So Much To Celebrate, As We Host CAFE D “Talk Show” at Duddell’s


Yesterday I celebrated my 8th year anniversary in Hong Kong by doing what else… by helping highlight creative ventures in the city as a host of Duddell’s first ever Cafe D Series, a Saturday “talk show” on all things design! 





The talk show, part of the Duddell’s Art Programmes for members and friends, is a way to engage Hong Kong’s design creatives in a kind of intimate and relaxed banter over coffee and tea with the general public who wants to know them better. Each bi-monthly talk show will pose a question or a topic to be discussed in a format highlighting the works and inspirations of each designer via a visual slideshow… over tea, coffee, and snacky dim sum at the Duddell’s book library.



Guests for our first show, titled How Has Hong Kong Changed You Creatively?, include HK based fashion designers in various stages of career maturity, Michelle Lai, founder of MISCHA, Paola Sinisterra and Ignacio Garciao, partners of Tangram, and Roger Ouk, who launches a menswear accessories label, THYVANE officially this week.

The conversation ranged from topics like how “a-ha” moments happen to issues of inspiration, sacrifice, and sustaining a proper work-life balance. The whole talk was of course filmed and will soon be edited and launched online on various social media channels via our friend, print and multimedia journalist, Joanne Lam. I will be posting this video on as well once it’s ready.

Here’s me prepping Accessories mogul, Michelle Lai, over Arts Programme sponsor, Perrier-Jouet, before our talk. (via MISCHA INSTAGRAM)image

Paola of Tangram was surprised we gave her caffeine and a microphone. I’m glad we did because she was so passionate and inspiring throughout the whole talk. (via PAOSINIS INSTAGRAM)


The talk was well attended by creative entrepreneurs, members, friends, family, investors, fashion editors, and buyers. It was truly a fantastic hour long chat.



Afterwards a few of us remained to have celebratory drinks, then headed over to Chachawan to make the 6:30 service for a nice Thai feast.


All I can say is, i’m pretty thankful for having spent my 8th year anniversary day in Hong Kong via this program and with these creative individuals. They prove that Hong Kong is a great city to set up and start a creative venture. If you’ve got the right idea, the networks and the help will be quick to follow.


(PS. Apologies for all the instagram photos… I was too stressed and flustered to take photos with my own SLR camera! There’s only so far I can go with my multi-tasking obsession.)

WEAR Tangram / WEAR MISCHA / WEAR Thyvane / EAT & DRINK Duddell’s . Level 3, Shanghai Tang Mansion, 1 Duddell Street, Central, Hong Kong


Seen&Scene: At Home at Casa Capriz


It was a tough week overall with terrorist attacks in Boston, my sister’s hometown. The attacks plus tighter than usual deadlines at work almost brought me to the end of my rope. So it was quite refreshing to see a “TGIF”-style invite on Facebook for a little get together at Casa Capriz in Chai Wan, an artist’s haven in the industrial area aka. the last stop of the MTR’s Blue Island Line.


The Capriz part of the name refers to studio owner, Irene Capriz, pictured above, the lovely lady of Italian-Malay descent who came all the way to Hong Kong from Bologna, Italy, her hometown. The traditional lifestyle/retail space in Hong Kong’s more central districts maybe tight and expensive, but Casa Capriz’s roomy 2,600 square-foot showroom showcasing curated vintage furniture from around the world, is a breath of fresh air for those who are in a no-pressure mood to search of something different and with a curatorial eye. (Ie. not cheap metal, plastic, flat packed, and mass produced.)

Irene shares the space with Claudia Albertini, director of Platform China, and Paola Sinisterra (below) and Ignacio Garcia of the Tangram fashion label, to create a haven where one can go from trying out furniture, to perusing edgy art, while walking around in one of many Tangram clothes… again just a try. It’s a new way of experiencing shopping for a variety of things at one go while supporting independent creative initiatives.


This past Friday, the Chai Wan collective of artists and designers, known as Chai Wan Mei, organized a neighborhood shindig which included galleries like A0 Vertical Art Space, Latitude 22N, and YY9 Gallery. At Casa Capriz, a selection of erotic art curated by Platform China was on stage with kinky accessories by Sally Coco, a new line of lingerie from Tangram, and an amazing feast of fresh bread and pate from the bespoke bakers at Bread Elements.


