Finding Beijing’s WUHAO, And Loving It


I was supposed to blog about this last year during my trip to Beijing with CNNGo CNN Travel, but with everything happening at the end of the year, and with the sheer density of all the other posts I had to do for CNN, this post about Beijing’s most fantastic fashion exhibition space, WUHAO, just kept being pushed back.


Well, Spring 2013 is here, and I was reminded by an email from WUHAO and its founder, Isabelle Pascal-Pons, that they are now open and ready for business in the year of the Water Snake. 


Actually it was Brew&Post pals, Jason and Denise, who introduced me to the studio. Their friend, Vincent, came along to check it out with us as well. If you already read my Beijing post on the Nanluoguxiang Hutong, you can get a sense that Beijing has full of interesting surprises unique to the city in terms of shopping and cultural destination offerings. Amazing bars, cafes, boutiques, and gift shops line this historic commercial corridor, and are preserved within low single story courtyard structures.


It’s within this context that WUHAO is home. No signage. No visible marking. If you go to WUHAO, you are here because you know what they offer and you know exactly what lies behind the red door.

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A Sorta Fairytale With You

Fantastical Taiwanese-American illustrator/artist, James Jean, was in town recently to promote his new line of Women’s jewelry and accessories, OVM.

JJ (James Jean) x JJ at Library Cafe, October 25th, 2012. I was trying to show him how to sketch over our picture on my new Samsung Galaxy Note 2. (via theW+ Instagram)

For comic book geek fans out, James began his career at DC Comics illustrating almost 100 covers for the acclaimed graphic series, Fables, a comic based on the dysfunctional lives of our beloved Fairy Tale characters from Disney who has since grown up as adults living in New York City. Of course, I’m a big comic book geek myself so i’m an extremely huge fan.

No so little Red Riding Hood. (via SCENE360)

Lane Crawford’s BLITZ is exclusively carrying the OVM line online and in-store. But the Lane Crawford location in Harbour City has something extra special… it’s got the James Jean touch.

Made especially as a special project for the store, James spent a few days illustrating a new concept about a fairy nymph named, Wellym (Velum) who has spent many lifetimes trying to make a home out of a glass box in the forest. This glass box is the quintessential BLITZ gallery space in the middle of the store, and the character is depicted in white brush strokes encasing the box.

In true James Jean fashion, the composition of the works reflects his constant use of a layering of characters over multiple backdrops. BLITZ’s glass box was a perfect canvas for lines and text float freely over scarves, gifts, transparent plastic bags, and jewelry.

A few product shots… The Bone Necklace in Blue.

The Butterfly Bangle.

Butterfly Pierce Earrings.

Butterfly Ring.

The Mother and Child Pierce.

Weep Rings.

The Brew&Post team, photographer Carmen Chan and graphic designer Denise Lai were on hand to help with the video.

Check out the video here.

SHOP James Jean OVM / ARTIST James Jean Online


Block Partying With Aaron Levine at The Men’s Shop

The influence of Aaron Levine, Club Monaco’s new VP of Men’s Design, is evident when walking into The Men’s Shop on St. Francis Street. Fresh off his stint as Head Designer at Jack Spade (he spotted my own JS Green Anchor wallet as I was rummaging for my business card), Levine has so far steered the brand’s menswear signature look towards a more rugged urbanism, and away from the ultra-clean European mod “yacht club” look which has defined Club Monaco for the last few years.

While our interview was mostly done by email, I was able to meet him in person when he was here in town at the Men’s Shop launch, and overall I found him to be a really cool, chill, and all-American “Dude”. I didn’t know what to expect, but it was refreshing that Aaron was designing fashionable clothes for men like him… those who are looking to raise the bar of their wardrobe a few notches without looking down right silly doing it. 

His look? I would call it “Urban Cool”, and his on-going collaboration with buddy blogger, Michael Williams, of A Continuous Lean, helps steer the directive of Club Monaco’s new Menswear collection, while at the same time supporting and utilizing local American textile industries via the Made in USA label.

