This photo and tweet was most Re-Tweeted Tweet… around the world… ever.

US President Re-elect @BarackObama announces “Four More Years” on Twitter, and as of this post has had over 810,000 RT’s (ReTweets) and almost 295K Favorites.

For those who have been following the election, and has had NYTIMES or CNNGo on re-fresh every second, probably perceived the obvious even before President Obama’s TWEET, but for some of us… ie. Shelly Hayashi, Proprietor of General Store, HK/China’s Best Americana antique store, and Me, we guessed the win about a week in advance. Call it what you will, or call it intuition, but we then got together with Moustache’s Alex and Ellis to host Hong Kong’s only Election night celebration at Salon No. 10.

Shelly in front of the American Flag.

I was beyond ecstatic at this point.

Ellis and Alex Hard at work over what turned out to be, HK’s best Mac & Cheese.

The dress code was Americana and the entrance fee was “Pot Luck Americana” of which all the guests; Artists, Creatives, Gays, and Democrats Abroad Hong Kong… brought.

American Flag Cupcakes from Katrina.

The girls from KinderU Suzuki Academy, Monica, Allison, and Proprietor  Jennifer and all their American dessert goodies.

Which included this magnificent beauty…. what ever it was.

Shelly made Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches as well as Cheesy Sandwhiches fried on a frying pan. Delish.

In attendance were Ralph Lauren’s Gierdre as a Disneyfied tourist.

Michael clad in BYOB.

Danielle of WHITESPACE with Paul from Democrats Abroad.

Bernadette, with her Beef Chili. (Im gutted I turned vegetarian a week before this.)

Moses and his friend who was there to celebrate both Voter-Approved legalization of Gay Marriage and Marjiuana in a few key states.

With Colorado Cookies…. hmmm what are they?

Also celebrating, Katrina, Nightlife Guru Johannes Pong, and Time Out HK’s Arthur Tam.

Stars and Stripes at the hip.

At the bar… Billy boy.

Artist, Adrian Wong in my favorite herringbone American Apparel pullover.

Mac brings home the pie… appropriately from the American Club.

ChristingC, Dan, and Taiwanese popstar Katie of ROOMIE stopped by as well.

Lingzi in glorious gold.

Jason with 15squarestreet’s Louise who brought a whole package of OBAMABAUMS sold at 15squarestreet and online.

Thanks David and 15squarestreet for these OBAMABAUM, Obama Air Freshners! The guests loved them.

We ended the night re-watching the speech…

The decor by General Store at Salon No.10 was amazing. It felt like Election night in the 60s.

After the speech it was time to turn down the lights to watch some William Belli doing a Wilson Phillips drag impression about Chick-fil-A. Why? Because we CAN.

Thank you Salon No.10 Gang!



11am. In The Year 2012.

Yesterday at sunny 11am the big news in Hong Kong was that theSartorialist (ScoSchu) himself was around town in Hong Kong, even snapping up this photo of my friend, Priscilla of the Electrik Sekki Blog on Moon Street in Wanchai.

Boy does weather change drastically. Today at 11am, this was all over Instagram… (First one is mine.)


I had a talk two nights ago at SCAD on Design and Social Media, and was asked if all these social media apps and devices for Social Media have in any way “Degraded” communications or enhanced it.

Well, I suppose a picture is worth a thousand words… how about 14 pictures from Instagram?

Tangram’s Ignacio Garcia.

Pedder Group’s Queenie Mak.

Janice of the Media Maid Blog.

Tangram’s Paola.

LC/ToughLove.HK’s Jason Lam.

Juliana Loh.

General Store’s Tricia Ling.

Lifestyle Asia’s Andy Yeo.

HK Magazine’s Katie Kenny.

WSJ’s Lara Day.


Can I just say… I <3 Instagram.


Shai Levy Gives Platform to Emerging Creatives, TEEBS and Charles Munka, With Platform78 

Earlier this Spring, we were invited by Seventy Eight Percent’s fashion bags and accessories designer, Shai Levy, and HK’s man-about-town, Henry Temple, to check out Shai’s spacious new studio in the Ap Lei Chau industrial area. On top of visiting the studio, we were there to take a sneak peak at Shai’s new art initiative aimed at fostering the region’s young and emerging artists and creatives via the label, platform78.

To inaugurate platform78, Shai turned his flexible workspace into an art gallery for one week to exhibit the collaborative works of HK-based French Artist, Charles Munka (right above) and LA-Based New Yorker, TEEBS aka. Mtendere Mandowa (left above), under the banner ARCHIPELAGO.

My favorite work, a collaborative effort by TEEBS and Munka.

Seventy Eight Percent bags have been available at Lane Crawford and Kapok since 2009. And I even spotted them in New York City via Treasure and Bond!

A few of the bags were scattered all around Shai’s studio. The two below are the classic Dimitri’s.

And two bags on the wall were remixed by both artists. On top is the Schults Bag by Charles Munka and the one below it is the Gustav Bag by Teebs.

Part of what made Shai’s line of bags successful, is his ability to find a gap in the region’s fashion industry, and used his position in Hong Kong and China to create a line of bags catering for a niche market of consumers who want design, masculinity, and quality from the region. This label helped him to establish his own niche in Asia and beyond, on top of course that the bags are very well designed, and quite one of a kind.

Shai Levy below being bothered by me while he was trying to work.

His success as an entrepreneur in addition to a loss of a friend named Elad Klein, an Israeli-born artists, musician, and designer who passed away in 2006, and who believed that the right amount of “perfection” was in fact “78%”, helped Shai find creative ways to not only enrich himself as a bag designer but also help foster the careers of others who need a platform… hence platform78.

The works of Charles Munka and TEEBS hang proudly throughout Shai’s new office which is all movable and compact-able, so that the space was flexible enough to adapt to different shows and events.

Impact, 2012 / Mtendere Mandowa (TEEBS)

Go Back, 2012 / Mtendere Mandowa (TEEBS)

15-NW-B, 2012 / Charles Munka & Mtendere Mandowa (TEEBS)

"Street Art" not just confined to a framed canvas, but around the office as well.

