Para/Site Moves Up With 2012 Art Auction

It’s Fall at the end of the year, and you know what that means… Art Auctions. Yes, we attended the Annual Para/Site Art Auction this year located at Lane Crawford’s very cool One Island South company digs and was hosted by Board of Directors, William Lim of CL3, Yana Peel, Executive Director/Curator, Cosmin Costinas, with live auctioneer, Jehan Chu of Chaiwanese. 

Cosmin and Jehan below. 

It was really interesting to attend this particular auction, especially because i’ve been going to Para/Site auctions ran by Jehan for so many years now. I still remember when the auctions were small and held at the KEE Club back in the day. And now it’s a full dinner affair with friends and supporters. Very neat to see how far Para/Site Art Space and its programs have evolved over the years.

Ignacio checks out works on display for Silent Auction.

Some of my favorite pieces include this abstracted architectural topography by Joao Vasco Paiva, titled High Tide (2012) which sold at live auction for 42K HKD. The work was graciously donated by the artist and Saamlung Gallery.

This metallic skateboard by Olafur Eliasson, Your Mercury Ocean (2009), was donated by Vitamin Creative Space, and sold for 100K HKD.

I really liked Lot 62, a selection of prints by Sunjung Kim, Anton Vidokle, and Nikolaus Hirsch.

This one I liked, a DVD by Ming Wong, called Honeymoon In The Third Space (1999).

A good seller, Heman Chong’s, muted geometric composition from Never Let Me Go (2011), caught my eye. This painting on canvas sold well at 50K, and is a donation from Vitamin Creative Space.

Are you cool on your island? I absolutely loved this work by MAP Office, titled Honeymoon Island (2011), which I hope found a great home via silent auction.

This print, Cheng Ran’s Still of an Unknown Film (2008), sold at 60+K HKD, and a donation by the artist.

And there was no way I can do a post about Hong Kong art, without a work by my favorite artist, Nadim Abbas. This piece, Chernobyl_Core.gif (2012), is a print donated by Abbas and Saamlung Gallery.

The work of emerging artist, Trevor Yeung drew plenty of fans. Here G.O.D.’s Benjamin Lau and Alan Lau admire Yeung’s work, Sleepy bed (Sao Paulo Hostel 1) (2012). Yeung photographs subjects, usually male, all around the world, and turns them into multi-layered compositions which involve the photographic image as well as an overlay of illustration.

Next to the work, Lot 30, is a piece by Antony Gormley. Body XI (2011), was the biggest seller of the night and sold at 160K HKD by an absentee bidder. The work was donated by the artist, and Vitamin Creative Space.

In attendance was artist, Adrian Wong, and Xue Tan. Adrian was actually working on the composition for his Fall 2012 Saamlung show with his rabbit. Dont Ask.

We also spotted Alex Seno and Lane Crawford’s Eliot Sandiford. Thanks Alex for the invite!

Great to finally meet Claudia Albertini of Platform China.

The room was full of super couples as well. There’s no art shindig without the following… Tangram’s Igancio and Paola who will soon be unveilinga new collection in December. Here they are channeling the work of Chow Chun Fai, aptly titled Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera (2011), which sold at live auction for 75K HKD. Perfect.

Supercouple #2, FIOL Prosecco addict Pietro and Whitney of the Gagosian Hong Kong. 

Supercouple #3, Tim and Marc, here standing next to Yuk King Tan’s The Mandate of Heaven (2011). Love.

Supercouple #4, cool peeps Michelle and her husband, Varun. Great to see them here.

Twitter Supercouple Bonus, my gal, artist Yuk King in Tangram. Hello Yuk!

The tables at the canteen.

Whitney’s favorite works.

Pals on my table, Benjamin and Alan. Nice to meet you both!

Para/Site IS Hong Kong’s leading contemporary art space, the oldest, and most active. They exhibit, they publicize, they create discourse, and you wouldn’t think that based on their tiny space in Sheung Wan, that they are paving the way for many emerging artists. The point is, they’re moving spaces and adding curators, and they’re thinking big. Check out the works that were at auction here.

