Let The Light Be Your Guide, the InBetween Shop Takes You There

InBetween Shop, located in Caroline Hill, HK’s quaint and cool cafe area between Causeway Bay and Tai Hang, is giving you a reason to light up your space in a dramatic way. Purveyors of all things design from a quirky vintage perspective, Lio and Kinn Wong, the gents behind InBetween, are now offering clients an assortment of exposed light bulbs for the home that recall the days before “eco-saving” bulbs started lighting our spaces in a pretty grim way. 

Cheekily, the bulbs are called; Athletic, Buff, Bear, Twink, and Plump, but don’t worry, you can dont have to use the bulb that best describes you.

Check them all out at InBetween.

SHOP InBetween Online or InBetween Store, Shop 12 G/F, Lei Shun Court, Caroline Hill Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong


Beijing JJStyle 06: Streets of Style


It’s not a proper vacation to Beijing until you’ve experienced old and new world shopping unique only to this city. I’m talking about making time to visit the boutiques and cafes of Nanluoguxiang Hutong and the edgy and exciting retail experience found at Sanlitun Village.


Nanluoguxiang was built during the Yuan Dynasty in the 1700’s, and today is still home to many of Beijing’s residents. This hutong is also a popular venue for those who are looking for the quirky gift or unique fashion find that are design-oriented pieces original to the artists and craftsmen based in the city. Check out these cheeky porcelain figures.


… Or these funny postcards. Most of them are in “Engrish” (Chinese-English), but you get the general gist of the message.


Shops sell everything from authentic shoes worn by Beijing people for hundreds of years…


…To propaganda shirts which remix historic Chinese images to create new messages and designs that give their product that “contemporary art” edge.


Im speechless.


There were so many lanes which branched out of the main street. It would take a whole day to visit all of them.


With so much to see, it’s easy to get a bit tired. That’s why it’s always good to take a rest and to have a sip of some hot Chinese Tea or coffee at one of the many establishments in the Hutong made for visitors and tourists. These cafes have plenty of character and allows one to recharge before continuing their shopping journey.



For lunch we had some “Dan Dan Min (Hot and Spicy Noodles)” at another local eatery,  Red Ding Coffee.


They had a beautiful courtyard.


But for street food… you can opt for steamy yams.


Or Caramelized Fruits on a stick. This was divine.


This dessert is called Tanghulu and it’s a Beijing original. I had figs.


Other fashion finds for me include these original (read “real) Feiyue shoes for about 130RMB (18-20USD).



And this fashionable gentleman.


Across town it’s all about modern indoor-outdoor shopping experiences with Sanlitun Village.



Criss crossing glass planes, diagonal pathways, and a LED lights define this new shopping environment. 


Every corner is a different discovery.


From Home furnishings…


To current fashion trends… it’s all here.


Vying for your attention.



New or old…


… There’s something in Beijing for every stylish individual, like this gent I spotted at Sanlitun Village.


Or this gent at Nanluoxguxiang who was channeling a young Woody Allen.


Also spotted… Fashion Blogger, Vanessa Hong at Sanlitun Village. Love the quilted jacket and ripped jean denim.


We hung out with Vincent from VICE Magazine China.


I’ll miss all this. Thank you Hilton Hotels & Resorts for such a wonderful and memorable trip!


SHOP Nanluoguxiang Hutong / SHOP Sanlitun Village / EAT Red Ding Coffee 

This post was originally published on November 24, 2012 for CNN.com and Hilton Hotels and Resorts for the CNNGO Experience Asia Contest.


theW+ HK Winter 2012 Shops Guide for Gentlemen


For those who spotted my Top 5 Holiday Gifts Guide for Guys for the chic Sassy Hong Kong Blog earlier this month, and want more gift ideas for the Holidays, this here is my epic post not necessarily on which gifts to buy, but the top places in the city to shop for yourself or the Gentlemen your life. That way you can head over to these Top 6 places around the city and take a look at what’s on offer. Trust me if you follow my trusty guide, there’s bound to be something for you off the beaten and obvious track from Hong Kong’s crazy malls. 

