogger, Geneva of A Pair and A Spare. Her book will be out soon, but will be making a launch first in London then all other major cities worldwide. Great job, G! Make sure to visit her at COACH on Madison Avenue (as in New York City) at this week’s FNO event!

Being up close and person(able) with Fashion One’s Thibault and Yuen Man, Designer of Magnan Tse. We THANK Fashion One for filming the Brew&Post launch! We can’t wait to see their video of the event.

Not only do we have DJ Angus Wong to thank for giving us the idea of having our launch party at WOOBAR, but his tunes entertained the crowd until the wee morning hours. (All this while being jetlagged from his most recent gig in Mexico City W Hotel! Ay Caramba!)

You can’t have an elegant fashion soiree without an elegant host to man the guest list. Thank God guests were respectful to my muse, Emily. Thank you Emily for all your hard work helping this party come together in the end!

Jason of TOUGHLOVE.HK with CNNGo’s Editor, Zoe Li. Everyone knows Zoe Li because there is NOT one day when we can go on without CNNGo.

TIME OUT HK’s scene stealers, Janice Jann and Arthur Tam. They both had a really great time!

With Adrian of LOEWE and Ms. Hippy Chic, Kitty Go from FT/China Daily. So happy they both came out to support!

Alex from Moustache with Whitney taking a bite out of Brew&Post.


Arnault from Kapok with Joe!

Creative City’s Louise Wong with THE SHALAI.

With Jane Dee from Belvedere Vodka / LVMH our Proud Sponsor for the night…

ChristingC of Fashion Hedonism.

And it just goes on…

and on… 

Below Casey of POPCORN NETWORK, Wine Guru/Electrician Dean Aslin, and #HKFashionBlogger’s Jasmine Webster with her partner, Rob.

and on…

MAJOR Thank you goes to Photographer/Blogger, Mr. Paulsta Wong for covering the event for Brew&Post that evening. PLEASE DO “LIKE” his FB Page and show this talented guy some mad support. Check out his photographs, EXCLUSIVE to the Brew&Post page here!

Also we’d like to thank the South China Morning Post for running the cool piece on us that same day in their Lifestyle Pages!

You know it’s a great party when an editor from VOGUE China tells it like it is… that your party reminded them of Fashion parties in London.

The difference between a Brew&Post party and a regular fashion party? It’s not a Product to Consumer event, it’s an “everyone in the industry” event… from the designers, to the producers, to the buyers, to the editors, to the sellers, and these days… especially the Bloggers. Fashion parties are only interesting when everyone is there to mingle with everyone from the front end to the back end and beyond. 

Where is fashion and fashion information going in the next few years? That’s the real question. How will tastes and styles be framed? How will it change? How will it adapt to changing times and demographics? To Technology? To Speed?

These are the kinds of things we’re interested in with Brew&Post. The answer is in the practice, and it will take some time.

But until then… Party.

More of my own photos from the Launch Party to come on theWanderlister+ FB Page! Stay tuned.

But Next Up…


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