In regards to working with Michael Williams, and incorporating theWanderlister+ for the HK launch of the Men’s Shop, I asked him about his thoughts on Style Bloggers in general. “The great thing about bloggers is their ability to provide a unique perspective and voice to individuals of varying interests, and each with their own style.” Phew, that’s a good answer from Levine, “The immediacy of what bloggers do is really great; the quick feedback and awareness that they generate helps give fashion a good energy.” That said, I then asked Williams who his dream collaboration would be with.  His answer? “Caroll Shelby”, an American automotive designer and race car driver. Nice one.

The other questions I asked were pretty straightforward. Favorite City? “New York.” Best Advice for Men in terms of personal Style? “Be Yourself.” The one most important item in every men’s wardrobe? “A decent watch.”

Going back to Michael Williams, it’s evident this relationship has really helped define the menswear portion of the brand towards clearly a more “Americana” look, which is something Club Monaco is banking on would be a draw, especially in Asia, where consumers are always looking out for new styles and looks different than what is offered here. “We wanted to create iconic staples like button-down shirts and suits and ties.” Says Levine, “This season we added in denim and we will continue to layer products in. It’s been a cool process and we are really proud of all the small communities in which we have helped support through this Made in USA collection.”

Club Monaco is doing something new, I’ve realized. They’re now starting to bring their designers front-and-center, to differentiate their brand from another by introducing the team behind what we purchase, which as a creative myself, I think is a good thing. So I asked him how he feels about getting to where he is at now from where he’s been. “It’s good to be in a position to dress so many people all over the world,” he says, “There’s a plaque on the platform of a train station in Milan that says: Every step I have taken in my life has led me here, now. That’s how I feel.”

So in the end of the day, what is the true secret to Happiness according to Aaron Levine? “I truly feel that honesty and balance are the true secrets to happiness. Balance at home, fulfillment at work, and down time with people close to you all lead to a harmonious lifestyle.” We couldn’t agree more. Thanks Aaron for visiting us in Hong Kong and interviewing with theWanderlister+ 


The Men’s Shop by Club Monaco launched in HK via a “New York” style block party on St. Francis Street, worthy of the Lower East Side. The party was complete with two fashion shows (Street and Casual looks), a Taco Stand, and an NYC Yellow Cab with bottles of beer and brown bags in the trunk for all guests. 

On Deck were the Sandstroms, Anthony and Jocelyn Luko, all clad in CM. They say Hi!

First guests to arrive is LOCALIIZ and DIY Blogger, Vanessa Lawson, with Sassy Hong Kong’s Party Gal, photographer, Sabrina Sikora, channeling Menswear homage.

Vanessa and Sabrina shows us their latest accessories.

Speaking of stylish peeps, I spotted party guest, Alastair from New Zealand looking very dapper.

He was wearing a very cool pocket square from Crane Brothers, a New Zealand tailor with shops in Auckland and Wellington, specializing in high quality made to measure and bespoke suits. The lapel pin is a silver fern, one of New Zealands national emblems. It was purchased in a vintage shop in Wellington.’s Boris says hi as well.

Inside we spotted STYLECAB’s Charlotte Felix O’Connor.

The dynamic duo, Francis and DJ Eve Speciall, who celebrated her birthday this past week. Nice stache, Eve.

The gayest gay boy in Asia, James Gannaban snapping away for The Hyperactive Gay Boy blog.

The gents of MOUSTACHE and Salon No.10, Alex and Ellis.

Next door at KAPOK, we found Baptiste hanging around, channeling the 90’s.

Taco Stand.

Hello JASON!

Beer in the trunk.

Mister Jun Kung, a Club Monaco Tastemaker this fall.

We REALLY loved that the were making free personalized leather luggage tags for guests in the store.

The whole setup was complete. I wish they did this everyday.

Thanks for feeding me.

Jason, Denise, and her sister Sha and I finished the night at Simply Life next door at LAB with burgers. It must have been the whole American thing. I needed more American food. I had a Chicken Burger with a slice of Brie on top with cajun fries.

Time to model. My blogger friends call this “Outfit Posting”.

Although I really JUST cant take it seriously.

Haha. This is a football stance. I was in an “American” mood. 