The husband and wife team from Bread Elements, sharing their classic “Campagne” Loaf.


I was there with Time Out HK Editor and RTHK Radio Personality, Arthur Tam. We were fresh off our taping of his weekly show “From Top to Bottom” focused on queer issues locally and globally


I met milliner, Jay Cheng, for the first time, whose studio was also in Chai Wan. Cheng’s hats were on sale and on display around the gallery and the space.


The biggest surprise of the evening was meeting theWanderlister+ reader, Norbyah, a cool mother of three, teacher, and an overall stylish lady… who like Irene, is half malay as well. She wore her market finds from Stanley Market. It’s lovely.



I had such a great time that night. For me a trip to Chai Wan is a creative re-charge, but for these artists and designers who work and live here… this is their everyday. And fingers crossed/pray to God, that the Hong Kong government does something to support all their endeavors.

Enjoy the rest of the photos!










Okay, so Chai Wan wasn’t the last stop. Arthur and I met up with DJ Angus Wong in Central to have a bit of classic Cantonese food at Lin Heung. (We were supposed to go to Ngau Kee, my favorite local cantonese dive, but this weekend they were closing shop and there was a line… so Lin Heung it is.)


I really miss Ngau Kee, but eating in Lin Heung is quite nice as well. The decor takes you back to mid-century life in Hong Kong. The food and sea-food is amazing as per usual. I love the Dim Sum here, but I think I prefer dinner where I can really appreciate the atmosphere and the old-style hospitality without the manic crowd.



Thanks to Chai Wan, Casa Capriz, and Lin Heung for being the light at the end of the dreary tunnel that was last week.

DESIGN Casa Capriz / ART Platform China / WEAR Tangram / WEAR Jay Cheng Milliner / PLAY Sally Coco Intimate Lifestyle Store / EAT Bread Elements / EAT Lin Heung Tea House 



Tangram, the amazingly powerful and colorful womenswear line introduced by Columbian partners, Paola Sinisterra and Ingacio Garcia, have launched their 2013 line while at the same time showing gratitude to their community and group of friends here in Hong Kong who have helped and supported them via an editorial style parade photographed by Daniele Mattioli at Casa Capriz.

Since Tangram is all about color, style, range, creativity, personality, and of course, the power of all these elements combined, who else is best to be dressed in the wears but the creators themselves, and the creative community in Hong Kong in general. All the peeps youve seen in this blog before, Ellis Kreuger and Alex Daye of Moustache and Salon No.10, Style maven Diana d’Arenberg, 15Squarestreet’s Alexis Holm with partner Jan Pang, and curator Claudia Albertini

All photos can be found on Tangram’s Facebook Page here.

WEAR Tangram Online or By Appointment at Casa Capriz, 8F, Realty Tower, 4 San On Street, Chai Wan


ART HK12 (Part 5): A Fair Amount of Style

In the next few weeks my team and I will be releasing a series of posts as a wrap up to reflect on our incredible ART HK12 experience this year. Of course it’s the first year that Art Basel has partnered with Hong Kong Art Fairs, which caused a few considerable differences between previous fairs and this year… namely with 260+ galleries, everything is much tighter (spatially) and the incorporation of well established works by well established international artists at intersection points within Hall 1 and Hall 3 for its 10-Work ART HK Projects.

But before we go through all that in the next series of posts… lets focus on the FUN… with “Fair Fashion”. No matter rain or shine (literally), the sheer everyday excitement and anticipation for the fair was steady throughout the week with everyone attending from buyers, to gallerists, and especially artists themselves… putting their best style forward for the great grand show. Armed with our trusty S95 Camera, we powered through a few days of events and exhibitions with one eye at works but always another peeled at the art of seemingly effortless “self-styling”.

So without further ado… here are select few style shots Ive taken of friends and fair goers with whom I’ve bumped into at this year’s ART HK12 and associated events this whole week.

+ WHITE CUBE HK for Anselm Kiefer / 12.MAY.15

Jenny in polka dots and nice custom hat (she left in the taxi after.)

Lady in white and black and shocking orange Cambridge Satchel.

+ GALERIE PERROTIN for Brian Donnelly-KAWS / 12.MAY.15

Buddies: Carrera’s Fed and LC / Brew&Post’s Jason of TOUGHLOVE.HK

Brew&Post’s Denise of SUPERWOWOMG and designer/musician, Brian Siswojo of 8FIVE2 and Know1edge/24 Herbs.

