Scene&Seen: Our Fellow ‘Flappers at Clockenflap 2013











Minus a few hiccups, mainly Canadian band, Metric’s, sound going offline for about 20 minutes, and a bit of early wardrobe malfunction on my end from not sitting properly on the grass… everything was pretty much heavenly at this year’s 2013 Clockenflap Music & Arts Festival in Hong Kong at the West Kowloon Cultural District… probably the best Clockenflap its ever been. Everyone, expats and Hong Kongnese alike, had a band or two they loved to see at the line up, and for the most part everyone was pretty happy with the offerings of indie rock and pop throughout the festival’s three stages over two and a half days. I went to Clockenflap for the first time last year, but I found this year to be bigger and more enjoyable; from the line up selection, the food selection, the drinks selection (two coffee houses!), and the family entertainment… there was plenty of it.

The VANS and Moustache Bearded Lady booths supplied interesting “sideshows” that were quite unique and memorable. At VANS girls had manicures on offer while guys got a real barbershop treatment. At the Moustache Bearded Lady Tent, party goers were treated to Lilian Chang’s traditional Cantonese pop standards of yesteryear, Magic with Magician Stuart Palm, and choreographed burlesque dancing from our girl friends, which included Tangram designer, Paola Sinisterra. The kids also seemed to love the big White Cloud in the middle of the park, designed by Marc & Chantal.  My friend, Jason Schlabach, was one of the team’s main designers for the inflatable pavilion’s cloud which housed the light writing activities. The cloud was really beautiful. And Especially at night when it’s all lit up.


I don’t want to get too much into it on this post, but between my drinks at the (BELVEDERE) RED VIP Tent, The Carlsberg Tents, and the Somersby Cider Hangout, I have to thank my lucky stars my pal, Katrina, was there by the end of Sunday night to escort someone like me home… a less than stellar example of Mr. Ole-Dapper-Gentleman-Me. Okay I was practically “sloshed”.


Before I get more into photos of my favorite ‘Flappers from this past weekend, I’d like to thank (BELVEDERE) RED for hosting us this past weekend at CLOCKENFLAP, and for Erica Fong and Lifestyle Asia Hong Kong website for style spotting me in my favorite jumper of the year, the KENZO x Opening Ceremony collab with all the Eyes. I also matched the jumper with my VANS x Liberty London collab paisley red shoes for that last day… (which as you can see in the photographs… it was a crisp winter’s Hong Kong day with not a cloud in the sky!)



Clockenflap 2014, was by far the best Music Festival Hong Kong has ever seen so far and for proof, check out photos of my favorite people I spotted at this weekend’s event. Everyone’s having such a great time out.

On Friday night… Burlesque Dancers.


Lillian Chang at the Bearded Lady Tent.


Lifestyle Asia’s Editor, Erica and her partner.


Katrina and Jason S.


Australia’s Best (Susan and Jason R), with Jason S.


Danish band, Efterklang’s vocalist, Clasper Clausen.


Melinda of Ztylistas. Check out her awesome Tom Ford Specs.


My Lovely sister, Bernadette, in head-to-toe Denim&Supply.


We both loved Tegan and Sara’s performance. So amazing.


I almost saw everyone there that weekend! Everyone was in great form.







And then… day turned into night…


The party continued forward as everyone went to the Your Mum Stage to listen to my pal DJ Angus Wong play.






And finally… METRIC! In two acts due to the busted speakers. Oh well. They sounded great nonetheless… but just one note… Drugs + Emily Haines + Long Blonde Extensions +  Big Screen Stadium TV = Not Flattering. But again, she was professional, and sounded really amazing.


And I barely remembered taking this shot for 2 Many DJ’s. I was exhausted to say the least.




VISIT Clockenflap 2015


#JJStyle: Indie Label Tangram Collaborates With Hong Kong’s Iconic G.O.D. Shop

Fresh off their amazing launch at K11 with accessories label, Matter Matters, indie label, Tangram’s, head designer, Paola Sinisterra and her husband and co-collaborator, Ignacio Garcia, have teamed up yet again but this time with an even bigger collaboration… the iconic design shop in Hong Kong, G.O.D. Goods of Desire. For those who have been big fans of Tangram as I have (I went to their firstp preview at Whitespace, when just starting this blog), fans and fashion mavens can even get more of Tangram with a new capsule collection derived from Chinese inspired graphics and patterns, but with that casual and fun youthful attitude. 