That said if you missed out on the Para/Site auction, but would still love to purchase work as well as contribute to a good cause, the Asia Art Archive Annual Fundraiser site is now up, and you can actually bid on your favorite work online. Yes. Contemporary Art at your fingertips. Many of whom had works that sold well at the Para/Site Auction. Good luck!

ART Para/Site


The “Still” Living, A Focus on Gallery EXIT’s Lam Hoi Sin and Firenze Lai

To mark the end of summer, Gallery EXIT on Shing Hing Street celebrated two solo shows for two consecutive months in a row, for two female Hong Kong artists, both whose work is depiction of the world around them as they see it is expressed via ink on paper. The process seemingly light and effortless, and the outcome of the pieces achieved in varying degrees, but no matter, the use of paper in both cases add weight to their introspection and a quiet matter-of-factness within their point of view.

Gallery EXIT at the end of Summer.

+ LAM HOI SIN, Interpretation / Gallery EXIT August 2011

Through her research online via hundreds of personally authored blogs and magazine and newspaper clippings and cut-outs, Lam Hoi Sin reinterprets pop images and gives a twisted reflection of the subject matters via a re-rendered version of the image.

A little girl with a teddy bear… but not.

Heads will roll at the football game.


Her images are quite random. Sometimes she’s inspired by general adverts on the page, and sometimes she loves depicting athletes and sports games. Either way, apparently this collection represents a small fraction of hundreds of drawings in her studio of these reflections of the media’ snapshots. It’s like Google Images, simplified, then completely re-envisaged with a new crazy narrative. The undertone of sex and violence is the opposite of subtle.

One of my favorites. A cloud made to look like skin.

SANA and Joe Joe Ngai at the Show

and Joyce with the artist, Lam Hoi Sin.

+ FIRENZE LAI, absent-minded / Gallery EXIT September 2011

While Lam Hoi Sin was fixated a bit on innuendo, Firenze Lai on the other hand successfully makes use of her medium, sometimes ink and sometimes acrylic and paper, to depict perceived and imagined situations and portraits of characters that really have a certain uniqueness and personality inherent in every work.

Pretty. Amazing.

Landscapes and Figures.

Someone seems lost in the woods.

I love this one. Doesn’t she seem familiar to you?

Some of my favorite pieces involve figures caught-in-the-moment.

And ones with a spatial quality.

I love the colors.


This is the first solo show of Firenze Lai with the gallery. The works range from pieces finished in 2009 to 2011. Already quite an established and well-respected artist at this age, you may see more of her work as illustrations to “psychology” articles in the Ming Pao Daily. All the subjects in every work are imagined and created by her.

Spotted, Firenze Lai.

As well as artist Nadim Abbas and art writer and consultant, Kathleen Suraya Warden.

Let’s see my favorite works again.

+ THIS WEEK at Gallery EXIT: Singapore’s Genevieve Chua and Hong Kong’s Trevor Yeung / shadow in the dark

Gallery EXIT is pleased to present shadow in the dark, a joint exhibition between Genevieve Chua and Trevor Yeung. The artists share a common interest in exploring the fear of and ambiguities springing from the unknown. Whereas Chua’s process involves the reinterpretation of archetypal Southeast Asian horror to form new narratives, Yeung morphs his daily encounters and transform them into personal mythologies. In this exhibition, these fabricated narratives are realized through drawings, photography, video and installations.

Genevieve CHUA, Full Moon and Foxes, 2009, 3 channel video

Trevor YEUNG, Patience Practice 1, 2011, ink on wood coated with polymer resin, 50 x 100 cm

21 October - 19 November, 2011
Opening Reception: Friday, 21 October 2011, 6 - 8 pm
Gallery EXIT, 1 Shin Hing Street, Central, Hong Kong
Hours: Tue - Sat, 1100 - 1900

Hot. Let’s check it out!


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