BFF’s Lindsay and May of Yardbird who just released their newest Yardbird branded nigori sake in collaboration with Cody Hudson.

Sena in front of her favorite work.

Photographer Paulsta Wong and Hypebeast Editor, Alex.

Creative duo, Ryo and Toshiki from TOSHIKI.

+ ART HK12 Vernissage Opening and MODERN MEDIA Party / 12.MAY.16

Tangram’s Ignacio who was more than ready for their GIFT SHOP initiative for the weekend (which I heard was very successful… it extended to another day!) Despite the computer accident he was able to manage the 2 day pop up selling goods of Hong Kong’s best designers and creatives extremely well.

Elaine with a friend wearing her own creation from LAB-yrinth. (Check out the shoes as well.)

Jocelyn wearing print and fuchsia backpack.

Brew&Post’s ChristingC of Fashion Hedonism and Instagram King, Dan. Follow him on instagram at @DanielHungryHongKong :)

Susanne of StageBack Shanghai, standing by 150% of what her shirt says.

Sharon in white and sparkly heels.

Jason (right) of Marc and Chantal and friend in blues jeans, checks, and round specs. Both gentlemen dressed exactly right for 2012.

Para/Site’s Cosmin Costinas (right) and me. Yes to colored pants. Yes to colored shoes.

Gentleman sporting a mustache.

Designer, Frances and Lingzi both bling bling.

+ OSAGE GALLERY Dinner / 12.MAY.18

Luigina of LuiginaKorea in polka dots.

Mononcle Magazine and the Black Rennaissance’s Daniel.

Anchor Shirley Yu of CCTV. Beautiful Hat.

Eugene wearing the Armoury.

OSAGE Gallery’s Sybil of the Style Voyager looking light in lace and turquoise.

+ ART HK12 / 12.MAY.17 - 12.MAY.20

A pinch of business, a touch of casual.

Designer duo, Kiki and Billy.

Relaxed and loose in grey.

Spotted Diana who was rushing off for an interview in regards to her ART FLAT project at the Fair for Para/Site Gallery. (And yes, she gave me three different looks for three separate shots while talking business on the phone.)

Blue chinos, slip-ons, and patterned eco-shopper. (Gentleman to the left is Hans-Ulrich Obrist, FYI. Thanks for spotting Mr. Birch.)

DJ Angus Wong of W Hotels Worldwide direct from Taipei to Art Fair.

Eco-Designer, Rowena, proudly wearing shorts from “Divisoria”.

Gentleman in just the right amounts of everything combined.

Hotel Icon’s Mandy in Denim over a black sheer dress.

Shu Uemura Asia’s Thomas carrying a limited edition ART HK12 Jenny Holzer “Money Creates Taste” Bag.

Minimal lightweight looks that are anything but mundane. Only the gentleman at the left can pull off a Wellingtons and shorts combination. I’m quite jealous.

Interior designer, Shin, visiting shortly from London.

Saamlung’s Natasha at the end of Sunday. Love the subtle details of her pin skirt (which the camera didn’t quite capture too well.)

Jade and Roger looking very complimentary.

Art Future’s artist for Saamlung Nadim.

As a side note, yesterday my friend, DJ Angus Wong, who was impressed with fashions at the fair asked if seemingly messy artist-hipster-types at the fair dressed chic-ly yet ill-prepared or were they deliberately styled that “haphazard” way… my answer, it’s the International Art Fair, all Fair Fashion is deliberate. No one walks out their house naturally disheveled.

The only trend I saw this year is that there were plenty of blues and yellows to go around and more men are willing to wear more color… either via blazers, shirts, trousers, or shoes.

Speaking of yellow, check out this photo of me with Queen Bee, Victoria Lu.

Meanwhile, I’m wearing my new seersucker pin stripe blazer from my current menswear idol, Anthony Hill, of HILL Menswear which I pretty much wore all week during the fair. I couldn’t imagine running around in anything else but that blazer. It was business and comfort in one… very breathable material as well.

Stay tuned for more about this year’s fair over the next few weeks.