Bag from Cambridge Satchel. Shirt, Navy Blue w/ White Polkadot Jacket, and Striped Pocket square from Club Monaco this Fall 2012. Jeans from Moustache. Shoes from Cole Haan.

SHOP The Men’s Shop, Shop 4B, Upper GF, Bo Fung Mansions, No. 1-4 St. Francis Yard, Wanchai / EAT Simply Life

CLUB MONACO is a BRAND PARTNER of theWanderlister+ and BrewandPost.


Back To Black

Brew&Post was recently invited by PUMA to check out the A/W 2012 Collections for The Black Label brand at the W Hotel Hong Kong featuring new looks from longtime collaborators, Alexander McQueen, Miharayasuhiro, and Hussein Chalayan.


This season, the looks by Chalayan (a fashion designer inspired by Architecture and its theoretic frameworks), looks towards Outer Space as a narrative. Everything from the construction, streamlined details, and choice of fabric, aims at increasing functionality for this winter, while nodding to science fiction influences. The Space Jackets are completely water repellent, yet breathable and lightweight so you dont ever feel too sweaty and hot.

Other styles by Chalayan include this quirky shoe called the Urban Swift which was also on display, but I believe belongs to last season. It’s an update on PUMA’s own iconic Clyde shoe.

Meanwhile the McQueen collaborations with PUMA never ever disappoints.

This year, the non-seasonal annual collaborations with the House of McQueen reflect a direction that’s inspired by  the pomp and pageantry of “English medieval warfare”. Via this concept, the shoes are sometimes metallic, sometimes accented, and other times layered with different colors to represent “tattered flags” which reflect team identity in war.

The designs are completely new inventions, but one can’t help but recall iconic paintings of generals in snowy battlefields when we see a shoe like the one above for example.

Overall we had a great time checking out the collection at the W Hotel. We were also there to suss out the WOOBAR venue for the Brew&Post Launch Party.

Im wearing a PUMA by Hussein Chalayan Polo Shirt and shoes by PUMA for Alexander McQueen. The cobalt slacks are by the GAP.

Love these shoes and the electric yellow sole! I had to pair it with my hot pink Jack Wills Socks!

Most of the gang went…

Denise and Jason.

As well as ChristingC. who attended the preview with her brother, Tim.

We met Charlie from Taipei for the first time, she’s W Hotel Hongkong’s newest addition. She’s the Whenever Whatever Wherever concierge who’s on staff to help all W guests with whatever, wherever… whenever.

We also said “hi” to DJ Has Sidik, the Artistic Director of W Hotel Singapore who was in town to play one of the hotel’s pool parties. Next to him is the F&B Director, Simon Cote, without him our launch would not ever have gotten off the ground running.

We also met up Adrian Toy, Head of Marketing for PUMA Asia Pacific, and TVB Celeb, Matthew Ko, very nice guy.

My girl Teresa from PUMA Asia Pacific was there as well to say hi. (Thanks Cecile for introducing us.)

Tim was using his new 500HKD Canon camera… which only uses film. I wonder how the photos turned out.

Everyone was playing with it.

I on the other hand… wanted to run off with this hot PUMA Bike. I couldn’t go very far since both wheels were busted. Oh well. Nice try.

Thanks PUMA for my PUMA Black Label Gear! Thanks to Denise for photos!

WEAR PUMA Black Label / FOLLOW PUMA on Weibo / LIKE PUMA on Facebook / STAY W Hotel Hong Kong / PARTY Woobar


It’s Actually Easy Being Green

Skipping leaving Hong Kong, and opting to stay in the city to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival weekend was a consideration mine to finally just chill out for a staycation and just enjoy the festivities surrounding the Chinese version of an annual “Thanksgiving” or “Full Moon Harvest”, celebrated by different cultures and countries around the world in one way or another. 

The other consideration was financial. I needed to save money and leaving Hong Kong around this time of year just cost too much… ie. a roundtrip flight to Bangkok from HK was going up to about 6000HKD a ticket. 

Hellz no.