Some works were still being produced when we got there… on Record Covers.

I just love them.

Abydus, 2011 / Charles Munka

Munka’s early works were strongly influenced by hip hop and the progressive L.A. beat scene, but has evolved into a broader interpretation of “urban” elements from cityscapes, to construction maps, where his street sketchbook drawings are blown up into bigger scale to represent new readings which are akin graphically from abstract expressionist art and even cave art. His earlier shows in above second, for example, even resemembled Mayan calendars.

TEEBS on the other hand is an electronic musician whose layered yet minimalist music style translates graphically into luminous choreographies that read with a similar layered but lightweight touch. His colorful figures help counter Munka’s frazzled expressions. One is salt and the other is sugar. Which makes it even more interesting that the works in which they paint on the same canvas, just looks good.

The whole team lounging around.

Shai takes a break.

Peroni ready to go for the opening night (which I sadly missed due to a trip out of town.)  Love the bags hanging on that light fixture.

I was told by Henry, that a few of the works are now on display at the General Store in NOHO. Be sure to check them out.

For more information on platform78, e: platform78@seventyeightpercent.com / Room 2013, Oceanic Industrial Center, 2 Lee Lok, Ap Lei Chau, Hong Kong SAR / www.seventyeightpercent.com / Charles Munka, e: charles.munka@gmail.com web: charlesmunka.tumblr.com / TEEBS, Twitter: @teebsio


The W+ Cool List: Hong Kong’s New Top 8 in 2011

Now that the festivities have wound down, and the fireworks have popped, I would just like to say, how proud I am of Hong Kong giving Taipei a run for its buck by stepping up the plate as the “Go-To” destination for all things New Years (both Western and Chinese.)

I remember 5 or 6 years ago, when I celebrated my first New Years Eve on top of the IFC, at midnight, us revelers hardly even saw a squirt of anything coming out of the HK Cultural Centre across the Harbour… well these days look… ALL TOWERS ON.


Hong Kong is really stepping up to the plate to remain Asia’s World City.

That said, others kept it low key in their own neighborhoods and/or at home, and we kept our end quite chilled and relaxed. A great friend of mine, Jade, offered a meal at home, then rafter the whole gang joined the #HKSocial Crew dressed to the nines for a night of “Hollywood Glamour” at my first party at the Hullet House, HK’s ONLY premier Boutique Hotel that’s so exclusive, they only offer 13 bedrooms!

#HKSocial @ the Hullet House. (L-R, Elle the Starlet of Impact Asia, Casey the Crooner of the Popcorn Media Network, Connie the Serious Actress of CONNVOYAGE Travel Blog, Josie the Ingenue of Regus, and Me the Producer!)

My glorious dates for the night; Jade, Sam, and Genevieve. Glam, Dashing, and Fiery.

And Casey the Crooner with the Producer! :) (I managed to fit in my new “Flat Top” glasses I just got from the Henry Holland for Le Specs collection available at I.T and my NEVIL Triwa Watch available at Lane Crawford in Hong Kong.)

But while the Fireworks showed exactly how “First Class” Hong Kong wanted to be, it’s amazing system of barricades and police barriers was exactly a case of 2 steps forward, 1 step back. To get from where we were at Minden Road around K-11, we needed to convince not 1, but 5 police officers to give us way to A) Get through the Subway Tunnel, B) Get through barriers to get to Canton Road, and C) Get pass 2 more barriers to get to the Hullet House. Police would not let anyone to the Hullet House hotel, if we didn’t have physical invitations for each of us to their party. It was worse than Volar or Dragon-i with Snoop Dog or DIPLO headlining the night.

Okay… maybe SOME Police Order WAS needed. But seriously, i’m sure 50% of the crowd didn’t expect waiting behind a police barricade was a way to start of 2012.

THAT SAID. Once we actually got to Hullet House, all was well and good and it was fun times all around. It wasn’t as packed as we anticipated, which is understandable because the party had all of the Hong Kong Police to be their bouncer (Josie Tao was only let in AFTER the countdown), but being in the open air in relaxed/historic environment full of friends and champers sure did beat other options… like being shoulder to shoulder and neck to neck in the midst of all the chaos Harbour side.

In any rate 2012 entered with class, and I couldn’t have asked for better company OR a better venue!

The lovely Hullet House and surrounding Gardens.

1 of 3 Marilyn’s performing that night. (Note to impersonators… Marilyn had a large body of work. And if you you plan to bring three Marilyn’s to a party, please AT THE VERY LEAST come as three different Marilyn’s from different era’s and movies. Seven Year Itch was NOT her only movie. Thanks Connie for complaining.)

+ THE W+ COOL LIST: Hong Kong’s Top 8 in 2011

That said, before we move on to the glorious 2012, THE Year of the Dragon, let’s just take this time to look at some cool stuff that came out of and popped up from Hong Kong in the past year. Since this is indeed a blog, let’s do a blog thing, and make what readers like most… LISTS! And why not? Everyone loves lists, and so this is theWanderLISTer+ blog and listing is what I generally do, so let me LIST for you what I thought were THE Best creatively and within the lifestyle sector that came out of Hong Kong this year. Some had made it as posts on this blog, and some have yet to make it as posts, and if it hadn’t made it as posts, then it was probably because I loved it so much that I didn’t even know how write about it. Ie. I was overwhelmed. And on that note, here is my list of the coolest thing from this city, this year.

1) COOLEST NEW HK HOTEL 2011 // The Hotel ICON

By far, the coolest new hotel in the city this year is one of the first of it’s kind that I know of, a private enterprise within the realm of an educational institution and with the support of Hong Kong’s best and brightest creatives… The Hotel ICON. With an amazing list of contributors such as the likes of Architect Rocco Yim, Interior Designer William Lim, Fashion doyenne Vivienne Tam, Fashion Designer Barney Cheng, Graphic Designer Tommy Li, Curator Freeman Lau, as well as international talents Patrick Blanc (the green wall expert) and Terrence Conran and Partners, The Hotel ICON is Asia’s first Business Boutique hotel that is benchmarked as an “Art Hotel”. Staying here doesn’t break the bank and I must say, I’ve had a blast hanging out here, meeting the designers from Terrence Conran, and seeing all of them talk at the hotel’s official “opening” in the fall.

