#JJStyle: KRISVANASSCHE ‘Work’wear at Harvey Nicks

Fans of KRISVANASSCHE can now rejoice. The belgian designer has just launched his first shop-in-shop concept in the world via the Harvey Nichols Asia flagship at Pacific Place in Hong Kong. 

The look of the store, just like his clothes, reflect simplicity, clean lines, yet materials such as steel and timber left raw, rough, and unfinished, reflecting a masculine aesthetic which underpins the KRISVANASSCHE style.

Good curated for this special store include his full Work collection from the FW2012 season. Work is the KRISVANASSCHE playing with the 9-to-5 lifestyle most Hong Kongers are used to. For example collars are literally “white” or “blue” (depending on what you feel you relate to) and can be layered with a collection of overalls, quilted jackets, double layered blazers. The palette is a mix of grey, blue, black, and white. New this year however is his collaboration with Lee Denim to help emphasize the blue in “blue collar”, while collaborations with Eastpak and Linda Farrow will also be available.

As an additional treat, shoppers can also purchase a special limited edition Falling Bolts & Screws silk scarf designed by Kris Van Assche himself just for this special shop. The scarf retails for 2,550HKD.

Kris Van Assche began his career at YSL, and then mentored under Hedi Slimane at Dior Homme. The KRISVANASSCHE label began in 2005 with a show at Paris Fashion Week and is defined by classic lines and rugged masculinity. It’s menswear of the future today.

SHOP KRISVANASSCHE @ Harvey Nichols Pacific Place 



I was having drinks this past weekend with Omar and Peter Teo of Singapore’s PS Cafe, when the subject of consumer and consumer consumption came up.  Basically Peter sells bags via his ProjectShop Store at the Paragon, bags that are well designed, made of good materials, and constructed in a very unique way.  And the looks are NOT trendy and non-seasonal.  Needless to say, the bags are a hit with Europeans, but very difficult to sell to Americans who are always asking “What should I buy? What is hot NOW that you can sell us?”

See the difference?  And unlike my trips abroad with my other friends, trips with Omar misses the shopping mall almost entirely.  He occassionally purchases big ticket items (ahem, like the Bang & Olufsen headphones we got Duty Free on board Cathay Pacific) but hardly falls for the “seasonal” and the “what’s fashionable now”. Ie, he shops the European Way, which is he purchases product that is high guality and sees each purchase as an investment rather than a piece that can be thrown away after three months.  This is Craft versus Fast Fashion.

So while we may like ZARA color blocking now (via ZARALOOKBOOK)

Does anyone STILL own/wear that Madonna for H&M Outfit? (via HKDIGIT)

Who will wear them after the trend is over? Most likely, nobody. (via BU)

So according to the latest statistics:

+ Clothing consumption in Hong Kong has increased by 60% in the last 10 years

+ 253 tonnes of textiles were literally tossed into Hong Kong Landfills everyday in 2009

+ In 2009, Hong Kong recovered 15% of the total textile waste, while UK recovered 33%

No wonder the GAP and Abercrombie & Fitch can’t wait to operate whole of Asia. Asians are sold, and the buying habits reflect American sensibilities. People are dying for the in and for the now, no matter how it affects the wastage and not to mention the pollution that goes into the creation of these “Fast-Fashion” products.

Thank goodness there’s an organization like REDRESS HK that seeks to promote used clothes recycling and textile waste reduction in Hong Kong AND spread awareness as to the amount of clothes we toss out everyday.  That’s why last Thursday night, 300 guests converged at Hong Kong’s Watermark at Star Ferry, to support a fashion show staged by REDRESS HK by the city/region’s top designers of clothing re-appropriated from recycled materials found in any one of the city’s clothing recycling centers.  The clothes will be retailed at Harvey Nichols to raise funds for the Charity, Redress.

Among the celebrities in attendance were Yoyo Mung, Carrie Lam, Eunice Chan, Anna Yau, Maria Chan, and Kennis Tai.  The list of designers include, Dorian Ho, Johanna Ho, Bonita, Cheung, Cecilia Yau, and Magnan & Tse.

All the designers and their models below:

Dress by Handerchief

Hei Lau

Johanna Ho


Magnan & Tse

and Aalis

From Christina Dean, CEO of Redress:

It is widely accepted that the most significant negative environmental footprint from the entire fashion supply chain often arises during the consumer-use phase, including washing, drying, ironing and clothing disposal.  This demonstrates that at a consumer level we truly can make a significant environmental improvement simply by washing and drying more responsibly and by recycling our unwanted clothing.

If you go to the Watermark Central Pier #7, dont be shocked if you see this (via UNISONCREATIVE)

This is a 5 meter high mountain called The 3% Mountain. Ie. this mountain represents only 3% of the daily textile waste going to Hong Kong’s landfill everyday. FAIL.

What was a WIN however was the REDRESS HK Fashion campaign and the event which was sponsored by domestic appliance king, Miele and Harvey Nichols. Models were supplied by Elite, makeup by Beauty Tech, and Production by Salon de Pigeon.  Other supporting organizations, Friends of the Earth, The Conservancy Association, the Sustainable Business Consortium, and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

Please check out The 3% Mountain and up-and-coming fashion designers from Redress’ EcoChic Design Awards at the Star Ferry Central from 16th of June to 22nd of June. (Ie. ENDS THIS WEEK).  Harvey Nichols will feature a selection of clothing from this fashion show until 4th of July. So don’t miss.

www.redress.com.hk / REDRESS on FB

Thank you Julie, Yuen Man, and Nancy for the heads up.