Clickitty Click It’s a Bold Spring in Hong Kong! Farfetch.Com and Victoria, Victoria Beckham (Part 1 or 2)

The best thing about springtime in Hong Kong, is that the city has literally sprung back to life with the usual excite and buzz about new projects and new opportunities for the year ahead. Post-Chinese New Year, every one is back on their feet and charging forward with entrepreneurial and creative-networking vigor. The trend this Spring 2012; it’s all about cross-pollination of creative ideas and the exchange of concepts for e-commerce, social network, and of course collaborative projects within the fields of arts, design, and of course fashion.

Below, Shanghai Tang Duddell Street Opens Up.

This spring we’ve witnessed the injection of the Liberatum Festival for Creatives by UK-based socialissmo, Pablo Ganguli; a new life with the opening of Shanghai Tang’s Duddell Street flagship, the rise of fashion e-commerce sites like ShopdesCreateurs and, and collaborative launches from Lane Crawford with the likes of Victoria Beckham and Nicola Formichetti. In addition there was also the SCAD Style Talks, preparation for ART HK12… and the list goes on and on and on and so forth.

This is Hong Kong in the year 2012… if it’s the end of the world this year, then Hong Kong is going out with a bang.

On top of documenting the news and note-worthy, I’m keeping one eye out of course to the people and fashions that make Hong Kong the Orient’s Fashion Capital. Rain and Humidity does nothing to dampen personal tastes and styles, which is clearly the case when I ventured out to check out the above said events week after week. So without further ado… here goes some musings and snapshots from the last few weeks here in Hong Kong this Spring 2012.

+ FARFETCH.COM April 2012 Launch @ the Space, Hollywood Road is the the revolutionary style portal that has fashionistas around the world buzzing. Bringing a wide network of independent boutiques right to the user, it fulfills even the most well-travelled fashionista’s desire to find and buy one-of-a-kind fashion and accessories, while getting to know the individual personalities behind each boutique’s election. The site allows one-stop checkout for purchases from multiple stores, and proudly offers free global returns.

Representing the one day VIP-only pop up in Hollywood Road’s the Space, are boutiques, Curve (LA), Dante 5/Anna Dello Russo (BARI, ITALY), L’Eclareur (PARIS), Henrik Vibskov (WORLDWIDE), Hostem (EAST LONDON), RA (ANTWERP), and Tessabit (LAKE COMO, ITALY).

Within the boutiques available on, the brands on offer are pretty diverse and include everything from Isabelle Marant, Ann Demeulemeester, Opening Ceremony, and J Brand, to Margiela, Marni, Rodarte, and Rag & Bone. So basically everything.

We met CEO & founder of, Jose Neves, who introduced to an audience of friends, media, and bloggers.

Some fashion inspirations from the night… Daniella from

Kim Leitzes of in flashy pink, making do with the city’s wet weather.

Tina Chu in beige and touches of pink.

Controlled-Disheveled plus Elegant.

It’s all about poppy colors underpinned by neutrals like Beiges, Greys, Blues, and Blacks. Priscilla of Electric Sekki and Carrera’s Khan-Linh.


Brew&Post Blogger, Jason of TOUGHLOVE.HK

+ Victoria, Victoria Beckham S/S 2012 Launch @ Lane Crawford, IFC

Fashion designer Victoria Beckham embarked her first Asia tour for her new youth-oriented collection Victoria, Victoria Beckham this month, making her visit one of the most highly anticipated events on the fashion calendar as she traveled to both Beijing and Hong Kong.


Victoria Beckham rounded off her tour at Lane Crawford ifc mall on April 25, 2012 to meet and greet with customers, VIPs, celebrities including Jennifer Tse and Kathy Chow, as well as media with private appointments and in-store cocktail.

My photo of Victoria Beckham 1/2

My photo of Victoria Beckham 2/2

As you can tell I was in no position to get “up close and personal” like fellow blogger ElleIconLee was able to…

or for that matter my friend Cindiddy on Instagram. I suppose Victoria Beckham is sporting braids and a cardigan to reflect the more girlish nature of the new line.

However. To compliment the youthful inspirations of the new Victoria,Victoria Beckham line… cocktails, cookies, macaroons, and ice-cream were all on offer in many a bold-candy-color-blocked display.

Virginia, Hong Kong’s FASHION GEEK.

Brew&Post Blogger, ChristingC. of Fashion Hedonism.