Good news is, I get to finally see the Tai Hang Fire Dragon for the first time, as well as the Victoria Park Bamboo Lanterns (more on these in later posts), and on top of that, Janice Leung of the E_Ting Food Blog, and Vince Poon of Dry Soda, have both unraveled Island East Markets this past weekend! Hong Kong’s first organic green, fresh food, and arts and crafts Weekend Market for everyone in. 

Happy Happy Joy Joy!  

This is me pushing my baby’s cart clad in GREEN GREEN GREEN in honor of the occasion. Ok this is not my baby, this is someone else’s baby I was borrowing for the photo. My nickname in Brew&Post is Poppa J.

I’m wearing an iPhone necklace by 15squarestreet, Tyvek shoes by Civic Duty, and bag by Homegrown Foods, who also participated in the market.

With me were my Melbournite gal pals, Jade and Katrina.

Both girls went shopping a bit at Paola’s Tangram booth for her signature Bonbon necklaces.

Everyone was there, including Ignacio of Tangram, who was helping Paola at the stand and we also spotted Lindsay from Yardbird as well.

These Bonbons are really cool. :)

There was no way I was going to walk around without my morning cup of joe. Thank goodness Jehan’s Chaiwanese was front and center.

Three coffees took about 10-15 minutes to make.

It was a slow roast process, sifted, and then steeped in hot water, then dripped carefully into our cups to keep that fresh aroma and flavour from organic beans. It was worth the wait.

In the meanwhile, we were treated to samples of Chaiwanese Homemade organic shitake mushroom soup. It was a dream.

Also making a debut, Chef Mai’s Little Bao, which was by far the most popular destination of the day for their Spicy Chicken, Veggie, and Pork Baos which pretty much sold out very fast.

Grace under pressure.

The Tai Tai Pies Team was there in full force to sell everything from Full on homemade pies, to bite size versions, to cookies, cakes and more. Anything Carb, they were ready!

We spotted the “shady” Brew&Post team of Denise, Jason, and Auntie Susan.

Vogue China’s, Grace Lam and photographer, Jason C, showing us what Market-chic is supposed to be.

The darling Wordsworth Sisters, Samantha and my muse, Emily.

Artist, Peter Yuill, supporting the team at Nappahead. The Vintage clothing shop that does good by giving proceeds of sales to charities in the city.

We stopped by to say hi to mommy blogger, Rita, and foodie blogger, Jason, proprietor of My Fashion Birdcage, a vintage fashion boutique!

Also spotted, Wilson of WOMGUIDE and Gary of Joie de Vivre.

Island East Market’s Vince and Lane Crawford’s, Eames Wan.

Time to Celebrate!

Island East Markets is sponsored by Swire Properties, Miele, Le Creuset, Entendre Studies, and the WOM Guide. The market will be operating on September 30th, October 7th, October 14th, and October 21st. Your support will make or break future ventures and initiatives such as these.

SHOP Island East Markets, Taikoo Place, Island East, Quarry Bay MTR Exit A


Seen&Scene: Joel Morrison Steels Hong Kong at Gagosian

Joel Morrison is a young and dynamic American artist who was born in Seattle in the late 70’s and was educated in English Literature and Sculpture. His education and formal training in classical liberal arts programs in the States may have had something to do with his use of “sources” in the creation of a various interesting compositions that exist in their own world as a product of references.

That said there is a line amongst his work, and that line is a play on art history in general. The work is fun, precise, wonderful, and literally polished all at once… for the sculptures in silver stainless steel that is. We check out his first exhibition in Hong Kong via the Gagosian Gallery in Hong Kong which runs from now to November 2012.

This was my favorite work… an bust of woman with a currently in-vogue turban made of Meat Tenderizers (2012). (The Turban look is in vogue… meat tenderizers… not so much.)

Below is a work titled, Vic (2011), an updated edition of an earlier studies in various sizes originally titled Big Jaws (2008) and Romeo (2008). The teeth are made of bullets.

Denise was impressed. And Ken was impressed by Denise being impressed.

This next work has various versions…

Photographed above is The Reaganomic Youth (2011). But another version of it in the Gagosian collection is titled Weather balloon Trapped in Shopping Cart (2009), which is a better explanation of what this thing is.