It also helps that this past Saturday, I got a trusty shopping sidekick in Trey who was visiting Hong Kong for the first time from New York City via the W Hotels Hong Kong.


He was lucky that I gave him a rare and personal theWanderlister+ Shop Tour of the city. But worry not, it’s not a secret, and i’ll gladly share the list below. Let’s start with the obvious…

Read More

Raining Outside, But Summer Party Tonight via Landmark Men.

It was a major MAJOR top night last Thursday night as guests and friends of the Landmark were out in force to celebrate the first year of Landmark Men with the Official Landmark Men Summer Party! We had such a great time with our pals, the style bloggers from Brew&Post, as well as bumping into familiar faces and new faces in the crowd. I haven’t met our VIP Winner, John LaRose just yet, but John, if you read this, say hi when you find me this coming tonight when we finish of the festivities with yet ANOTHER Summer Party.

It’s exactly like last week’s but MUCH larger. More free beer. More free canapes. Beer Pong. Video Games. Fashion Show. And I’ll be doing something myself for the event to ad to the mix.

Here’s a sneak peak of what’s to come, brought to you by our pals at HKHQ.tv.

For those going, see you tonight!



"InBetween" The Past and Future Gentrification, Caroline Hill Stands Gracefully Firm

Caroline Hill in Causeway Bay is really one of those quaint, quiet, neighborhoods that I really hope will maintain its local character and charm, in the face of progress within the next few years. 

"Character and Charm" of the old days is really hard to come by in Hong Kong as neighborhoods get the "urban renewal" treatment which generally means bulldoze and reconstruct. I mean I’m a realist, and I know that with land prices exponentially increasing… it will be much harder to keep all the old structures clusters that made and define this city just the way they are now which makes Hong Kong unique from every other city in the world.

Catch it while you can, there still stands the mid-century corner buildings on Leighton Road with plenty of charm and local things to do that can pretty much still delight. On lazy weekends I recommend you start with lunch with a classic Chicken Foie Gras Burger at the Burgeroom (the best burger on HK Island I think) or if you want something a bit “less” head down to the Danish Bakery next door.

You can smell it from a mile away. I dont know what’s “Danish” or “Bakery” about it, but people come here for THE BEST Hong Kong Style Fried Chicken, Burgers, and Hot Dogs to go.

Or you can pick up a newspaper above… then take a stroll around the corner to grab a frozen yogurt with Belgian Waffles at Waffle Yo or perhaps pick up a pizza at Slices a block down the street.

One of my favorite things to do is to go knick-knack shopping of the inexpensive kind at old style bookshops around the city. Good thing too, grab a waffle cone and check out the toys, notebooks, and pens at the bookstore next door. I even purchased a die-cast metal Kowloon Minibus from this store for 20HKD! Seriously check out the collection!

When you go there, do not be afraid to go inside to check out the various shops and dai pai dongs set deep within that building complex on Leighton Road, one of Caroline Hill’s last remaining 20th Century Apartment/Shop/Studio hybrid buildings. I think artist, Peter Yuill, told me he had a studio here (which I still need to visit.) There is apparently good noodles to be had here, and good places to buy vintage menswear at Luddite, crazy nonsense stuff at the Hong Kong Branch of Tokyo shop, Bunkaya Zakkaten, and a store that only sells Bowling Balls.


Bunkaya Zakkaten.

Photographer, Carmen Chan and I were on the way to our interview with the gentlemen at Luddite, when we happened upon this cool blue poster for a new shop that had just opened that weekend… InBetween.

You may miss it, because it really was one of those Harry Potter moments to be able to see something nicely designed (in blue) literally within this narrow corridor.

I loved the shopfront signage. Carmen went ahead inside… I had to admire the logo and the font… very quaint.

Inside the shop we met creative partners, Lio and Kinn Wong, pictured below standing infront a humongous wall of graphic posters they’ve both collected over the years.