Time Out HK, chief fashion stylist Kawai Wong (and tough as nails interviewer!)

… in Cows.

Chinese/English Lifesyle Blogger, ELLEICONLEE.

Photographer Michal Garcia with Friend discussing cameras with me. (I know nothing about Cameras. Anyway, LIKE his FB Page!)

Cindy Ko (CINDIDDY) and her partner Tim Chang. Looking very complimentary in primary colors. She’s wearing Victoria.

Muted Violets with Tangram’s Paola and Ignacio, and Lane Crawford’s Tiffany Hsu.

Priscilla in shocking yellow and a dark muted base.

Chic in sheer-cobalt with a touch of yellow.

Julie in print.

Brew&Post Blogger, SUPERWOWOMG- Denise and Pedder Group’s Queenie in Denim.

Bag Designer, Michelle Lai of MISCHA with friend in complimentary florals and MISCHA clutches.

Fresh of having a photo shoot with Mike Figgis for LIBERATUM Hong Kong, Danielle of WHITESPACE, totally over this weather in black tank, hot tangerine shorts. (She instructed me how to take this photo, and subsequent style photos after… she knows!!! I’m learning!)

Closeups of Victoria, Victoria Beckham Dresses at the event.

Next Up: Meeting Ozzie Bloggers Gary Pepper Girl and seeing what’s what at the Shanghai Tang Flagship Launch.

Farfetch.Com Online Store / Lane Crawford Victoria, Victoria Beckham


11am. In The Year 2012.

Yesterday at sunny 11am the big news in Hong Kong was that theSartorialist (ScoSchu) himself was around town in Hong Kong, even snapping up this photo of my friend, Priscilla of the Electrik Sekki Blog on Moon Street in Wanchai.

Boy does weather change drastically. Today at 11am, this was all over Instagram… (First one is mine.)


I had a talk two nights ago at SCAD on Design and Social Media, and was asked if all these social media apps and devices for Social Media have in any way “Degraded” communications or enhanced it.

Well, I suppose a picture is worth a thousand words… how about 14 pictures from Instagram?

Tangram’s Ignacio Garcia.

Pedder Group’s Queenie Mak.

Janice of the Media Maid Blog.

Tangram’s Paola.

LC/ToughLove.HK’s Jason Lam.

Juliana Loh.

General Store’s Tricia Ling.

Lifestyle Asia’s Andy Yeo.

HK Magazine’s Katie Kenny.

WSJ’s Lara Day.


Can I just say… I <3 Instagram.


My Rainy Fashion Night’s Out, Hong Kong Style

We never really had an official FNO (Fashion Night Out) in this city, but Cedric Delzenne’s ShopdesCreateurs.Com hosted event last week, the Designer Fashion Night, was quite close to a mega fashion event by bringing together HK’s top independent labels under one roof. Designers participating for the event were friends Paola Sinisterra (TANGRAM) and Yuen Man Tse (Magnan & Tse), as well as designers, Jeanine Hsu for NIIN and Susanna Ngao for S.Nine, with whom I met before for the SOHO Shop Walk Event late last year.

Spotted: Paola w/ her Husband Igancio Garcia (right).

Paola’s bed of Tangram Bon Bons.

The beautiful pastels and bright fruity colors of Tangram. (#HKPeople, basic black is whack. Move on.)

Immediate change of scene next door at the Magnan & Tse Pop-Up Shop with Fierce Blacks and Reds.

Spotted: Designer Yuen Man in her signature silk-screened top.


PR Maven, Miss Yvonne in a Magnan & Tse top.

I love her upside down triangles.

Spotted Again, Susanna from S.Nine in front of her intricate cocktail dress creations.

Designers I met for the first time that night, NIIN’s Jeanine AND MISCHA’s Michelle Lai carrying her own bag. Michelle and I communicated via her TWITTER account before the night. She’s very cool. I had no idea she designed MISCHA. I always thought it was a foreign brand! All these brands you can order online at ShopDesCreateurs.Com.

I got to The Space much later than everyone else (30 minutes before closing), but from what I heard (and noticed since there was zero alcohol left), was that the event was packed, as in no room to walk around. My friends and I spent most of the evening at SIDEWALK at NOHO before we got to SPACE at Julie Shah’s Olebar Brown Pop-Up Launch event where time seemed to fly. Before we knew it we were running late for everything.