There are two things I love about this new collection, 1) that it’s with G.O.D., a store of original goods filled with consumer items full of iconic tongue-in-cheek messages which refer back to Hong Kong’s vintage design culture, and 2) that finally those of us guys who are in love with the Tangram aesthetic can now wear their clothes since most of the styles are unisex and a bit tomboyish!

Via Douglas Young, proprietor of G.O.D.:

The collaboration with Paola and Tangram is a true representation of Hong Kong - a hybridisation yet mutual respect of each other’s cultures. Paola and Ignacio have a great respect and appreciation for Hong Kong culture and it’s that, which made this collaboration an easy decision. We have a joint desire to create something meaningful, not just something that can be from anywhere, but something that could only be from Hong Kong. 

Via Paola:

We are super excited to collaborate with G.O.D. because they are a contemporary Hong Kong reference that rescues the city’s idiosyncrasies and creates new things from them. The brand has always been committed to highlighting the crazy, raw beauty of this place we love so much, but also because they have given us free creative reign. The sheer excitement of working with other creatives with which we share not only a language but also a similar approach to the business of doing what we believe in. 

Watch for Tangram for Goods of Desire at the G.O.D. shop on Hollywood Road starting next Wednesday, November 27, 2013!

WEAR Tangram / SHOP G.O.D. Goods of Desire . GF, 48 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong . T: +852-28051876


So Much To Celebrate, As We Host CAFE D “Talk Show” at Duddell’s


Yesterday I celebrated my 8th year anniversary in Hong Kong by doing what else… by helping highlight creative ventures in the city as a host of Duddell’s first ever Cafe D Series, a Saturday “talk show” on all things design! 





The talk show, part of the Duddell’s Art Programmes for members and friends, is a way to engage Hong Kong’s design creatives in a kind of intimate and relaxed banter over coffee and tea with the general public who wants to know them better. Each bi-monthly talk show will pose a question or a topic to be discussed in a format highlighting the works and inspirations of each designer via a visual slideshow… over tea, coffee, and snacky dim sum at the Duddell’s book library.



Guests for our first show, titled How Has Hong Kong Changed You Creatively?, include HK based fashion designers in various stages of career maturity, Michelle Lai, founder of MISCHA, Paola Sinisterra and Ignacio Garciao, partners of Tangram, and Roger Ouk, who launches a menswear accessories label, THYVANE officially this week.

The conversation ranged from topics like how “a-ha” moments happen to issues of inspiration, sacrifice, and sustaining a proper work-life balance. The whole talk was of course filmed and will soon be edited and launched online on various social media channels via our friend, print and multimedia journalist, Joanne Lam. I will be posting this video on as well once it’s ready.

Here’s me prepping Accessories mogul, Michelle Lai, over Arts Programme sponsor, Perrier-Jouet, before our talk. (via MISCHA INSTAGRAM)image

Paola of Tangram was surprised we gave her caffeine and a microphone. I’m glad we did because she was so passionate and inspiring throughout the whole talk. (via PAOSINIS INSTAGRAM)


The talk was well attended by creative entrepreneurs, members, friends, family, investors, fashion editors, and buyers. It was truly a fantastic hour long chat.



Afterwards a few of us remained to have celebratory drinks, then headed over to Chachawan to make the 6:30 service for a nice Thai feast.


All I can say is, i’m pretty thankful for having spent my 8th year anniversary day in Hong Kong via this program and with these creative individuals. They prove that Hong Kong is a great city to set up and start a creative venture. If you’ve got the right idea, the networks and the help will be quick to follow.


(PS. Apologies for all the instagram photos… I was too stressed and flustered to take photos with my own SLR camera! There’s only so far I can go with my multi-tasking obsession.)

