Last Thanksgiving, my friends Jiki and Kester cooked an amazing Turkey feast at their new home in Discover Bay. Aside from having the chance to devour a great home cooked meal, I had the pleasure to meet for the first time a friend of theirs Mr. Andre Eichman, who turned out to be a very talented and seasoned photographer whose 25 year experience ranges from fashion editorial, and extending to portraits and architecture in and around China.

We got to start chatting about his personal projects at the moment, the most exciting being an on-going series of work titled, Post Cards from the Concrete Jungle, where he takes snapshots of Hong Kong, writes notes on each shot, then mails the work to himself as a postcard, when once received, he then scans them and uploads each every card to his blog here. 

Andre’s second most exciting personal project (not any less exciting than the first of course) is now a book, titled The Chairman and I, a collection of intimate Mainland Chinese portraits with statuettes of Chairman Mao. 


A few works from this vast series will be on display at Above Second in Sai Ying Pun, May Wong’s fringe gallery known more for her curated exhibits of “street art”. A fringe photographer himself, Andre’s personable and humble nature is not reflective of the thorough and somewhat obsessive attitude he puts in towards the literal documentation of “everyday Hong Kong” in the postcard series and the sheer effort of collecting stories/portraits across the Mainland for The Chairman and I.


I truly recommend Mr. Eichman’s show at Above Second. Definitely something not to be missed.

Andre Eichman’s work has appeared in the Sunday Times Magazines, the Royal Geographic Magazine, Wanderlust, Vogue, and W Magazines. Globally, he’s exhibited in New York, Tokyo, Singapore, Shanghai, and California.

PHOTOGRAPHY The Chairman and I: Original Photographs by Andre Eichman at Above Second. 31 Eaastern St. Sai Ying Pun 


Charles Munka’s “EPISODES” Show Sets Stage in Sai Ying Pun

The more these big name galleries open up in Central, the more art enclaves expand west and east of the Center. As I mentioned in the previous post, Art Island East in Chai Wan (the end of the blue line) has become a go-to hotspot for art and artist studios, but also popping up in Sheung Wan are your design shops (Konzepp 33 and Signed-by) and in Sai Ying Pun, you’ve got Jasper Wong’s above second (as in Second Street) art space, specializing in unsigned and new graphic artists, and as of late, street/non conventional art. 

On June 24th, above second played host to the opening of the Charles Munka solo show, titled “EPISODES”, a series of graphic prints and illustrations on canvas and paper.

A completely graphic window designed by Charles Munka greets visitors at entrance.

The work, black pen and ink on white paper, are large scale reproduction of pages from the artist’s notebooks.

Charles Munka, also known as QUES, is a member of the French art crew, LCP United, and has made a name for himself within Hong Kong and globally through his exhibitions and live collaborations with the likes of Andrew Meza’s BTS and Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder collective.

From above second:

Munka’s style is strongly influenced by hip-hop and the progressive L.A. beat scene. Using mixed media, Munka’s work captures a new style of art that blends more traditional aspects of graffiti and his identification with contemporary and historical imagery from film, video games, and pop art.

At the end of the gallery space you’ve got this amazing piece, which I feel is really the highlight of the whole exhibition.

I personally felt that the work above reminded me a bit of this:

And maybe a bit of this, Picasso’s Guernica:

With a bit of texture much like Basquiat’s work:

So basically I just mentioned to him that I liked his work because it was a bit Mayan, a bit Picasso, and a bit Basquiat. Im not sure what he really thought me of when I mentioned Guernica and Basquiat to him… but he completely got the Mayan reference.  As in it really was his influence.

The artist, Charles Munka

Also spotted, Musician ReBEARTH Chuckles and Model + Kapok Ingenue, Chris

Graphic Designer, Emilie Sarnel and above second’s Jasper Wong

and MC Yan of, wearing a shirt he’s designed. I have one from him in English I got from the Kapok Naihan-Li Exhibit.

“Episodes” by Charles Munka / Above Second, 31 Eastern Street, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong / p: 852.3483.7950 / e: / above second website

Charles Munka / e: / p: 852.6647.9402