Gough Street has changed. So much.

The tailored Swimwear of Olebar Brown.

With me that night was Natasha, who introduced me to her friend Deborah Erlich of ArtHK.

Other friends from that night, Cliff, #TDHK’s Jamie, and Lifestyle Blogger Razlan.

And of course Carrie ElleIconLee, Miranda Jocelyn, and Samantha Miss Yvonne.

It was really great to bump into Shanghai Studios / HK Honey’s Leung Dont who was at SIDEWALK to pick up their crinkly map of Hong Kong.

Also spotted… Korean Landscape Architect, Ryan Park suave in black.

DANDY’s Lucas and friend. (If you havent been to check out his bar yet… you really should.)

Black and White done right.

Rowena of Liquid Interiors in muted palettes and Cedric.

Thanks Julie for the invite.

And congratulations Jasmine and Cedric for a great time at Designer Fashion Night. Congrats!

Ron and Natasha were such great sports for waiting for me while I was “blogging”.

Oh well. The great part about The Space… 208 Duecento Otto was next door! Not far to walk in the rain!

Rachel Pollard was there, and she just purchased her own Tangram Bon Bon Necklace (she’s wearing.)

Looks great to me! Now on to Authentic Napolese Pizza!

Check out all the brands at SHOPdesCREATEURS.

ORLEBAR BROWN POP UP / Two Weeks Starting Thursday, 8th March 2012 / SIDEWALK, 4 Gough Street, Central, HK / email: for more information / ORLEBAR BROWN on Mr. Porter or ASOS


White, Minimalist, and Hot; Saamlung Opens With Palimpseptic

Supporters of the arts were out to celebrate the launch of Robin Peckham’s newest commercial gallery space Saamlung in downtown Central Hong Kong on Friday. The press release did state that the exhibition opening for a much awaited solo by João Vasco Paiva, was supposed to be a softer launch, but in fairness to the turnout it ended up turning into the opposite of “soft”. Saamlung was big enough, and the ceiling heights incredible, but if people were spilling out into the hallway, no amount of aircon was available to turn down the heat emanating from the event. Nasty evening rain couldn’t keep the crowds away either.

The artist, João Vasco Paiva, with Leung Chi Wo.

The works, a series of paintings, a sculpture, and a video installation, all deal with symbols, signs, wayfinding, codes, and armatures, inspired by Hong Kong’s relationship with the MTR, the city’s subway system. Joao works with all media in an effort to expand on his subject matter from all possible angles. All subjects seem familiar, but at the same time devoid of their original context, because the figures depicted are stripped entirely of text and number, making the piece of work completely new and foreign to the viewer, despite its familiarity.

Video Installation.

The Turnstile.

The paintings complimented the sculpture and vice-versa, with the all white space completely perfect for the minimalist art.

Spotted: Tangram’s Ignacio Garcia (left), Robin Peckham (center), and Jehan Chu of Vermillion and Chaiwanese (right), with a friend.

I’m a big fan of art editor/author/blogger, Xue Tan (middle). She was really down to earth which I love, here chatting with MAP Office’s Valérie Portefaix.

If you don’t remember, Xue Tan was responsible for the amazing portraits of graphic designer, Lingzi Zhang for Tangram’s S/S 2012 Campaign.

Other funny spottings, Valerie’s son within a wall gap serving drinks to guests. It was a bit performance art. Valerie proudly snapping shots of her son below.

Osage’s social media guru and #HKFashionBlogger Sybil Kot with the multi-tasker/Asia Art Archive/Saamlung Gallery Manager (i’m sure i’m missing something), Natasha.

Osage’s Jade.

Other cool peeps at the show. I love her glasses.

Xue Tan’s friend.

And me and Xue.

This was some really great work by João. Also kudos to Robin for an amazing gallery space. It really reminds me of the kind of galleries you see in New York. Additionally you REALLY should check out Xue Tans website, The Creators Project, right now. Its the kind of content I’d love to do if I did blogging full time. She works on it in conjunction with Intel and Vice. Her latest article is about China as the World’s Architectural playground.

MVRDV’s China Comic and Animation Museum below.

Hope to collaborate with Xue Tan in the near future.