Such a little store… with so much to sell and display. It was like a museum of all the things they liked/fancy/hoarded… bags collected and bags/accessories designed by a friend of theirs at very reasonable prices. I think about 250+ HKD for an iPhone case.

Button and pins for 99 HKD.

Bowtie Bracelets they’ve made.

Their own brand of mechanical watches they’ve collected, remixed, restyled, and re-strapped to be made new. Impressive.

How about an old Polaroid?

Or perhaps weird animal things that I don’t quite know what it is…

Victorian door knobs?

Various silver and porcelain items.

And it goes on…

And on…

And on.

From vintage posters, to lamps, and even original graphic printed books… like this one; A is Green R is Red by Lio Yeung, a Hong Kong artist who had his latest show on Star Street at the agnes b. librarie galerie.

Lio and Kinn began this venture with a few friends, all of them in the creative/graphic design industry… as a way to do something more in the city above and beyond their daily scope of work. Their love for graphic and design histories and cultures are represented in their own personal collection of knick-knacks which I suppose is now being sold at the store.

Hong Kong needs more shops like this.

Nice existing tiled wall across the hall.

And across the street… a “Sign of the Times”. A new Blade Runner-esque Church.

Go to Caroline Hill. Enjoy Hong Kong as it was many years ago. While you still can.


InBetween Shop / InBetween ONLINE / In Between FACEBOOK / Shop 12, Lei Shun Court No. 1 Caroline Hill Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong / 9631-8307

Luddite / Luddite FACEBOOK / GF, 15A Haven Street, Causeway Bay HK / 2870-0422 / E: Luddite@ludditeltd.com

Bunkaya Zakkaten / Bunkaya Zakkaten FACEBOOK / GF, 11A Caroline Hill Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong / 2808-0304 / E: Bunkayazakkaten@gmail.com


Burgeroom / Burgeroom ONLINE / 7 Caroline Hill Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong / 2890-9130 / E: info@burgeroom.com

Danish Bakery / GF Lei Shun Court, 106 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay / 2576-7353

Waffle Yo / Waffle Yo FACEBOOK / GF, 112 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong / 2504-1998

SLICES Pizzeria HK / SLICES FACEBOOK / Shop 4&5, 128-132 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong / 2895-6633


It’s a Man’s World, It’s a Man’s Week! Reporting A/W’11 Menswear Fashion and Retail Trends from Lane Crawford, Landmark MEN, and MOUSTACHE

Yes finally ! With all the online buzz about my girlfriends’ NYFW (New York Fashion Week) Experiences and now LWF (London Fashion Week) on Tumblr, Twitter, and all other social network sites, for one week us Dudes finally get in on some fashion fun in our little neck of the woods here in Hong Kong!

LANDMARK MEN launch this past week.

Okay it’s not close to anything front row at the Mercedes Benz Tents in Manhattan, but what’s big news locally, at least if I take into account all the launches and re-launches this past week, is that (yay) It’s finally a “Man’s World” in Hong Kong. APPLE Store opening aside, three events, all non-related to each other, were celebrated all over town to highlight what has become an important portion of the fashion industry, MENSWEAR. And not just any MENSWEAR either, we’re talking clothing, fashion, and accessories that cater to a more sophisticated population of males (YES Straight AND Gay) who are really into tailored fits, cuts, and the self-stylizing of accent pieces from bracelets, watches, pocket squares, and even “Murses” (Men’s Carry Alls). Additionally these trends also revert back to a time to reflect the way Men used to dress focusing on every detail before Fast Fashion and “GAP”ism blew it all away. So yes, we can say it’s also a bit “Vintage” inspired, at least in attitude and sensibility.


Two weeks ago, I got this cool thing in my INBOX:

Titled Walk With Me, Lane Crawford gave Hong Kong a sneak peek at their new A/W 2011 Men’s Shoes and Accessories Collection in Central with special guests, Grant Pearce, Editorial Director of GQ Asia Pacific, and Diana D’Arenberg the Arts and Fashion Editor.