Below, Pop Defekte (2011) in Stainless Steel.

Love. So fashyon.

Much has been written about Tomb (2012) below, a playful homage to Frank Stella’s Getty Tomb (1959). While Stella’s original work dismisses form, Morrison implies the possibility of a body in motion via the use of the cloth’s striped patterns and drapes. Heck, it almost looks like a t-shirt.

Above, Corner Piece in a Cargo Blanket (2012). The other works in the show is a series of “drawings” in the Morrison style… sculpture. While Morrison relies on skin and volume to create fine compositions for his stainless steel series, with the drawings Morrison only has one dynamic line in which to articulate any sort of form or volumetric gesture. 

Met Wanderlister+ readers that night, Marc and Timothy. Very dapper gents.

AND introducing Ken Wu, the other half of How I Met Your Style with Carmen Chan… and the Brew&Post Blog Network’s newest member.

Last work.

ART Joel Morrison at the Gagosian Hong Kong


Not Yo Mama’s Morning Brew

Last week our new blog network, Brew&Post, finally launched… and it launched in a BIG way at W Hong Kong’s WOOBAR VIP Lounge, for an intimate guest list of about 60 people, all friends and supporters of each of our blogs: theWanderlister+, SUPERWOWOMG, TOUGHLOVE.HK, Ztylistas, How I Met Your Style, and Fashion Hedonism.

Okay… Fair enough. This is not 60 people.

It’s more like 140 guests. Oh well what can you do?

Yes it was a fashion party. And yes the “fashion party” was in Hong Kong. But this was not yo Mama Tai-Tai’s Fashion Party… You get what I’m sayin’?

Above, BUZZ Concepts’ Francisco Ricafort with DJ EVE Speciall from FLY. Below Paola, designer of TANGRAM. Kim Leitzes of KIMPARKLU and Jenny.

Talk about “Branding” exercise, photographer, Jason Capobianco and VOGUE China Editor, Grace Lam, show love with stickers from SUPERWOWOMG and TOUGHLOVE.HK. This was at about 10:30PM. By this time they’ve been partying with us… for 3 HOURS. That never happens with Grace whose usually “in and out” at events. 

But then again… this was NOT your normal fashion event.

Other pics from the night… with world famous DIY Blogger, Geneva of A Pair and A Spare. Her book will be out soon, but will be making a launch first in London then all other major cities worldwide. Great job, G! Make sure to visit her at COACH on Madison Avenue (as in New York City) at this week’s FNO event!

Being up close and person(able) with Fashion One’s Thibault and Yuen Man, Designer of Magnan Tse. We THANK Fashion One for filming the Brew&Post launch! We can’t wait to see their video of the event.

Not only do we have DJ Angus Wong to thank for giving us the idea of having our launch party at WOOBAR, but his tunes entertained the crowd until the wee morning hours. (All this while being jetlagged from his most recent gig in Mexico City W Hotel! Ay Caramba!)

You can’t have an elegant fashion soiree without an elegant host to man the guest list. Thank God guests were respectful to my muse, Emily. Thank you Emily for all your hard work helping this party come together in the end!

Jason of TOUGHLOVE.HK with CNNGo’s Editor, Zoe Li. Everyone knows Zoe Li because there is NOT one day when we can go on without CNNGo.

TIME OUT HK’s scene stealers, Janice Jann and Arthur Tam. They both had a really great time!

With Adrian of LOEWE and Ms. Hippy Chic, Kitty Go from FT/China Daily. So happy they both came out to support!

Alex from Moustache with Whitney taking a bite out of Brew&Post.


Arnault from Kapok with Joe!

Creative City’s Louise Wong with THE SHALAI.

With Jane Dee from Belvedere Vodka / LVMH our Proud Sponsor for the night…

ChristingC of Fashion Hedonism.