WEAR Tangram / WEAR MISCHA / WEAR Thyvane / EAT & DRINK Duddell’s . Level 3, Shanghai Tang Mansion, 1 Duddell Street, Central, Hong Kong


Seen&Scene: At Home at Casa Capriz


It was a tough week overall with terrorist attacks in Boston, my sister’s hometown. The attacks plus tighter than usual deadlines at work almost brought me to the end of my rope. So it was quite refreshing to see a “TGIF”-style invite on Facebook for a little get together at Casa Capriz in Chai Wan, an artist’s haven in the industrial area aka. the last stop of the MTR’s Blue Island Line.


The Capriz part of the name refers to studio owner, Irene Capriz, pictured above, the lovely lady of Italian-Malay descent who came all the way to Hong Kong from Bologna, Italy, her hometown. The traditional lifestyle/retail space in Hong Kong’s more central districts maybe tight and expensive, but Casa Capriz’s roomy 2,600 square-foot showroom showcasing curated vintage furniture from around the world, is a breath of fresh air for those who are in a no-pressure mood to search of something different and with a curatorial eye. (Ie. not cheap metal, plastic, flat packed, and mass produced.)

Irene shares the space with Claudia Albertini, director of Platform China, and Paola Sinisterra (below) and Ignacio Garcia of the Tangram fashion label, to create a haven where one can go from trying out furniture, to perusing edgy art, while walking around in one of many Tangram clothes… again just a try. It’s a new way of experiencing shopping for a variety of things at one go while supporting independent creative initiatives.


This past Friday, the Chai Wan collective of artists and designers, known as Chai Wan Mei, organized a neighborhood shindig which included galleries like A0 Vertical Art Space, Latitude 22N, and YY9 Gallery. At Casa Capriz, a selection of erotic art curated by Platform China was on stage with kinky accessories by Sally Coco, a new line of lingerie from Tangram, and an amazing feast of fresh bread and pate from the bespoke bakers at Bread Elements.


The husband and wife team from Bread Elements, sharing their classic “Campagne” Loaf.


I was there with Time Out HK Editor and RTHK Radio Personality, Arthur Tam. We were fresh off our taping of his weekly show “From Top to Bottom” focused on queer issues locally and globally


I met milliner, Jay Cheng, for the first time, whose studio was also in Chai Wan. Cheng’s hats were on sale and on display around the gallery and the space.


The biggest surprise of the evening was meeting theWanderlister+ reader, Norbyah, a cool mother of three, teacher, and an overall stylish lady… who like Irene, is half malay as well. She wore her market finds from Stanley Market. It’s lovely.



I had such a great time that night. For me a trip to Chai Wan is a creative re-charge, but for these artists and designers who work and live here… this is their everyday. And fingers crossed/pray to God, that the Hong Kong government does something to support all their endeavors.

Enjoy the rest of the photos!










Okay, so Chai Wan wasn’t the last stop. Arthur and I met up with DJ Angus Wong in Central to have a bit of classic Cantonese food at Lin Heung. (We were supposed to go to Ngau Kee, my favorite local cantonese dive, but this weekend they were closing shop and there was a line… so Lin Heung it is.)


I really miss Ngau Kee, but eating in Lin Heung is quite nice as well. The decor takes you back to mid-century life in Hong Kong. The food and sea-food is amazing as per usual. I love the Dim Sum here, but I think I prefer dinner where I can really appreciate the atmosphere and the old-style hospitality without the manic crowd.



Thanks to Chai Wan, Casa Capriz, and Lin Heung for being the light at the end of the dreary tunnel that was last week.

DESIGN Casa Capriz / ART Platform China / WEAR Tangram / WEAR Jay Cheng Milliner / PLAY Sally Coco Intimate Lifestyle Store / EAT Bread Elements / EAT Lin Heung Tea House 



Tangram, the amazingly powerful and colorful womenswear line introduced by Columbian partners, Paola Sinisterra and Ingacio Garcia, have launched their 2013 line while at the same time showing gratitude to their community and group of friends here in Hong Kong who have helped and supported them via an editorial style parade photographed by Daniele Mattioli at Casa Capriz.

