Living It and Loving It; A Christmas To Be Thankful For


Christmas 2012 has come and gone, and all I can say is that i’m thankful… thankful that the so-called "End of the World" never really happened and thankful that instead of that, this year closes with friends, family, and most importantly, Peace. Tomorrow I’ll be off to Thailand to celebrate the wedding of dear friends from University and celebrate the incoming year on some beach somewhere. 

That said, if you’re reading my blog, that means you’re plugged in, and you must know that the news of the last few weeks leading up to Christmas has not been a good one for many. There’s been plenty of pain and grief from the families of Children who were killed by a shooter in Connecticut and on the same day… a stabber in China. In addition there’s continuous strife in the Middle East, in the weeks leading to Christmas there’s been terrible fighting in Gaza, flooding in New York City, and a rocket launched in North Korea. I’m writing all this not because I want to be a downer, but more importantly to highlight that a supposed “End of the World” is generally what the masses anticipate because consciously or subconsciously, people are willing to see a different reality, a different world from the one that bombards us everyday in the media. And hopefully when the morning of December 22 came around… turning into the same day as it was the day before, rather than be depressed that Armageddon didn’t arrive, I know a few people, me included, were actually happy that the world still existed the way it had always been… and  more cognizant of the fact that endings and beginnings actually start from heart and mind.

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