Offerings include a magnificent Cantonese Restaurant and Library Bar at the top floor (where no kids are allowed), called Above & Beyond, The Market… a buffet haven designed by Terrence Conran, and the Cafe in the Lobby called Green with a greenwall by Patrick Blanc. Additionally, the Hotel Icon has a revolving art exhibit curated by Freeman Lau with works by HK’s top artists and graphic designers, and students from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

IMAGE: My Instagram photos of Hotel Icon’s The Market Buffet Brunch above with Denise of SUPERWOWOMG, Christina of HKFashionGeek, and Mandy from Hotel Icon.

Hotel ICON / 17 Science Museum Road, Tsim Sha Tsui East, Kowloon, Hong Kong / +852-3400-1000 / http://www.hotel-icon.com

2) COOLEST NEW HK RESTAURANT 2011 // Linguini Fini

You know what. I’ve never written about Linguini Fini on this blog but there were many chances to, because I’m practically here all the time (well not the last month and a half because i’ve been out of town most of the time), but this is where I first met the #HKSocial gang, celebrated Andy’s Birthday (of StandardVintage), AND amongst other things, come to chase what I think is the best cup of latte in Hong Kong (I kid you not give it a try.) Additionally I actually LOVE their NO RESERVATIONS policy, no matter how VIP YOU ARE, and the staff is quite stylish and very friendly, and interiors AS stylish and by my #HKFashionBlogger friend, Geneva’s boyfriend, Ben McCarthy, who is the principal of Charlie & Rose, the design boutique in Hong Kong.

And the food. THE FOOD is simply divine, and what more, it doesn’t break the bank. Chef Vinny Lauria creates some of the most scrumptious dishes, mostly revolving around Pork. Not just any pork, this is Pork from Hong Kong’s farms. Yes, Linguini Fini’s is powered by Homegrown Foods Hong Kong, meaning all locally sourced pork, vegetables, and ingredients. This is Organic Food, without the heavy, obvious, hippy preaching. Ie. it’s not preached, they just practice it flat out. My favorites? I go for the Flatbread (Cherry Tomato, Mozarella, Garlic), Homemade Spicy Pork Sausage, Caprese, Spaghetti Carbonara, and the Rotisserie Porchetta (which is their crispy Pork Belly.) I finish off with their Lemon Olive Oil Cake which is divine. Obviously, if you’re Jewish, this is not a place for you… but for everyone else, go ahead! Cheap, Chic, and Scrumptious… and unpretentious, which is why I love this snazzy place.

Linguini Fini / 1F, The L Place, 139 Queen‟s Road, Central, Hong Kong / Monday - Saturday / 2857 1333 / www.linguinifini.com / Linguini Fini FACEBOOK / Linguini Fini TWITTER / Linguini Fini WEIBO

3) COOLEST NEW HK SHOP // The General Store

I don’t know what else to say about this store that hasn’t already been said. But Shelly Hayashi grabbed a burgeoning niche market for Hong Kong (Western/American Mid to Early 20th Century Designer Home Goods) and put a stage for it in NOHO’s Burgeoning “IT” streets, Gough and Gage Street, and named it simply, the General Store. Additionally they now carry my favorite bags from T.K Garment Supply and sunglasses and accessories from Standard Vintage. Prices are not easy on the pocket, BUT, these items are hard-to-find and are practically every Interior Designer and Visual Merchandiser’s dream.  Shelly can source what you’re looking for. The goods are true vintage, one-of-a-kind, and completely quality.

General Store / 41 Gage Street, Shop H, G/F New Central Mansion, Central, Hong Kong / +852-28518144 / THE GENERAL STORE TWITTER / THE GENERAL STORE FACEBOOK

4) COOLEST NEW HK PRODUCT // Moustache X Stiibu Leather Travel Accessories

Yes. Yes. Yes. It arrived later in the year, but the gentlemen from Moustache and folks at HK’s Tapani/Stiibu Leather completed a very quirky, stylish, and useful collaboration of travel leather goods that completely have that Alex and Ellis sense of style. You may check out the whole collection on Alex Daye’s Wordpress Blog, but the collection includes a travel wallet and iPad Case (as seen above), a DOP Kit, a Passport Holder, a small “Going Out” wallet, and a cool Luggage Tag. The collection is inspired by the Memphis Design Group of the late 70s and early 80s, and crafted with Italian novalatta, deerskin, and napa leather, NOW available at Moustache and Lane Crawford stores.

MOUSTACHE / 31 Aberdeen Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong / +852-2541-1955 / ONLINE


Art East Island and surrounding businesses/enclaves/galleries in Chai Wan is really where it’s at these days. Let’s see what’s the list: 10 Chancery Lane ANNEX (whch hosts several shows and parties including the EPIC Lane Crawford LAB Pink is Punk party above hosted by Marcelo Burlon), Carol Lee Mei Kuen’s Personal Studio, Ooi Botos Gallery, the Pure Art Foundation, MADHOUSE Contemporary, Latitude Ceramics, MAP Office Studios, the TANGRAM Studios, AO Photobook Store, and the new cool coffee house which is the ONLY place which serves HK’s best Bagel, Cream Cheese, and Lox sandwhich, Jehan Chu’s Chaiwanese. What’s cooler about this neighborhood is that it’s a zero-Starbucks zone and the “cool factor” is not evident to all. You basically have to know someone who knows someone that knows when event/openings/and parties. It’s really a welcome change, and I hope Hong Kong helps fostering ways in which Industrial Districts/Buildings can be utilized as artist loft-studios. But you know the zeitgeist when you jump in a cab, show the taxi driver your Google Map, the pin-drops at a Chai Wan Industrial Buildings, and the taxi driver says… “There?” I say “Yes.”, and he says “Studio?” I say “Yes”. And he says “OOOHHH Yes.” and Drives to where you need to go in Chai Wan. Maybe not SO Secret after all?