Since Tangram is all about color, style, range, creativity, personality, and of course, the power of all these elements combined, who else is best to be dressed in the wears but the creators themselves, and the creative community in Hong Kong in general. All the peeps youve seen in this blog before, Ellis Kreuger and Alex Daye of Moustache and Salon No.10, Style maven Diana d’Arenberg, 15Squarestreet’s Alexis Holm with partner Jan Pang, and curator Claudia Albertini

All photos can be found on Tangram’s Facebook Page here.

WEAR Tangram Online or By Appointment at Casa Capriz, 8F, Realty Tower, 4 San On Street, Chai Wan


Para/Site Moves Up With 2012 Art Auction

It’s Fall at the end of the year, and you know what that means… Art Auctions. Yes, we attended the Annual Para/Site Art Auction this year located at Lane Crawford’s very cool One Island South company digs and was hosted by Board of Directors, William Lim of CL3, Yana Peel, Executive Director/Curator, Cosmin Costinas, with live auctioneer, Jehan Chu of Chaiwanese. 

Cosmin and Jehan below. 

It was really interesting to attend this particular auction, especially because i’ve been going to Para/Site auctions ran by Jehan for so many years now. I still remember when the auctions were small and held at the KEE Club back in the day. And now it’s a full dinner affair with friends and supporters. Very neat to see how far Para/Site Art Space and its programs have evolved over the years.

Ignacio checks out works on display for Silent Auction.

Some of my favorite pieces include this abstracted architectural topography by Joao Vasco Paiva, titled High Tide (2012) which sold at live auction for 42K HKD. The work was graciously donated by the artist and Saamlung Gallery.

This metallic skateboard by Olafur Eliasson, Your Mercury Ocean (2009), was donated by Vitamin Creative Space, and sold for 100K HKD.

I really liked Lot 62, a selection of prints by Sunjung Kim, Anton Vidokle, and Nikolaus Hirsch.

This one I liked, a DVD by Ming Wong, called Honeymoon In The Third Space (1999).

A good seller, Heman Chong’s, muted geometric composition from Never Let Me Go (2011), caught my eye. This painting on canvas sold well at 50K, and is a donation from Vitamin Creative Space.

Are you cool on your island? I absolutely loved this work by MAP Office, titled Honeymoon Island (2011), which I hope found a great home via silent auction.

This print, Cheng Ran’s Still of an Unknown Film (2008), sold at 60+K HKD, and a donation by the artist.

And there was no way I can do a post about Hong Kong art, without a work by my favorite artist, Nadim Abbas. This piece, Chernobyl_Core.gif (2012), is a print donated by Abbas and Saamlung Gallery.

The work of emerging artist, Trevor Yeung drew plenty of fans. Here G.O.D.’s Benjamin Lau and Alan Lau admire Yeung’s work, Sleepy bed (Sao Paulo Hostel 1) (2012). Yeung photographs subjects, usually male, all around the world, and turns them into multi-layered compositions which involve the photographic image as well as an overlay of illustration.

Next to the work, Lot 30, is a piece by Antony Gormley. Body XI (2011), was the biggest seller of the night and sold at 160K HKD by an absentee bidder. The work was donated by the artist, and Vitamin Creative Space.

In attendance was artist, Adrian Wong, and Xue Tan. Adrian was actually working on the composition for his Fall 2012 Saamlung show with his rabbit. Dont Ask.

We also spotted Alex Seno and Lane Crawford’s Eliot Sandiford. Thanks Alex for the invite!

Great to finally meet Claudia Albertini of Platform China.

The room was full of super couples as well. There’s no art shindig without the following… Tangram’s Igancio and Paola who will soon be unveilinga new collection in December. Here they are channeling the work of Chow Chun Fai, aptly titled Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera (2011), which sold at live auction for 75K HKD. Perfect.

Supercouple #2, FIOL Prosecco addict Pietro and Whitney of the Gagosian Hong Kong. 

Supercouple #3, Tim and Marc, here standing next to Yuk King Tan’s The Mandate of Heaven (2011). Love.

