Clickitty Click It’s a Bold Spring in Hong Kong! Shanghai Tang and HK/Australian Blogger Mashup (Part 2 or 2)

In my last post on Spring Styles around the city, I was able to take you to the launch of Victoria, Victoria Beckham at Lane Crawford, as well as the introduction of in Hong Kong, the e-commerce website where you can shop the world’s most independent boutiques. A few cool things happened at the tail end of last week that I didn’t really anticipate; first, how great (and grand) Hong Kong retailer Shanghai Tang’s new Flagship looks on Duddell Street and second, how cool it was to meet the Ozzie versions of ourselves, when we were introduced to three huge bloggers from the Land Down Under.

+ The Shanghai Tang Mansion @ Duddell Street

It feels like a really long time ago, but really it was only August of last year that I wrote a blog post about Shanghai Tang’s imminent closure in the historic Pedder Building to make way for American retailer, Abercrombie & Fitch.

Well Spring has indeed Sprung and now while the Pedder Building is still in hoarding, bright lights aglow on Duddell Street for Shanghai Tang’s new 3-Storey location, and in a way, it feels as if they were liberated. The size is massive and there’s so much room to play with in their new home in terms of layout, displays, fitting rooms, etc. you name it, there’s just so much space.

The new Shanghai Tang Mansion is its largest store in the world with a retail space of 15,000 square feet. The Mansion’s design reflects a modern interpretation of an opulent Chinese Art Deco mansion, embodying the brand’s next evolution in yet another unique collaboration with the best of China’s creative talents. Shanghai-based firm, Design MVW, was commissioned to take the ambitious project from concept to reality with a fusion of contemporary design and authentic Chinese characteristics.

I initially thought I wouldn’t be able to find it because the Mansion is not located on any of the “Main” streets in Central. But hello, these ladies were on Queen’s Road Central helping direct the crowd to the store. I like how once I brought out the camera they gave me their best “Shanghai Tang” looks for the first shot.

The store’s entrance, brightly lit.

There were so much commotion on Ground Floor what with all the celebrities and VIP Guests, etc, I quickly ran up to the 2nd Level because I wanted to avoid the crowd while getting to check out the Men’s shop and the Home Store which thankfully were on the same level.

Nice dining table layout here in the Home Store.

With Beddings.

The Men’s shop had cool limited edition bikes. #iWant.

Upstairs there was a really cool bar/party/club area. Totally unexpected.

Also spotted… the Shanghai Tang x Nespresso Year of the Dragon Limited Edition Set. #iWant

I took a better photo with Instagram, but to connect all floors, they were able to place in this elaborate wrought iron Art Deco staircase, which pays homage to the iconic spiral steps in the former Pedder Store.

Model Irene Wang being photographed.

Friend from Uni, Charissa. (I still remember her with asymmetrical hair, but this one is cool too. Very posh.)

Friends complimentary in Mango and Green, Hertman and Candy.

Other looks from the evening; Red and Pink Prints.

Pal from CNNGo.Com, Nina in greys.

Looks upstairs at the bar… Dan in Denim on Denim

Denim and Floral Skirt.

Fashion One’s Karim and Ingenue Lingzi Zang.

The party was jovial in mood, so obviously i’m happy for Shanghai Tang. The support for the new flagship was tremendous. It was also a great night to hang out with some Brew&Post Blogger mates; Melinda and Derek of Ztylistas and Jason of

Even spotted Actor, Hu Bing on the way out.

You may remember him from Shanghai Tang’s campaigns with Chen Man.

+ Ozzie/HK Blogger Mash Up @ Canton Deli, Harbour City

Also mid last week, we were invited by Hong Kong Harbour City and the Hong Kong Tourism Board to meet some Australian Bloggers they flew over to Hong Kong for several days to “discover” the city. We had tea at Canton Deli (one of my favorite Dim Sum places in the city.) It was a real treat.

First off, food blogger Janice Leung of the e*ting blog (fresh off her front page glamorous cover on Time Out HK), was able to meet her twin, Lorraine Elliot of the Not Quite Nigella Blog.

Lorraine (left), Season of Harbour City (middle), and Lorraine’s husband (right)

Additionally, Cindy Ko of CINDIDDY and I were invited to meet our counterparts, fashion blogger, Nicole Warne of “THE” Gary Pepper Blog and Tania Braukamper editor of Fashionising.Com, a luxury lifestyle blog.

Of course, what’s a fashion/lifestyle blogger meetup without a ridiculous amount of carbs and butter?

Overall it was quite fun. In attendance also were twitter pals Karen (thanks for the invite!) and Geoff Wu.

Nicole of Gary Pepper was able to share her experiences about the “Business” side of blogging and Lorraine was just excited to visit the shops and check out more restaurants for the remainder of her trip here.

Nicole looking very ladylike and relaxed in pink and beige.

Lorraine and Janice also in relaxed looks.

I took a photo of Nicole taking a photo of Cindy.

It’s a wet-rainy spring. Stay inspired. Stay dry!

The Shanghai Tang Mansion / 1 Duddell Street, Central, Hong Kong / T: 2525 7333 / HOURS, MON-SUN 10:30AM-8PM / Shanghai Tang ONLINE

Canton Deli / Shop 3303, Gateway Arcade, Harbour City) / T: 26139889 / HOURS, MON-SUN 11AM-11PM