This next entry is a bit more accessible to our readers, but definitely the coolest new street in Hong Kong that cannot be missed for all the “coolhunters” out there is definitely Sheung Wan’s Tung Street which is anchored by two newly minted design shops, Konzepp (photo above) and Signed-by (photo below from their opening). Julie Shah and Carlo Aquino run and curate goods to be sold in Konzepp by Asian designers and creatives while Nicola Borg-Pisani curates very high end design goods, journals, and fashion at Signed-by that generally are a bit more high concept items that fall towards the spectrum of art. There are plenty of other shops on Tung Street worth checking out, but make sure to stop by Loveramics which basically carries ceramics for home dining that makes you want to toss everything out of your kitchen and replace it with their amazing collection of wares. AND finally amongst other cool shops, galleries, and boutiques on this street, check out this website from Helen Lindman Design offering to sell some modern and retrofitted spaces there. Let’s buy property to put all our new design wares in?

Konzepp, 50 Tung Street in Sheung Wan / KONZEPP ONLINE / Signed-by, G/F 43 Tung Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong / Signed-by ONLINE / Loveramics, 37 Tung St, Hollywood Road, Central, HK / LOVERAMICS ONLINE


When I first walked into this gallery for the opening of João Vasco Paiva’s show, the inaugural exhibit from Robin Peckham’s newest venture, Saamlung, the first thing I said to myself was “YES. YES. YES.”, Hong Kong is finally “getting it”. By “Getting It” I mean quality spaces to show art, with quality art TO show. Paiva’s exhibition delved in the realm between art and architecture and so does the other shows that followed, such as Charles LaBelle’s exhibition. The Saamlung opening brought in the right crowd, all the supporters and followers of Hong Kong’s creative community and generally the night was quite cheery with good vibes all around, which goes to show that Peckham’s dream about turning a commercial stage in Central for HK’s best independent artist may just turn out to be a success. I CANNOT wait to see what the rest of the year has in store for this gallery.

Saamlung, 26/F Two Chinachem Plaza, 68 Connaught Rd. C (135-137 Des Voeux Rd. C.), Central, Hong Kong / Tues.-Fri. 11:00-19:00, Sat. 12:00-18:00 / gallery@saamlung.com / www.saamlung.com 


OPUS HONG KONG - English from Swire on Vimeo.

There was quite a few collection of new buildings this year in Hong Kong, some of which are Iconic and were designed by some of the world’s best “Starchitects”. In this blog I’ve written about the new Run Run Shaw Media Centre at City University of Hong Kong by Daniel Libeskind, and have briefly written about the HK Design Institute by Codelfy Architects, as well as the Hotel ICON and LEGCO Building by Rocco Yim, but the reason why I named The Opus on Stubbs Road by California-based Frank Gehry, the “Coolest” new building in Hong Kong because breaking out of this “Hong Kong” Style residential design that you see sprouted everywhere in the City-State is INDEED Cool in it’s own right. Yes after looking at the exhibit and seeing all of Gehry’s models, indeed what he has essentially done is take an HK-Style Building and put it in a blender, and pulled it out like taffy, but what we’re seeing is essentially a push by a local developer, SWIRE, to attempt to break out of the box of residential design which has defined the way HK Developers and Architects like to design their buildings, and with the aid of HK’s strict residential rules and regulations. But if you think about it, you don’t see HK Style buildings anywhere else in the world, except maybe cities in China and Southeast Asia, where HK Developers and Architects like to make their mark.

Back to the OPUS, it’s not a lot of units (12), and 1 per floor, each unit about 6,000 sq.m. per floor. But its 360-degree views, and a nice and pleasant site on the slopes of Mount Cameron where you can see all of Hong Kong and Kowloon, and perhaps parts of China. So where does HK Residential Design go from here? With 12 Units it’s definitely not a mass appeal prototype, BUT, we hope there will be changes in the way HK people live, are brought up to live, and expect from the developers that build residences for them. The people here work hard, and deserve something better than a floor plan defined by numbers and cost-efficiency.


Thank you 2011. Now 2012… bring it on!


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Supporting Your Local Fashion Labels, While Drinking

Its the holidays so that means you’ve got to give great presents, AND look good while you’re giving it. This week is a good opportunity for you to look dapper while supporting Hong Kong designers and labels at the same time… and over drinks. We’ve got the next few days Wanderlisted for you. I’m currently NOT in Hong Kong, so you’ve got to go check these out and let me know how it went:


A new label called HILL will be having a VIP Trunk Show on November 30th from their Capsul Collection. I also have a feeling this is an actual launch of the brand by designer Anthony Hill, a graduate of Central St. Martins in London. The collection at the trunk show will most likely include their ready-to-wear goods as well as previews of the more sartorial and tailored wear. The look is modern English with an Asian emphasis for the slimmer man.

HILL VIP Trunk Show / 2011.11.30 / 1F, No.11 Sing Woo Road, Happy Valley / 7pm Onwards


If you’ve seen Tangram’s designer Paola Sinisterra around town, chances are you’ve most likely seen her wearing these colorful candy looking pieces designed by her called, BONBONS. The necklaces are one-of-a-kind art pieces by Paola and are made of left over fabrics and materials that were used for her ladies ready-to-wear line and a few things she finds over her journeys and travels.

BONBONS by TANGRAM / 2011.12.01 / signed by, GF 43 Tung St, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong / 7pm Onwards / FACEBOOK RSVP


Time to buy that little black dress and do a bit of shopping while sipping on some Belvedere Cocktails care of Yuen Man Tse, owner and designer of the Magnan & Tse Boutique. Get ready for some cool fashion installations, cool friends, and cool clothes as the boutique celebrates its 2nd anniversary on Friday.

Magnan and Tse 2nd Anniversary Party / 2011.12.02 / GF, 15 Aberdeen Street, Central, HK / 6pm-7:30pm / FACEBOOK RSVP


Shelly Hayashi of General Store and Andy Chow of Standard Vintage will meet and greet friends, families, and shoppers this coming Saturday, December 3rd when both will be celebrating Hong Kong’s first vintage/antique fair and tea party at the General Store on Gage Street. Word is that there will be plenty of good food and drinks to be had by Ali-Oli, Lucky Beer, and Leaf Tea Boutique. So take a look, check it out, and browse some vintage dresses, eye-wear, accessories, and home furnitures and knick knacks and see what’s good!