I had a chat with Peter Nichols, the Merchandising Manager for Men’s Shoes and Accessories at Lane Crawnford, and Queenie Mak, Communications Manager, who told me that whilst Men’s Accessories and Shoes were always here (STRATEGICALLY LOCATED NEXT TO FUEL ESPRESSO!!!) due to Market Trends and Consumer Demands, the selection of Mens Accessories Brands and Goods on Offer was re-vamped and re-boosted to full power. We’re talking about BIG NAMES like Comme des Garcons, Yves Saint Laurent, McQueen, and Repetto. And Powerhouses that built their brands via their iconic Women’s shoe collections, but have recently crossovered to Men’s Shoes with great success like Christian Louboutin and now the first time ever, a men’s line from Jimmy Choo ONLY Available here at Lane Crawford IFC.

Big News! HELLO Jimmy Choo Shoes for Men! Representing a Trend in new casuals, street styles, and loafers/slip-ons, clad in Animal Prints and Skins.

My favorites from Repetto.

And velvet uppers from Church’s and Alexander McQueen.

Of course for black tie, formal wear, suiting, and casual suiting, brands like Givenchy, Comme des Carcons have many choices on offer.

So, Now THIS is my favorite brand of Men’s Shoes, Trickers. Handmade/Handcrafted shoes from England, and some limited edition collaboration pieces with Junya Watanabe as well as Lane Crawford.

I REALLY LOVE the shopfront.

What I loved about the Launch, was the whole martini and cocktails elegance and flair throughout the whole night. It was a bit like James Bond meets Las Vegas.

DJ Simon Pang Washford was on decks that night, looking dapper in a Luxe Tux.

Zoom on to, Jessica, the “Playboy-esque” Bunny who served us refreshments all night.

And here are the BOND Girls! Diana d’Arenberg looking “Black-Widow-esque” :D

AND Queenie, looking every bit James Bond’s Partner in Action. I couldn’t even recognize her with that slightly teased hair! It’s great.

Some familiar faces in the crowd that night. Antiques collector Derek Chalmers with an Architect friend.

Ellis from MOUSTACHE, who celebrated his third year (Congratulations!) anniversary this week.

Lane Crawford Wonderboy Vincent and Ex-Lane Crawford Wonderboy, Omar Khan. (Nice shoes boys.)

And of course, GQ Editor Grant Pearce with LC’s Monica.

Photographer du jour, Carmen Chan taking a snapshot.

Friends from WGSN. (Love the silver necklace.)

Tim, Denise, and Carmen showing off their Nikons.

Grant and Diana making a speech about the LC Men’s Accessories Store and the brands on offer.

And always ahead of the curve, Lane Crawford keeps us HK Fashion Bloggers updated with whats new and whats what. Me with Tania, Christing, and Denise.

LANE CRAWFORD ONLINE / Podium 3, IFC Mall, 8 Finance Street, Central / +852-2118-3388 / Monday to Sunday 10AM-9PM


The night after was supposed to be my Gym night, but oh well, Angie Wong called up and wanted a beer. I wanted a beer too (had a bit of a stressful week in general), but I had no idea that she wanted a beer in front of these guys. Oops.

All these photos are crap, because I wasn’t prepared to do anything EVENT-Y for the night, and I wasn’t dressed to do anything POSH either. But in any rate here we are with hundreds of other people at the Landmark. Yes, the Landmark has launched their new LANDMARK MEN concept at the Basement. A whole floor dedicated just to MEN from Menwear, to Accessories, to Grooming, to even Tech and Gadgets stuff.

LANDMARK Mall always puts on great fashion shows.

Some people I met that night, a Blogger named Joey and Creative, Tiffany Godoy who helped conceptualize the LANDMARK MEN Brand.

Great photo of Charlie’s Angels with artist, Margaret Patterson, Whitney Ferrare of Ben Brown Fine Arts (I MISS YOU! Where have you been!?), and the delicious Angie Wong.

Angie, artist Margaret Patterson, and the HK Land Family checking out the iPad 2s embedded in the bar tables of the LANDMARK MEN’s Floor. (Sadly, www.wanderlister.com did NOT work.) :(

And a photo with a whole bunch of people I knew, but I didnt know knew each other. HK is so small.