Supercouple #4, cool peeps Michelle and her husband, Varun. Great to see them here.

Twitter Supercouple Bonus, my gal, artist Yuk King in Tangram. Hello Yuk!

The tables at the canteen.

Whitney’s favorite works.

Pals on my table, Benjamin and Alan. Nice to meet you both!

Para/Site IS Hong Kong’s leading contemporary art space, the oldest, and most active. They exhibit, they publicize, they create discourse, and you wouldn’t think that based on their tiny space in Sheung Wan, that they are paving the way for many emerging artists. The point is, they’re moving spaces and adding curators, and they’re thinking big. Check out the works that were at auction here.

That said if you missed out on the Para/Site auction, but would still love to purchase work as well as contribute to a good cause, the Asia Art Archive Annual Fundraiser site is now up, and you can actually bid on your favorite work online. Yes. Contemporary Art at your fingertips. Many of whom had works that sold well at the Para/Site Auction. Good luck!

ART Para/Site


Not Yo Mama’s Morning Brew

Last week our new blog network, Brew&Post, finally launched… and it launched in a BIG way at W Hong Kong’s WOOBAR VIP Lounge, for an intimate guest list of about 60 people, all friends and supporters of each of our blogs: theWanderlister+, SUPERWOWOMG, TOUGHLOVE.HK, Ztylistas, How I Met Your Style, and Fashion Hedonism.

Okay… Fair enough. This is not 60 people.

It’s more like 140 guests. Oh well what can you do?

Yes it was a fashion party. And yes the “fashion party” was in Hong Kong. But this was not yo Mama Tai-Tai’s Fashion Party… You get what I’m sayin’?

Above, BUZZ Concepts’ Francisco Ricafort with DJ EVE Speciall from FLY. Below Paola, designer of TANGRAM. Kim Leitzes of KIMPARKLU and Jenny.

Talk about “Branding” exercise, photographer, Jason Capobianco and VOGUE China Editor, Grace Lam, show love with stickers from SUPERWOWOMG and TOUGHLOVE.HK. This was at about 10:30PM. By this time they’ve been partying with us… for 3 HOURS. That never happens with Grace whose usually “in and out” at events. 

But then again… this was NOT your normal fashion event.

Other pics from the night… with world famous DIY Blogger, Geneva of A Pair and A Spare. Her book will be out soon, but will be making a launch first in London then all other major cities worldwide. Great job, G! Make sure to visit her at COACH on Madison Avenue (as in New York City) at this week’s FNO event!

Being up close and person(able) with Fashion One’s Thibault and Yuen Man, Designer of Magnan Tse. We THANK Fashion One for filming the Brew&Post launch! We can’t wait to see their video of the event.

Not only do we have DJ Angus Wong to thank for giving us the idea of having our launch party at WOOBAR, but his tunes entertained the crowd until the wee morning hours. (All this while being jetlagged from his most recent gig in Mexico City W Hotel! Ay Caramba!)

You can’t have an elegant fashion soiree without an elegant host to man the guest list. Thank God guests were respectful to my muse, Emily. Thank you Emily for all your hard work helping this party come together in the end!

Jason of TOUGHLOVE.HK with CNNGo’s Editor, Zoe Li. Everyone knows Zoe Li because there is NOT one day when we can go on without CNNGo.

TIME OUT HK’s scene stealers, Janice Jann and Arthur Tam. They both had a really great time!

With Adrian of LOEWE and Ms. Hippy Chic, Kitty Go from FT/China Daily. So happy they both came out to support!

Alex from Moustache with Whitney taking a bite out of Brew&Post.


Arnault from Kapok with Joe!

Creative City’s Louise Wong with THE SHALAI.

With Jane Dee from Belvedere Vodka / LVMH our Proud Sponsor for the night…

ChristingC of Fashion Hedonism.

And it just goes on…

and on… 

Below Casey of POPCORN NETWORK, Wine Guru/Electrician Dean Aslin, and #HKFashionBlogger’s Jasmine Webster with her partner, Rob.

and on…

MAJOR Thank you goes to Photographer/Blogger, Mr. Paulsta Wong for covering the event for Brew&Post that evening. PLEASE DO “LIKE” his FB Page and show this talented guy some mad support. Check out his photographs, EXCLUSIVE to the Brew&Post page here!