GS x SV Tea For 2 / 2011.12.03 / General Store, 41 Gage Street / 2-7pm / FACEBOOK RSVP


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Hong Kong’s Labels and Boutiques Usher the Holidays in Style with the SOHO SHOP WALK, Our Top Picks!

It’s finally that time of year folks, and you know what that means, Presents. And if you’ve been very good this year, potentially you’ll get lots of it, either from loved ones or yourself. (Okay now that the cliched opening line is over and done with, lets be serious.) I’m talking about the SOHO SHOP WALK, timed rightly just weeks before Christmas. This big event is the second of its kind this year, and aims to get the shopping season started on the right foot, and we’re talking about introducing you to the indie boutiques and shops that define the SOHO/NOHO district as a unique and special shopping experience, relative say to big malls like IFC or Times Square.

Of course part of the big reason why this blog exists is to “push” Hong Kong via the “Wanderlisting” of interesting things to do around the city that one had no idea was happening in the first place. A ticket to SOHO SHOP WALK basically enable ticket holders to have a reason to visit all the participating shops on offer and to meet and greet with these independent shop owners as well as having a chance to buy certain items at a discounted rate while enjoying complimentary drinks and canapes.

Now, the only I danger I see with the SOHO SHOP WALK is the booze. Make sure your credit card doesn’t slip out. Multiple times. Or make sure it does. :) In any rate, we had a visit and friendly chat with a few store owners and boutiques around SOHO and NOHO, and here are a few of the ones participating with the SOHO SHOP WALK.


I’ve written a few times about the General Store AND Standard Vintage on this blog. General Store carries hard to find turn of the century antiques and vintage pieces that are completely Americana. NOT Chinoiserie. NOT European. But Americana, which if you think about it, isn’t really available anywhere else in Hong Kong. The store is owned and operated independently by partners, and headed by Shelly Hayashi.

Standard Vintage is an online e-store which carries vintage dresses and fashion from Japan, and curated by my friend Andy Chow. The pop-up at General Store will mark his second pop-up this year, the first one being at Chai Wan.

PS. Thank you Shelly! My Interior designer friend, Inge, was able to find the right lamp for her client because of you! Thank you!

Shelly and Andy discussing their collaboration.

+ HALO / Gough St. NOHO

HALO is a very interesting shop. It carries accessories, trunks, and bags constructed and made with re-used or left-over leather from their furniture business, which turns what would have otherwise been waste, into a nice luxury consumer product. This is the environmental advantage. Additionally, these bags and accessories are displayed alongside other knick-knack and things that are really vintage and antique products. But whereas General Store is Americana, HALO is completely British in attitude and style. Check it out! They’re known for their really antique trunks which they’ve learned how to re-produce. Visual Merchandisers go to them for everything.

Lucas Vitale of HALO explaining their store concept.

On offer, leather wallets (perfect for gifts).

An old baseball glove. (Okay thats NOT British.)

Nice shopfront!


I’m actually a big fan of SIDEWALK and have been wanting to write about them for quite some time since they opened shop earlier this year. The flavour is very global, very stylish, with a truly editorially feminine take on a curation of goods and products. As if it was an InStyle Magazine come to life, and that’s a compliment! The curator in this case is Australian, Gaye Gibson, and she’s created this kind of wunderland of items and goods that you can take and use on your own travels. Additionally, she’s set up a cafe there with a great rolling exhibition of Contemporary Art on the walls. When we went to visit it was the work of photographer Laurent Segretier. This is one of the shops i’m truly excited about.

Cool shopfront.

Nice new maps on display in those colorful boxes. The map is that crumpled sheet in the top left of the display next to “Florence”.

I’m not entirely sure what it’s made of, but Gaye shows us that you can crumple this map and stuff it crumpled in our bag or pocket. And apparently it will not rip or stain. (Don’t hold me to this.)

NOHO is written on the map for Hong Kong. And apparently, Gough St. has “Hong Kong’s Best Coffee”.

Art by Laurent you can purchase at their cafe.

+ S.NINE / Hollywood Road

S.Nine is one of those boutiques that i’ve been really wanting to visit for some time now. Only because the owner, Susanna Ngao, is very much into Blogger engagement, and she’s an independent fashion designer, and I love creatives who go pursue what they want to pursue and learn how to turn it into a business. Susanna’s design sensibilities cater to women who love a bit of red-carpet flair but with a bit of a fierce feminist edge. Basically her clothes are meant to be worn by “power women” or at the very least women who want to look the part. Whatever the case may be it’s a bit of sensuality accented by interesting cuts and shapes as formulated by the S.Nine style.

S. Nine Fitting Studio on Hollywood.

Designer, Susanna Ngao

Some of Susanna’s more iconic pieces

+ SHOWTIME / Hollywood Road

Now here’s a very interesting shop. I’ve never been to Showtime before the preview, and my friends I always used to joke about this lingerie / adults “toy”shop when we’d looking at the shopfront’s window from the bars across the street. But actually when you go to the store, and have a chat with owner, Stefanie Chiu, there REALLY is nothing to joke about. Sensuality and what goes on in the bedroom is very serious business. There are a few “toyshops” all over Hong Kong, but none are as tastefully decorated or as well planned and designed as this one, which means every detail has been planned to offer the most comfortable environment for customers and their partners. Additionally, there’s a strong educational component to the shop’s concept with plenty of workshops and talks about different subject matters from pole dancing techniques… to other… techniques. Stefanie’s clients are very happy with her store’s offerings, and husbands come in all the time too to thank Stefanie bringing back the spice in their love lives.

These mannequins really make a presence from the bar across the street.

The library. Very educational.

The toy table. Apparently, Stefanie keeps the prices almost at wholesale levels.