And it just goes on…

and on… 

Below Casey of POPCORN NETWORK, Wine Guru/Electrician Dean Aslin, and #HKFashionBlogger’s Jasmine Webster with her partner, Rob.

and on…

MAJOR Thank you goes to Photographer/Blogger, Mr. Paulsta Wong for covering the event for Brew&Post that evening. PLEASE DO “LIKE” his FB Page and show this talented guy some mad support. Check out his photographs, EXCLUSIVE to the Brew&Post page here!

Also we’d like to thank the South China Morning Post for running the cool piece on us that same day in their Lifestyle Pages!

You know it’s a great party when an editor from VOGUE China tells it like it is… that your party reminded them of Fashion parties in London.

The difference between a Brew&Post party and a regular fashion party? It’s not a Product to Consumer event, it’s an “everyone in the industry” event… from the designers, to the producers, to the buyers, to the editors, to the sellers, and these days… especially the Bloggers. Fashion parties are only interesting when everyone is there to mingle with everyone from the front end to the back end and beyond. 

Where is fashion and fashion information going in the next few years? That’s the real question. How will tastes and styles be framed? How will it change? How will it adapt to changing times and demographics? To Technology? To Speed?

These are the kinds of things we’re interested in with Brew&Post. The answer is in the practice, and it will take some time.

But until then… Party.

More of my own photos from the Launch Party to come on theWanderlister+ FB Page! Stay tuned.

But Next Up…


PARTY Woobar / DRINK Belvedere / DRINK FIOL Prosecco / FOLLOW Brew&Post


Brew&Post; Style, Multiplied By Six. Get Ready World!

Introducing…Brew&Post! from Brew and Post on Vimeo.

By now most of you have seen me type Brew&Post so many times on this blog without really going into much detail about it. Trust me, it’s been very difficult to keep a lid on this project. But as you can see in the video above… happy to say… after months and months of planning and preparation… this week everyone in the Brew&Post blog network are now FINALLY allowed to make the big REVEAL!

Friends and readers… this is Brew&Post!

Brew&Post is a close network of tastemakers and influencers based in Asia from six different backgrounds around the world, with six stories to tell, six perspectives, and six sharp points of view when it comes to fashion, style, and design.

From left to right, we’ve got Derek Ho and Melinda Wang from ZTYLISTAS.COM!

My girl via London, who just moved to Hong Kong, Christing C. of FASHION HEDONISM!

Then to my right there’s Carmen Chan, style photographer and blogger of How I Met Your Style (HIMYS)... Image below taken at the Converse Launch at Linguini Fini. And the one after shot by Carmen in Brooklyn of Jeanette Lai… sister of our next blogger…

Denise Lai of SUPERWOWOMG! She’s our resident it-girl next door!

Last but definitely not least… our tough guy, Jason Lam, of TOUGHLOVE.HK… He seems tough, but he’s a good solid guy, a great friend, with a natural sense of true “dude” style.

And then there’s me for theWanderlister+ which makes SIX!

The video for the Brew&Post launch above was shot earlier in the summer at Hotel ICON. From all of us at Brew&Post we owe a big thank you to Hotel ICON, Hong Kong’s art based and creatively independent boutique hotel… for hosting us and letting us film the video in your wonderful spaces.

Here are some behind-the-scenes shot from my INSTAGRAM account:

We started the day with coffee and chats at The Market, designed by Terence Conran based on wet markets in Hong Kong…

Then we proceeded on over to GREEN for cupcake and more carbs, with an amazing green feature wall designed by French landscape architect, Patrick Blanc.

If you follow my Instagram, you’ll see plenty of #FOODPORN photos like the one above. NOTICE: My Instagram is NOT for Dieters.

Great times. This one a photo of me with Jason of TOUGHLOVE. I’m wearing my new shirt I got from the LEE Flagship in CWB.

And with Denise. She loathes this photo, but I think we look cute. (We’re known as the Grandpa and Grandma of the group.)

Anyway, Hotel ICON’s Mandy Soh took this shot for her Instagram. We kept using it ever since!

Follow on us Twitter @brewandpost and press "LIKE" on Facebook.

Who knew starting this style blog would enable me to meet great friends like these guys!? Feeling #Blessed about the whole venture. More to come most definitely.