Also we’d like to thank the South China Morning Post for running the cool piece on us that same day in their Lifestyle Pages!

You know it’s a great party when an editor from VOGUE China tells it like it is… that your party reminded them of Fashion parties in London.

The difference between a Brew&Post party and a regular fashion party? It’s not a Product to Consumer event, it’s an “everyone in the industry” event… from the designers, to the producers, to the buyers, to the editors, to the sellers, and these days… especially the Bloggers. Fashion parties are only interesting when everyone is there to mingle with everyone from the front end to the back end and beyond. 

Where is fashion and fashion information going in the next few years? That’s the real question. How will tastes and styles be framed? How will it change? How will it adapt to changing times and demographics? To Technology? To Speed?

These are the kinds of things we’re interested in with Brew&Post. The answer is in the practice, and it will take some time.

But until then… Party.

More of my own photos from the Launch Party to come on theWanderlister+ FB Page! Stay tuned.

But Next Up…


PARTY Woobar / DRINK Belvedere / DRINK FIOL Prosecco / FOLLOW Brew&Post


11am. In The Year 2012.

Yesterday at sunny 11am the big news in Hong Kong was that theSartorialist (ScoSchu) himself was around town in Hong Kong, even snapping up this photo of my friend, Priscilla of the Electrik Sekki Blog on Moon Street in Wanchai.

Boy does weather change drastically. Today at 11am, this was all over Instagram… (First one is mine.)


I had a talk two nights ago at SCAD on Design and Social Media, and was asked if all these social media apps and devices for Social Media have in any way “Degraded” communications or enhanced it.

Well, I suppose a picture is worth a thousand words… how about 14 pictures from Instagram?

Tangram’s Ignacio Garcia.

Pedder Group’s Queenie Mak.

Janice of the Media Maid Blog.

Tangram’s Paola.

LC/ToughLove.HK’s Jason Lam.

Juliana Loh.

General Store’s Tricia Ling.

Lifestyle Asia’s Andy Yeo.

HK Magazine’s Katie Kenny.

WSJ’s Lara Day.


Can I just say… I <3 Instagram.


A “Fashion Night Out” For Hong Kong! One-Night Only Pop Up at the Space This Thursday

Spring is around the corner and the best emerging fashion designers  in Hong Kong have  worked  hard  so  you  look  even  more  stunning  and  fresh  this  coming  season! Jeanine  from  NIIN,  Nick  from  BUBIES,  Yuen  Man  from  MAGNAN  &  TSE,  Julia from  TARA  MOOR,  Paula  from  TANGRAM  and have teamed up for an exclusive fashion Pop-Up on  March  8th  2012  from  7pm  till  late  at  the  Space on Hollywood Road.


They’ve left nothing to chance. :) Expect exclusive previews of the new collections, giveaways and special offers from each brand, the finest wines from SUMMERGATE, the finest French food from CUVELIER catering, a great DJ mixing from the Mira, a personal stylist throughout the night, and exclusive giveaways from NUXE cosmetics.


DESIGNER FASHION NIGHT / Thursday 8th of March from 7pm to 10pm (VIP 5pm to 7pm) / The Space, 210 Hollywood Road (with Possession Street), Sheung Wan / Entry is free and by invitation only. Please RSVP by email today at 


White Cube, Another Feather in the Crown of Asia’s “Art Capital” Opened Last Week With New Works by Gilbert & George

Just today, BBC News online has proclaimed the emergence of Hong Kong as Asia’s “Art Capital” citing the suddenly buzzing business of art within the city via ArtHK, as the major of instigator of its new crown. This blog covered Asia Society’s beautiful launch a few weeks ago, and now we’ve been invited to celebrate another feather to the newly minted crown with White Cube’s newest flagship in Asia located in the very New-York Robert A.M. Stern building located on 50 Connaught Road. 