Stefanie and her pet

+ MOUSTACHE / Aberdeen Street

Last but certainly NOT least, finally we get to talk about our favorite casual bespoke store for Men, MOUSTACHE. Actually there’s a big new post on them in the next few days within this blog in collaboration with Carmen Chan’s style blog, How I Met Your Style. But for now you can enjoy the sneak preview photograph below of shop owner and tailor, Ellis, fitting me for a Made-To-Order Jeans Line from Kurashiki, called Betty Smith.

theWanderlister+ in collaboration with Carmen Chan’s HIMYS for Moustache, November 2011

Aside from fabulous discounts, shoppers will also have the chance to win a host of generous giveaways, including an exclusive two nights’ stay at Knight on Wyndham with breakfast on the Knight’s Club terrace and dinner for four at Robata Zawazawa courtesy of GR8 Leisure Concept Ltd (valued at HK$12,000), luxurious skincare products from Natura Bissé and an exquisite jewellery set from ARA Jewelry of Korea sponsored by one-stop online boutique ShopDesCreateurs.com.

Other friends spotted at the preview, Nina from the General Store.

Shelly’s husband, Hiro Hayashi from Ralph Lauren. (Shhh… Hiro, don’t forget our Ralph Lauren Discount!) He’s wearing… erm… Ralph Lauren. I love knit sweaters.

Tricia Ling, coordinator of the SOHO SHOP WALK and social networker.

Very famous Chinese bloggers, Dotthy and KitB.

We ended the night at the epic SOHO pizza place, Paisanos. The only place in HK that carries NYC style pizza. Cheezy and Greasy just the way it’s meant to be.


Pizza #1

and PIZZA #2

You think THAT’S a lot, the table next to us ordered a giant sized pizza! 2 Feet in Diameter!

Good times!

SoHo Shop Walk / Saturday 3rd December2-7pm  / Ticket Cost: $200 (advanced) / $250 (on the day) / Each ticket includes 20%+ discounts at more than 30 Shop Walk retailers, free drinks and canapés, complimentary treatments from AVEDA and Natura Bissé and more.

Find out more or purchase your ticket now at www.shopwalk.hk


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Murakami at Fabrik Blooms, theWanderlister+ Asia Co-Hosts

Last Wednesday night finally saw the first big party at the new ART ONE space in Wanchai when Fabrik Gallery asked us to help them co-host their new collection of prints from Takashi Murakami’s TONDO Series from 2010. The crowd was a good mix of Fabrik friends and supporters, fans of Murakami’s work, and readers and friends of theWanderlister+ Asia blog. Overall it was a great night, and I greatly apologize to our pals Para/Site Art Space, who was holding their Annual Auction that night as well, we seriously had no clue it was the same night. Oh well, lovers of all kinds of art alike where all out in force whether to support one or the other. It was just good to see everyone out to share a drink or two.

The Art One Space. Not really that hard to find. Just at the end of the bridge that connects the HK Convention Centre from Central Plaza.

The TONDO works depict flowers, a recurring subject matter for Murakami, apparently influenced by the flowers in his mother’s garden and a symbol of perfect harmony reflecting Buddhist iconography. This is the first time he’s worked on a circular frame.

The guys at Fabrik were explaining to us how each print has a maximum of 300 editions, all signed by Murakami himself. The cost of each piece range from 40K HKD to upwards of 80K, depending on where in the world you purchase them. The original (not the print version sold at Fabrik), can cost upwards to about 2 Million USD.

Sponsors for the night include the brand new DRY Soda. Something I tried before at Chez Patrick Deli. The soda is actually a kind of spring water with a bit of infused flavors, which were all served with a bit of basic vodka that night. Very nice mixers indeed.

As it turned out the guy who distributes DRY SODA in Hong Kong is Eugene Wong

Who happens to be Samantha Wong’s Cousin! As in Samantha from SAMISHOME.COM!

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Of course there was the great big ‘ole Lucky Beer.

As well as Beso de Vino and Alcaran Tequila… hmmmm….. This was turning out to be quite a party….

Also spotted, Mark Saunderson of Fabrik as well as Shelly from the General Store LTD. who came in a bit early which was awesome because we got to chat a bit. She was also carrying a version of the bag which I bought from her store the other day! :)


I was most surprised about this tho… the Cheese. And did you see what was in that bowl?

GASP. Fabrik and theWanderlister+ branded cheesepicks! Brilliant! (It would have been funny if there was a third one with the Murakami flowers, oh well, I was quite happy with these tho, and the poor person who had to glue them on the toothpicks…)

Other peeps were wearing showing off their flowers for that night however! The gents Alex and Ellis from Moustache were in and out. But I loved their palette of blues and pale yellows as well as their flower-y pocket squares.

Yardbird’s Lindsay Jang was there with Woods Bagot’s Eva Sue.

And Lindsay was showing off her flower-y tattoo. Which was really lovely.

Newly engaged, Jasmine Webster of the DRESSMEBLOG.ME was there with Addie T of the Pretty-Lil-Thing Blog (who wrote a cool pretty-lil-article about the party as well.) But additionally I wanted to make a shout out to my muse, Khanh-Linh who is wearing a beautiful creation by Magnan & Tse

With a flower-y bouquet of silver all hand embroidered, which is basically a signature of Magnan & Tse. The details are impeccable!

Nothing flower-y, but very fab… is this Tai Tai named Connie who i’ve seen several times already at different events and things since bumping into her at the Standard Vintage Chai Wan Pop-Up. I mean she could definitely be my #2 Muse if she applied…

And check out her shoes. Super fierce! :)

Thank you also of course to Fabrik’s Sean and Jurgen for reaching out to us. It was really cool of you guys to do so.

Overall it was a great night seeing people I knew from all over having a few drinks with bright colorful iconic pop art. #HKSocial below…. (left to Right: Friend, IHeartHK.com’s Tricia Ling in Scarf, Connie-the-Connvoyage.com, Harold, #TDHK’S Jamie S, and Cliff)

AND…. The usual suspects from #HKFashionBloggers; Sam, Carmen Chan, and Priscilla I’Anson of the Electric Sekki Blog. (Who also wrote a great write-up of the event here.)

AND Tania. (Missed you Cindiddy and Denise! Christing C. was there as well, but didnt get a photo…)

Overall fantastic night and fantastic show!