The Power of (RED); LVMH’s Jane Dee Talks (BELVEDERE) RED, Bloggers, Fashion, and HIV/AIDS Research

Earlier in the summer, Five of Hong Kong’s top style bloggers (including we here at theWanderlister+) were invited by Belvedere Vodka and their regional brand manager, fellow Filipina of Chinese decent, Jane Dee (who DOESN’T know Jane Dee), to help participate in a push to promote (BELVEDERE) RED

We wrote about the collaboration in a previous post, but basically the gist of the whole campaign is for the bloggers to creatively work with Hong Kong’s independent movers and shakers in fashion, mainly designers of HILL Menswear, Magnan & Tse, and MISCHA to work with notable photographer, Ricky Lo, and iconic hairstylist, MAREK WAN, to create a set of images that promote the aggressive power of the (RED) Campaign in the fight against the spread of HIV.

Bloggers x (BELVERDERE) RED. L-R, theWanderlister, Vernonica Li of VNIKALI, Amanda Lee of FASHIONOGRAPHY-X, and fellow Brew&Post Blogger, Denise Lai of SUPERWOWOMG.

To learn more about this campaign we had a quick chat with Jane Dee about her own thoughts on (RED)… while wearing RED for an exclusive photo shoot by Paul S. for theWanderlister+ Asia! Not easy to grab 5 minutes especially since Jane juggles responsibilities as not only brand manager to Belvedere, but to other LVMH Spirits and Wine brands such as Grand Marnier as well. 


theWanderlister+ Asia INTERVIEW WITH JANE DEE, REGIONAL BRAND MANAGER AT LVMH . Exclusive Photographs by PAUL S. / Summer 2012

W+: Thanks for getting all us style bloggers hooked up with the (BELVEDERE) RED Campaign. Love the photos by Paul S. I see you’re wearing the red gown! What do you like about the color Red?

JD: In my opinion, the color red means fierce and fabulous! Whenever a lady puts on red lipstick, it shows that she’s got major confidence and ready to rock the town!  

W+: Sounds so much like you! Tell me about your look for these photos.

JD: These red heels bring instant glamour to an outfit and of course. Plus, red couture gowns, especially this Valentino, are so red-carpet worthy you can never go wrong wearing them to any high-fashion events. 

W+: Okay, now let’s get serious, tell me about (BELVEDERE) RED and the (RED) Campaign… 

JD: The (RED)™ Foundation was founded by Bono of U2 to raise proceeds for the Global Fund, the world’s leading financier of programs to fight HIV/Aids in Africa.  Last year, Belvedere announced the partnership with a Special Edition (RED)™  bottle with award-winning recording artist Usher and with Mary J. Blige at present  to help raise awareness for the cause. To date, Belvedere  (RED)™  raised more than 2,000,000 days of life saving HIV/AIDS medicine, provided 5,000 people with life-saving HIV/AIDS medicine for a year and aided more than 3,800 HIV+ women access to treatment to help ensure their babies are born HIV free.

For a fact, I know that AIDS is the BIGGEST global killer of women of reproductive age. More than 3,200 people die every day from AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa. And about 3.4 million children are living with HIV. 9 out of 10 live in sub-Saharan Africa. 

W+: Those are serious numbers. How do you think a bottle of vodka can help? What is your stand about this?

JD: Well I believe we can deliver an AIDS Free Generation by 2015 (according to goals layed out by the Global Fund) and Belvedere is very proud to be a part of that.  

Every Generation is known for something and personally, I’m very happy to be in a generation that can and will eradicate AIDS in a few years time. That is such a tremendous achievement and to be involved in such a cause is truly exhilarating and life-changing. 


A never before seen close up shot of our shoot with Ricky Lo, shot at the ultra cool, Hotel ICON.  I’m wearing a seersucker shorts suit by HILL Menswear and Veronica wears Magnan & Tse.

Amanda and Denise both wear Magnan and Tse with Denise holding a MISCHA Clutch. Styling by A Beauty Bar and Sense of Touch SpaThis drive was made possible by LTD, a pro-life boutique public relations agency for lifestyle brands that give importance to charity campaigns.