LANDMARK MEN ONLINE / 15 Queens Road Central, Central, Hong Kong


Alex Daye emailed me last week to let me know that he and his partner, Ellis, were celebrating the 3rd year anniversary of their highly successful Bespoke Tailoring outfit, MOUSTACHE, located on the corner of Aberdeen and Hollywood road in NOHO.

I love their “vintage postcard” invite. (And spot their logo on the bottom right hand corner!)

MOUSTACHE has made a name for themselves because of their unique design sensibilities and their one-on-one approach to suiting and tailoring for today’s city guy. Definitely on everybody’s fashion-tick list when visiting Hong Kong, their sensibilities, cuts, and tastes, mixed with their choice fabric selection and usage of experienced Hong Kong tailors, definitely gives us fashion-conscious gents a one-off suit that no one else in the city, let alone the world, will wear except for you.

The MOUSTACHE Suiting studio, complete with playful images of ships. A very “experiential” and “feel-good” kind of place.

This is the third year MOUSTACHE has been in operation, and also the third iteration of their unique interiors. Always playful, always vintage, and always masculine. I LOVE THE NAVY BLUE WALLS.

Besides suiting, MOUSTACHE also offers casual wear and undergarments that you will not find anywhere else. These vintage inspired designs were made especially by Alex and Ellis to underpin the MOUSTACHE man. (I wrote about this before with their special collaboration with Konzepp.)

RELATED ARTICLE: MOUSTACHE x Konzepp Under Your Trousers

Here is Peter holding up our favourite pick of the night, Swimmers with white Beluga Whales on Navy Blue with yellow piping.

A collection of MOUSTACHE’s vintage specks and treasures.

Spotted at last night’s party, Lane Crawford’s Peter Nichols.

My muse, Khan-Linh and Artist, Linus Hui in Stripes.

Cipher’s Henry Temple and Tangram’s Paola Sinisterra

Khanh-Linh’s MOUSTACHE inspired hair piece with SUBSTANCE’s Francois.

After a long week and a long night of Events, buddies Christing C, Tim, and Dan decided to treat ourselves to a fancy dinner at Basement in Gough Street. Now OUR FAVORITE Dive to eat great food and to get away from it all on a quiet street.

Dan and Christing

Tim and Me.

Busy week of fashion and inspiration, but a good week in general. Have a great weekend everyone!

MOUSTACHE ONLINE / 31 Aberdeen Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong / +852-2541-1955

BASEMENT RESTAURANT ONLINE / No.29 Gough Street, Hong Kong / +852-2854-0010


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From Blogging to Business, Fashion Hedonism’s Christing C. Launches New Boutique

Earlier this year, I had the pleasure to work with Stylist Priscilla L’Anson, Photographer Daniel Garriga, and the creative team at ELITE Photography and Electric Sekki to help shoot an A/W ‘11 campaign titled, Les Artistes, themed around the Hong Kong’s Creatives, of which a sneak preview was released in the South China Morning Post’s STYLE Magazine for September 2011.

RELATED ARTICLE: Les Artistes Preview

At the shoot, my friend Omar Khan of the Omar Khan Collective and I were able to meet new faces; some of which I was able to really be good friends with (SUPERWOWOMG’s Denise Lai) and others I would love to know more (DJ Eve Speciall and CINDIDDY) for example. Of course everyone has been really busy with their own personal projects. CINDIDDY has been off to represent ELLE and NOKIA at this year’s New York Fashion Week (#NYFW) and DJ Eve has been back to Australia for a much needed rest.


Christing C. on the other hand, pictured above with Omar and Me, I didn’t really become friends with until much later because let’s face it, during the shoot she didn’t say much and she looked really intimidating. Later on of course, I found out she was just really shy. Which explains why her photos on her own fashion blog, FASHION HEDONISM, she doesn’t look straight at the camera, but looks every where else. I told her that people may find her intimidating and some may think she looks like a “bitch” (haha), which as I know now is way opposite of her actual personally which is friendly, personable, thoughtful, and quite matter-of-fact, bubbly.