I ended the night with friends; William, Bernard, Jennifer, Allison, and Mazen who went to the show, but were dying for congee hotpot in SOJO (Jennifer claims i’m the only guy that refers to SOJO as “SOJO” so maybe i’ll stop…)

Okay but check it out. We had the private room… for Hobbits. You have to duck under to get into this room. Crazy. The congee hotpot was amazing. Perfect for cold, rainy, weather.

More peeps snapped including Artist Simon Birch, Social Networking Jolean Wong, Artist Joe Joe Ngai, Monocle Magazine’s Belinda Huang, Central/Central’s wonder boy Omar Khan, Standard Vintage’s Andy, Street Artist Charles Munka, K+K’s Sebastian Kettner, Woods Bagot’s Billy Ip, Tangram Muse Lingzi Zhang, MischMasch’s Alice Zhang, and Oscar Venhuis of OscarRichard, who also did a cool write up of the event.

To check them all out, take a look at all the photos on our Facebook Album for the event here.

What a night! :)

Fabrik Contemporary Art (Art One) / Dates: Nov 9 - Dec 4, 2011, 11-7pm / Gallery 12 Art One, M/F Convention Plaza, 1 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong / 852 2525 4911 / info@fabrik-gallery.com / Open from Tuesday to Sunday: 11am-7pm / www.fabrik-gallery.com

CONGEE HOTPOT at 新九記粥麵  / G/F, 9 Tai Wang Tung Street, Wan Chai
灣仔大王東街9號地下 / 2865 2827 / on OPEN RICE


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A Wanderlisting Weekend: From NOHO to SOJO

I have no idea what kind of Map Tania Willis has been doing since her hipster SOJO Wanchai map was produced earlier this year for the Pawn, BUT, if she’s been working on a map for NOHO (That’s North of Hollywood Road), she may want to hold on for a bit until it’s urban transformation is complete because seriously… this place is changing… fast.

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Aberdeen Street, Noho.

Gage Street, Noho.

Magnan and Tse Blockparty on Aberdeen Street, Noho.

MOUSTACHE Anniversary Party on Aberdeen Street

Aberdeen Street is the main road that’s the trunk that is the backbone of the NOHO District. This street is home to both the Magnan and Tse and MOUSTACHE Flagships. Completing NOHO are the lanes that branch off Aberdeen Street, such as; Gage Street (home to General Store and RECYCLED), Gough Street (home to Ngau Kee, Homeless, SIDEWALK Cafe, and Basement Restaurant), and Kau U Fong Road which has more shops and galleries.

The fantastic Basement Restaurant, off Gough Street.

Most recently, random shops have popped up here, like this Korean Accessories Brand, called Ro… And a weird Dog/Toy/Pricncess pink shop across the street that I don’t think my camera is able to capture because its just TOO pink to focus.

Nevertheless, VOXFIRE Gallery moved in, where we checked out NOMATTLAND’s (VJ Matt Bailey) Fantastical show last Friday night.

NOMATTLAND’s Prints. (Magnan and Tse shop in the back…)

The exhibit had 10 mini-sculptures spread throughout which were a bit like exclusive one-of-a-kind-collectors figurines of creatures from Matt’s imagination, which he is still plowing through with the concepts and even thinking about taking this to the animation world!

It was a very family/kids oriented exhibit. I think they had fun. This was VOXFIRE’s Francis welcoming a kid who came by to visit.

I have to say… now that NOMATTSLAND is a Channel [V] VJ, he really looks way different than the last time I saw him 6 months ago. Quite GQ. (That’s him on the left.)

And him fooling around with his friend…

I was told by VOXFIRE’s Vincent and Francis that their new neighbor, General Store, closed at 8pm. General Store is a shop that I wrote an exclusive article about their opening two weeks ago, and in the end couldn’t make it to their opening party. But last Friday night I was at VOXFIRE next door and definitely did not want to miss seeing the cool new Americana Vintage Furniture Store in person… so I exited and quickly went to check it out before closing time!

RELATED ARTICLE: The General Store; Progression Towards Regression

I love the simple facade. AND the Vintage Red bike out front. I feel like i’m back in the States!

Inside, I met Nina, who helps run the store. I totally love her look and dig her personal style. AND, I really admire the bag she carried as well.

Apparently the bags look like basic Army/Thrift Bags at first glance, but if you really look at the details and check it out, YES it’s Army/Thrift, but it’s also VERY Designed… As in each bag is deconstructed and reconstructed to make a totally new design out of existing materials. This is Nina showing off her own bag below.

The bag is actually a label from Japan called T.K Garment Supply. The General Store is currently carrying the Fall/Winter 2011 Collection.

Nina’s lucky. Her bag says “Stig Svensson” on it. This portion of the bag came from another bag, which we all presume was owned by someone named Stig Svensson.

And I promise you… you heard it on theWanderlister+ Asia first! This bag will be big. And guess what… I bought one!

And the next day, I FINALLY met the owner, Shelly who posed with my bag in front of her store.

Other random things they sell at the General Store which I love… these little soldier guys.

And these baby booties…

These door knobs.

And a bunch of Ash Trays.

Also spotted on the front entrance is a desk area with SOHO SHOP WALK flyers and Fabrik Gallery handouts. I’ll be covering both the SOHO SHOP WALK and we’ve got a collaboration with Fabrik gallery this Wednesday. :)

Across the street from General Store, there’s the RECYCLED Shop, which I swear made their offerings more sophisticated since they opened shop two years ago.

I really enjoy their paper bags and accessories. I got a case for my iPad here. It’s not vintage, but the idea is the same… reuse it, instead of trashing it.

The next day was a busy yet fun day as well. I spent the day in Wanchai, where I checked out Fabrik’s new gallery space at the Art One complex.

The opening is this Wednesday for the Fabrik x theWanderlister+ Asia for Takashi Murakami show. Fabrik is definitely ready… but unfortunately, the rest of the Art One tenants have not moved in yet. Oh well, we’re there for one thing only… and that’s the Murakami prints which I was able to take a sneak peek with Fabrik Gallery’s owner, Mark Saunderson.