Just a few more exclusive notes… (BELVERDERE) RED Vodka will be launching a newest version of the limited edition brand this December 2012 just in time for Christmas! AND… Belvedere will be participating with our new blog network, Brew&Post for something cool in the next few weeks. Just watch for it!

Drink Responsibility. And Save Lives while you’re at it.


Seen&Scene: Booze, Photography, Rock n’ Roll… Aiming to Hit All the Notes at WOOBAR, W Hong Kong

Gone are the Living Room days at W Hong Kong… and when I say gone I mean the cool chill bar next to the hotel’s main reception on Level 6 has been rebranded as an official WOOBAR; aimed to be the “city’s epicenter of new style, redefining the city’s nightlife scene in its’ inimitable progressive way”, according to the press sheet.

But what’s more exciting is that the WOOBAR Launch ushered in a photography exhibition titled ROCKED, featuring a selection of images by famed music photographer, Mick Rock a.k.a. The Man Who Shot the Seventies… which included the likes of David Bowie as Ziggy Startdust, Debbie Harry, Queen, Andy Warhol, and Madonna. We actually got to meet Mr. Mick at the event.

Mick below right, with David and Sharon.

The exhibition is on now until September 2012, so you have two months to still catch it.

Stephanie w/ her look alike, Debbie Harry.

Despite several snags, (ie. Mick addressing the crowd saying it’s his first time in New York City and loving it… Mick… we’re in Hong Kong… although I guess we’ll take it as a compliment)… the event went far better than I anticipated, actually drawing a crowd that was far beyond the “Tai-Tai/Banker” Scene that this hotel’s parties are generally known for… (Not that there’s anything wrong with that, #JustSaying).

My friend, W Hotel Creative Director, DJ Angus Wong brought in the cool hipster/fashion crowd tonight, which is a nice change for the hotel.

The party also had its share of local gay mafia (you cant have an epic party without the gays) and you know… your finance crowd and some photograph-ready Hong Kong celebs.

It was all a spectacle which included special guest indie punk band from Beijing, Queen Sea Big Shark… which is a great move on W Hong Kong’s part to be able to fly them in and perform. Their session just rocked the house… again different for the hotel… unexpected even. I loved it.

Overall it was a great show/party for W Hong Kong, and a great attempt to make the hotel a Destination hotel. It reached out to the right people that night and it was good to see some of my crowd of friends party there for a change.

Popcorn Network’s, Casey with his pal John Metcalf from Demand Analytics.

Dawn Austin with Wandergirl, Cheryl Rodriguez.

Gierdre giving me the “Face”.

W Hong Kong’s DJ Miss Yellow and Brew&Post Blogger, Carmen Chan.

Harry Potter is angry.

Bromance. Daniel of Hungry Hong Kong and Wanderboy, Andrew.

Brew&Post Blogger, Jason of TOUGHLOVE.HK and my sis, Bernadette.

With Vivian Chen, Scene and Style editor of South China Morning Post.

My friend Jade with her playdate.

DJ Angus Wong vs. DJ Lincoln Medley from New York City, both from the inaugural 2011 W Hotels DJ Lab which began last year in Ibiza and celebrated its second year this year in Bali.

DRESSMEBLOG and ELLE HK Blogger, Jasmine Webster.

Gents of Moustache, Alex and Ellis, who just returned from a fabulously successful pop-up launch of their brand in Tokyo!

Spotted, Mr. Henry Temple.

CIPHER’s Gregg whom I just met that night for the first time.

Natasha Kaye Whiffin with Designer, Johnson Chan.

The party REALLY rocked, I have to admit… and not just because Mick Rock hosted it. (Okay you dont have to laugh.)

And my mates. All Brew&Post Bloggers (without Carmen and Melinda Wang and Derek Ho unfortunately.)

What a night.



Thanks so much to Angus who gifted me with this autographed copy of the exhibition’s booklet from Mick Rock!

This one is my favorite picture of Madonna before she was English and just a mere “Jersey Girl”.

The ROCKED exhibit will be open to the public until the end of September 2012. ROCKED will then travel to W Hotels across Asia. For updated information on the ROCKED tour, please check out