RELATED ARTICLE: Saamlung Pre Opening, Works João Vasco Paiva

João Vasco Paiva: Palimpseptic / Saamlung, 26/F Two Chinachem Plaza, 68 Connaught Rd. C., Central District, Hong Kong /


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Paola Sinisterra’s Tangram Label Debuts First Collection in Hong Kong, a Mix of Bold Poppy Colors for Spring/Summer 2012

This past month, Colombian fashion designer, Paola Sinisterra and her husband, Spanish Architect, Igancio Garcia, debuted the first collection of their new womenswear line, Tangram, a label of elegant and feminine casual wear designed and produced right here in Hong Kong. The launch of Tangram’s first collection is a sophisticated and unique approach to an effortless bohemian chic aesthetic, which is seemingly light, but quite complex in its shapes, tailoring, and colorful juxtapositions. Pinks, beiges, yellows, and oranges intermix playfully, giving us a taste of what Spring/Summer 2012 could be, or at least as envisaged through the eyes of Tangram’s designer, Poala.

Spotted: Paola Sinisterra, happily multi-tasking at Tangram’s Spring-Summer 2012 launch. She wears her own creation here.

At the Tangram launch event which was set comfortably within Whitespace’s spacious Sheung Wan studios, I found out that Paola is a Colombian who emigrated to Hong Kong three years ago after having lived in Bogota, Boston, and Barcelona. Paola is quite the industry veteran, having produced fashion for quite a long time, working front end as well as back end of a global apparels label where skills learned from that experience, have proved useful for her and her husband’s setup of this refreshing new fashion line.

The Tangram S/S 2012 launch at the Whitespace Studios earlier this month.

Upon meeting Paola Sinisterra, I clearly realized that she embodies an infectious positive bonvivant personality that is quite rare to find in Hong Kong these days. Whether the attitude is something that is naturally Latin, or whether it is just the way Paola really is, her devil-may-care personality is quite a refreshing injection, which hopefully paves the way for others within Hong Kong’s Creative New Wave.

When speaking to her, she is always brimming with great innovative ideas, offers insightful comments to any subject of conversation, making her quite genial and very much approachable overall. One can also notice that her aesthetic sense of style is always defined by color and plenty of it, and styled in the right way too. People who have lived in Hong Kong for years know that for most of the time, HK is a very “serious” city. City dwellers here are defined by black structured clothing, which reflect the busy and detached disposition that everyone wears on their face.

I only highlight this fact about Paola, because this “go-for-it” creative attitude injects itself throughout all her projects in a major way. It most likely began with her incredibly delectable The Kitchen Nomads Food Blog, and now defines the unique edge that underpins her collection for Tangram.

Konzepp’s Julie Shah, with with a polka-dotted Paola.

Below are beautifully constructed, and easy garments in bright and bold colors with beiges and browns, defining the Tangram S/S 2012 style.

The complex detailing and construction, make for an easy and relaxed fit in the end.

Less brighter options are also available, and work best with a highlight of colorful and playful accessories that stand out with the overall look.


A DJ played music alongside for guests to the showroom.

Others in attendance, Standard Vintage’s Andy, Sinclair’s Larissa, and Carmen Chan.

My pals, Christing C and Dan with a friend. All in Beige, the color of the season.


Me and Denise

OMA’s Roberto and Inge

And here with fellow Texan and Photographer Michal Garcia. Us both trading notes about party photography… hehe. Check out Michal’s great photos from that night on the Tangram FB Page.

Also Tangram’s collaboration with artist, art curator, and blogger, Xue Tan, were also hung proudly on display that night.

Speaking of Xue Tan, a prolific contributor to the Arts in her own right, Tangram forwarded me this first exclusive, never before seen preview images for the Tangram Spring/Summer 2012 Line.

These beautiful works were photographed in Hong Kong’s countryside, and are a collaboration between Tangram and Xue Tan, an editor and author of The Creators Project, a global web aggregation of all things art and design sponsored by VICE and Intel.

Enjoy the stunning photographs!

There WILL be a presale in the weeks to come. And YOU will have a chance to order and purchase from Tangram’s Spring/Summer 2012 line the same time as international buyers. All you have to do is to ‘LIKE’ Tangram’s Facebook Page and to SUBSCRIBE to their E-Mail Newsletter to get instructions on how to order from the pre-sale.

Thanks Paola and Ignacio for letting us share these beautiful photos and for inviting us to your successful launch!


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