How exciting! Here’s Roberto pondering them…

Later that night we stayed in Wanchai’s SOJO District to listen to Lars Nittve speak at the Instant Culture book launch where KAPOK on Sun Street has copies for sale. It’s a thick tome, that I would describe as the S,M,L,XL for Hong Kong…. but a bit more collaborative.

I have never seen this much people at Kapok before. It was basically a lecture crowd in a design boutique store.

I heard a bit of the talk by Lars Nittve who is the Executive Director of M+. My only close up is through my Canon S95 that can take great photos like these from the nosebleed seats.

Patrons checking out the book…

Gentrification is obviously happening here. I remembered when St. Francis Street/Star Street Areas was defined by mom and pop cafe’s and businesses… it was a bit weird to see this shop on St. Francis Street. Who knew that St. Francis Street/Queen’s Road East was the Sport b. Paris kind of hood?

What a weekend. So tired now.


MY MONSTERS: An Exhibition of Sculptures and Digital Art From The Surreal Mind of NOMATTSLAND / VOXFIRE Gallery, 1F 52 Gage Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong / 4th Nov - 3rd Dec, 2011 / info@voxfiregallery.com / (852)28513385

General Store / 41 Gage Street, Shop H, G/F New Central Mansion, Central, Hong Kong / +852-28518144 / THE GENERAL STORE TWITTER / THE GENERAL STORE FACEBOOK

RECYCLED / GF, 50 Gage Street / TEL: 2191 6865

MOUSTACHE ONLINE / 31 Aberdeen Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong / +852-2541-1955

BASEMENT RESTAURANT ONLINE / No.29 Gough Street, Hong Kong / +852-2854-0010

Magnan & Tse Hong Kong Flagship is located on the corner of Aberdeen and Gage Street north of Hollywood Road .  15 Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong / email: tse@magnan-tse.com / web: www.magnan-tse.com /Facebook / +852-2544-8188


Fabrik Contemporary Art (Art One) / Dates: Nov 9 - Dec 4, 2011, 11-7pm / Opening: Nov 9, 2011, 6.30-8.30pm / Gallery 12 Art One, M/F Convention Plaza, 1 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong / 852 2525 4911 / info@fabrik-gallery.com / Open from Tuesday to Sunday: 11am-7pm / www.fabrik-gallery.com

INSTANT CULTURE: Architecture and Urbanism as a Collective Process BOOK available @ KAPOK, G/F, 3 Sun Street, Wanchai / instantculture@eskyiu.com / WEBSITE FOR BOOK


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HK’s Progression Towards Regression; Vintage Vogue at the General Store

Let’s face it, the hipsters are REGRESSING. Below is a bit of shock and a bit of awe from the Japanese label N.Hoolywood for their Fall/Winter 2011 Collection, previewed in New York this past February.

It features oldie, Alpine Trekkers and Coal Miners.

Dandies and Flaneury.

And a couple of Mountain Climbers. All from the Turn of the Century.

And as we know, form and fashion go hand in hand. As an example, check out these beautiful interiors by Avroko for Lily and Bloom, which is inspired by Turn-of-the-Century “Speakeasies”.

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Meanwhile 208 Duecento Otto is not too far off in time with interiors inspired by New York’s Historic Meatpacking District designed by Autoban. Im still loving the ceiling tiles. Such an inspired design.

RELATED ARTICLE: Autoban’s Award Winning Interiors, Set The Stage for the Mother of All Pizzerias

And just last Sunday, my friend Andy launched his very successful pop-up shop in Chai Wan for the curation of vintage clothing for women. All dresses and accessories now on sale online at http://www.standard-vintage.com.

For the pop-up shop, the look of the brand and the entire space had a bit of that “old-tyme” flare. The following are photos from the Standard Vintage launch party via my Instagram Account.

The food setup was amazing.

This is vintage Mugler.

The curator, Andy Chow. With a light suit that screams “Turn-of-the-Century”.

Connie in blue from Standard Vintage.

Bernadette in Polka Dots from Standard Vintage.

Jennifer with a Banjo and yellow dress from the same shop.

And DJ Angus Wong in Standard Vintage Shades.

We don’t have a Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn, or Williams Sonoma in Hong Kong (I know), but someone has noticed the need for a little bit more variety in the city’s home furnishing selection. People need something than just your typical IKEA,  Wanchai “Chinese Traditional”, and the nice but very high end offers from OVO and Lane Crawford Home. Chen Mi Ji on Sun Street does have a bit of that 50’s-60’s Modernist Swank Selection, but at the end of the day, some of us may want pieces that are completely “Antique Americana”. We’re talking turn of the century to early mid-century western furniture.

Well the House Gods must be listening because now, starting next week; Hong Kong will have this on offer…

The General Store on NOHO’s Gage Street will be Hong Kong’s ultimate mecca for anything Turn-of-the-Century to Mid-Century American and European stylings.

Every Detail is carefully presented.



It’s the full package.

According to the event invite, the shop will offer; “Antiques, Furniture, Books, Sounds, and Interior Design Services”, within a Gallery-type showroom atmosphere.

Offering a new general store experience, General Store is a contemporary and metropolitan take on the general stores of the past offering, under one roof, the modern necessities of today.

Conscious of one’s space, today’s urban dweller is in constant search for pieces to perfectly accent their home or office. Whether it is furniture, fashion or art – patrons will find everything they are looking for at General Store.

A full-service interior haven, General Store offers a range of products from interior design, custom product design and space design including ambient sound and lighting.

The General Store Ltd, is built on the talents of creatives souls from New York, Tokyo, London and Hong Kong. Show-stopping light fixtures, engaging home accessories, out of print books, hand crafted bags, art, unique storage and photography are all available for those who fetishize the past.

I love the raw, industrial space. Perfect for the display of these timeless objects.

Allelujah! There will be apartments in Hong Kong without Chinese Trunks, Medicine Cabinets, and IKEA LACK Bookshelves. Let’s regress! The General Store Opens Next Week, see you there! You know I will be.

General Store / 41 Gage Street, Shop H, G/F New Central Mansion, Central, Hong Kong / +852-28518144 / THE GENERAL STORE TWITTER / THE GENERAL STORE FACEBOOK


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