White Cube’s two-story exhibition space is gargantuan for any standard here, including galleries in London AND New York. This is quite a feat considering the tiny “project room” space they started with in 1993. Last week’s opening proved that apples to apples with other foreign gallery imports to the city, White Cube is very serious about their Asian Market.

Today, White Cube is by far one of the most influential galleries in Europe marked by its 5,000 square ft. exhibition space within the gallery’s own free standing building built in 2006 at Mason’s Yard. With 4 galleries in total, White Cube will be able to promote its roster of established artists, as well as continue existing programs which foster the work and careers of new un-established talents, work on public education programs, show films, and host lectures.

On exhibit now are 22 pictures from a monumental 292 pictures a series titled London Pictures (2011) by “the” Gilbert & George. The artists frame titles from almost 4000 newspaper headline posters and compose themselves within the titles in every picture. This time the texts are the main pictures focus, and their figures are generally masked all throughout as specters contemplating today’s grim state of affairs. The last time Hong Kong saw works by G&G, it was located at the Hong Kong Museum of Art in 2009 via the Louis Vuitton: A Passion for Creation show (which by the way the museum never worked off the momentum of that particular exhibit.) That exhibit was more theatrical, their figures and the figures of others depicted in life size scale in a tryptich aptly titled; Class War, Militant, Gateway.

The works on exhibition now reflect their motto “art for all”, showing how things really are now for everyone in the world, from their point-of-view.

The Artists, Gilbert and George cooly posing for photos with the umpteenth fan. They were good sports throughout the whole night, even staying out later than me and conversing with all the guests!

The stairs going up to the gallery’s second level.

Accompanying me that night was Tania, lifestyle/travel/style blogger for TLIKEBUBBLETEA.

and Natasha of Saamlung Gallery.

The beautiful Paola, indie fashion designer of Tangram was there, and she was excited about her newest collection which will be available at this Thursday Night’s, March 8th Pop-Up for the city’s independent fashion designers at the Space.

The photographer Laurent being Photographed! I loved his grey on grey palette with mustard yellow backpack. Nice touch.

Diesel’s Federico Tan whom I beat at the #SMWHK Fashion Quiz Night two weeks ago at KEE Club hehe with his friend.

Artist Margaret (Carr) Patterson in the middle, now exhibiting at FEAST Projects.

Architectural curator and Educator, Vivi Ho, wearing beige, white, grey, and a touch of red. It’s very winter-to-spring. I love the textures.

Foster’s Rodrigo with his friend, complimentary in royal Beige.

Great bumping into Moustache’s Ellis (2nd from Right) and Henry Temple that night. Great things soon to come with Moustache’s expanded travel collection with Tapani.

Entrance to the gallery’s amazing bookstore from their artists and exhibits. Hong Kong currently does not have these titles. So very cool. I can spend hours here!

Books of works by Richard Phillips.

Damien Hirst.

and of course Gilbert & George.

And many many many more!

Great exhibition in the end. Ed Chiseen is this you?

Party didn’t stop there. A rooftop soiree was hosted by Armani Prive the whole night! With unlimited free flow Veuve. (A very big deal for an art gallery party anywhere in the world.)

Where I was introduced to the beautiful Barbara Flynn. THE Barbara Flynn. We spoke for the rest of the night about the United States and upstate New York… and Texas. :)

I spotted this Tote Bag which I wanted.

Natasha and I had such a great night, and randomly on the way to the taxi queue we had to go through Landmark, which has now re-branded itself as “THE LANDMRK”. (yes it now has a “THE” in front of it). In any rate, because of the re-branding, X-Factor winner Leona Lewis was in town to sing for the re-branding.

We walked in on the Sound Check and were treated to a mini-concert. :)

The Asia Society party made me feel like I was in New York. The WHITE CUBE / Leona Lewis combo definitely made me feel like I was in London.

The party was still going strong when we were at the taxi queue. You see the tents on top of the Armani building still blaring lights and noise.

Top night right, Natasha!?

White Cube / 50 Connaught Road Central, Hong Kong / White Cube TWITTER / White Cube ONLINE