As it turned out, Christing C. with the help of her husband, Daniel Haddad, and her brother, Tim Chang, had been hard at work all along with a new project, catapulting her brand beyond the FASHION HEDONISM website and into the world of retail via an intimate styling/workshop studio in the heart of Central’s fashion boutique street on Wellington (right next to the Office of Metropolitan Architecture) and simultaneously on the web as an e-boutique via CHRISTINGC.com.

Now those thousands of Christing C. fans (yes I said thousands) all over the world and especially Asia, can now dress like her and wear her favorite labels, cuts, clothes, and designers, by purchasing from shop or the e-store, all dresses and accessories handpicked by Christing C. herself as if it was for her own boudoir.

After the grand opening of her actual store in Hong Kong, we were able to sit down with Christing and ask her about her shop and her thoughts on turning a “hobby” into an actual business, as well as relocating from London to her new base here in Asia.


W+: ChristingC. Tell us what inspired you to open your first boutique in HK? and how has your family helped you out with the business?

CC: My fashion blog, Fashion Hedonism, is definitely what inspired me to open my boutique. After blogging for two years, I have come across so many inspiring young designers who are dedicated to the art and always right on trend. They have started getting a lot of attention in Australia, U.S., and Europe but I noticed a lack of exposure for these brands each time I visited Hong Kong.  I wanted to stock designers that produce great quality, that are fun and trendy, but may not be a well known label.

My family has helped me immensely.  Both my husband and brother are always by my side. My brother is my official creative director. He does everything from photographing the advertisements and lookbooks to designing our showroom space. My husband handles anything financial and manages our online store. All three of us collaborate on day to day decisions and it helps that we actually enjoy spending this much time together. 

The Lookbook for Christing C. was shot at HK’s famous speakeasy, Senses 99 by her brother Tim Chang. The Taiwanese Girl Pop group, ROOMIE, modelled for the shoot.

W+: I’ve seen you in all kinds of parties and events making huge waves  in HK. From shoots at Electric Sekki to Chopard last night. What do you do for nightlife and who are the boys that make up your entourage?

CC: I have always been a night owl and never turn down a party.  We love going to anything from fashion events and nightclubs to random off-beat bars (like Senses 99). My brother, Tim, and husband, Dan, are basically out with me every night.

W+: What do you think of Hong Kong versus other cities you lived in, and HK fashion and style in general?

CC: I have lived here for less than a year, so I’m still learning about the city everyday.  I have lived in a lot of big cities though, and Hong Kong is definitely the busiest.  People are constantly on the go and everyone has a million projects going on at the same time. It’s a very inspiring and motivating atmosphere. I love the diversity here and feeling of east meets west. I have lived in Europe for so long, when one culture pretty much dominates the entire city. In Hong Kong you get such a variety of cuisines, art, and nightlife. Things vary from being seriously cheap to incredibly expensive.

Fashion in Hong Kong can be very label oriented.  Women love their designer bags and shoes here and on the other side of the spectrum there are those who love the cheap local boutiques or H&M. I just moved over from London and am used to the more high and low styling where you wear a Primark (cheap UK chain store) dress and pair it with a Chanel bag. I guess here you kind of know what you like and stick to it.  I have also noticed a huge Japanese influence which really interests me. I love Vivi magazine and have discovered so many amazing Japanese brands, such as Moussy and Sly.

W+: What brands do you carry at your shop? Tell us what kind of woman would shop at your store?

CC:  We carry trendy womenswear brands from Australia, Sweden, and the United States. Aje, Ellery, Stolen Girlfriends Club, Bec & Bridge, Maurie & Eve, Mara Hoffman, Bodkin, Society for Rational Dress, Kain, ManiaMania, Carin Wester, Rachel Gilbert, Paper Crown and Bones and Feathers.

I would like to think the Christing C. girl likes to play with fashion and doesn’t take herself too seriously. She appreciates quality, follows the trends, but always adapts it to her own style.  Her worst nightmare would be showing up in the same dress as another girl.

W+: Tell us about your blog, FASHION HEDONISM. Who reads it? What it’s about? And where do think you’ll go from here with your website?

CC: My blog was just a place where I could share my style, thoughts, and day to day activities.  I post what I wear, eat, and where I am.  It’s an exaggerated diary of my life.  I guess girls like me or relate to me read my blog. I can get quite personal so when I run into a reader they often feel like they know me very well. My blog used to be based out of my neighborhood in Notting Hill and a real London feel.  I’m going to try to do the same here in Hong Kong and show more of the city and my favourite places in the city through my blog.

Christing C. partying it up at Square Street’s Streetparty



The opening in Hong Kong attracted over a hundred guests from family, friends, and close supporters, including those of us in the #HKFashionBloggers group. Here are a few photos from that night.

Flowers Welcoming Guests

Guests arrive, like Sybil for the Style Voyager and Samantha Wong of SAM is Home.

Cupcakes and Champagne were served the night of, which was basically my dinner that night.

DRESSMEBLOG’s Jasmine and Foster+Partner’s Khan-Linh.

Christing’s brother Tim, and HKHQ.tv’s Boris.

Priscilla L’Anson and Adeline of Pretty Lil’ Things

Tania from TLikeBubbleTea and Samantha

Sisters, Natasha and Denise Lai

Someone modelling a piece from the collection

Rachel from Christing C. Boutique wearing another piece from the collection

A Pair and A Spare’s Geneva, a D.I.Y. Fashion Blog

Tania and CINDIDDY, now enjoying New York Fashion Week.

Christing C. and Me

Congratulations on your new endeavor!

Christing C Boutique / 31F, 13 Wyndham Street, Hong Kong / 53708128 / Tue-Thurs 4-8pm Fri-Sat 2-8pm By Appointment Sunday and Monday

http://christingc.com / Christing C. on Facebook / Free Same Day Delivery in Hong Kong and Free Shipping Worldwide

theWanderlister+ Asia Readers get 15% Off at the Boutique in Hong Kong, just mention discount code “WANDERLISTER” at Check Out


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Moustache x Konzepp Under Your Trousers

Hong Kong’s Menswear Fine Suiting Brand, Moustache, has teamed up with Hong Kong’s newest design shop, Konzepp, to produce a limited edition line of underwear. The soft tank tops and boxer shorts are made from Japanese cotton lyocell. The line is now avialable in grey marle and blue sailor stripes with bright yellow piping, colors which are inpsired by Konzepp’s egg yolk colored facade and interiors on Tung Street.

RELATED ARTICLE: Parametric Shapes Are Hatched At Konzepp33

The underwear Line, in all available colors.

The grey cotton with yellow piping.

Matching the Store’s shopfront design…

Every piece has the Signature “Moustache” Seal of Approval.

Get it while it’s still available!

Thanks Julie and Carlo for the info!

Konzepp33 is located at 50 Tung Street in Sheung Wan / KONZEPP33 ONLINE http://konzepp.com/


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REBLOGGED: 1st Bloggers’ Party at @LomographyAsia Gallery Store Sheung Wan (Hong Kong)

A Link to @LomographyAsia Blog reviewing the 1st Bloggers’ Party at the LOMOGRAPHY Concept Store in Sheung Wan. I’ll post more photos and a full article on this event in the days to come. Congrats LOMOGRAPHY Asia on your cool new store design!


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Lomography Hong Kong 首次舉辦的 Bloggers’ Party 由 Lomography 發源地奧地利出發,讓網路上的 blogger 們從這社群最根本的理念和風格開始認識。歡迎各網路達人踏上充滿無限可能性的 analogue 旅程!

(Source: lomographyasia.com)

Please. Make. It. Stop.

My Wallet Can’t take it Anymore. No more Ridiculous Sales Please. Up to 70% Off at @LaneCrawford and JFT. All ends this week.